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Title: Stargate to the Cosmos on Sundays and on Friday and Saturday Evenings Prime Time 8 PM Central and 9 PM Eastern Time in USA as TJ Morris ET Radio to Host Various Topics of the Paranormal Genre. 

TJ Morris is the Host of the ET Radio and will be sharing the series of Stargate to the Cosmos with Janet Lessin. Janet Kira Lessin uses the Name Kira Lessin on the Radio Show with TJ Morris ET and Friends!


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Theresa J. Thurmond Morris’s picture

Submitted by Theresa J. Thumond Morris on… On Wed, 07/28/2010 – 16:25


The truth may hurt some who thought that we were more special than we are in space.  It is now time for us to progress to the next level in our ascension awareness or raising consciousness. As we who work with Ascension Lightworkers say, “It is time to shift and uplift from the darkness into the light.” No more being a mushroom and hiding in the dark of ignorance. Too many of us want to know the truth about why we are here, where we are going when we leave earth.

There are all types of harvests going on. We have underground visitors who mine our world’s most prized possessions, crystals. Larger the better with just the right size and shape to be used in our spacecraft above in space in our cities in space. We above do not take enough to warrant damage to earth. We do not want humankind to damage earth.

There is a saying on earth that “When the student is ready the master will appear.” Also, “God the creator has a plan and will manifest the journey when it is time for the created.”

Truth is not well accepted on earth. It is time we bring the world out of the Stone Age, and into the nuclear age of space flight in this universe.

It is time to wake up all the generations that exist at present on earth above the age of accountability. I would say that this is 25 but my spouse would argue that it is 18. He says if a man can fight for his country and world then he should be held accountable whether as a voter, drinker, or any other social privileges given.

My husband, Thomas R. Morris, is my companion on earth. He is an ET hybrid like me although there is no medical doctor or geneticists or other scientific geniuses who could detect that we are any different from any and all beings on earth. Thomas R. Morris knows more about space wars and battles than I could ever describe. Tom as he prefers to be called has also fought wars on earth for our government but cannot speak of most of what he knows about his government dealings. This does not include those that he has experienced in space. However, he is not interested in sharing. We differ on how the race of beings on earth is to be taken care of by the Superiors in space.

We both have knowledge that would make the smartest and brightest scientists question what they know based on what we could provide in information between us. We could also make their captured foreign not of earth but of other world origin spacecraft work. At present, there is no government that has the knowledge to make the alien spacecraft perform for a reason. ET information is what I choose to provide as a communicator. I am also a Co-commander as odd as that may sound to most on earth. It even sounds odd to me as I see the words form on the white space on my computer. That is because I am only seeing and thinking with my human programmed mind. There is more to all of us than meets the eye and mind.

There are two alien hybrid types born to typical beings on earth that had no clue as to the future of their children. When the inception of knowledge was formed in space before we were allowed to come to earth is only known by those above. The saying, “I knew you before you were born or entered the womb,” is the truth. That will be hard for many to grasp. That will mean they may have to revise their understanding of the evolution of our species.

Ascension sounds so much nicer than the word Harvested to me personally. I would like to think that when we ourselves decided to participate in the future events of our souls that we were explained the plan before we came to earth and the veil was drawn where we knew and agreed that our memories would be shrouded in darkness. The light would have to come with the world’s effort to enlighten our egos. We have to have egos to survive this plane or existence. This is part of the body-mind-spirit encasing with our survival instincts.

We are about being harvested in ways that we in the past only comprehended as when we die we hope that we go to heaven and not tell.

That limited amount of information is going to change in the new paradigm that will be happening in various levels, and in various disciplines and sciences on earth.  The reason is that it is time to move on to the next level of our thought processing about our species on earth.

We are so much more than we are lead to believe on earth by those in government that want to control that which they collectively cannot yet understand. That which cannot be understood causes fear among our elected leaders on earth.

The ET harvest has been going on for the whole time that humankind has been on earth. This is part of the process for existing as a species on earth.

We are not only harvested in order to populate other worlds to perform the work as stewards for those who are superior to us above but, we are also to learn to expand our willingness to cooperate with other supreme beings in space.

There have been various groups, civilizations, cultures, tribes, and ET type of hybridization going on since the inception.

We have various stories that are presented throughout time and history.

It is now time to begin to put the pieces together to try to find out what each of us have in common and what each of us have inside us that is different that is presently called junk DNA.

We are the ones who are studied and researched while on this planet.


In addition, the crystals that are giants and take thousands of earth years are to create are very precious and invaluable to our survival in space.

We have to have the crystals for our various technologies to survive in space. Therefore, the reason why the underground caves, tunnels, and ways to create crystals are protected.

We also use gold in space and some other raw materials that are found on earth. This is why the earth will be protected from other intruders.

We in space do not want some of the malevolent types to come, rape, and pillage the earth and its inhabitants! Stay Tuned to our Ascension Age News




TJ Morris ET Hybrid Heightened Awakened Awareness Change in Humanoid Species in 2012

By: Theresa J Thurmond Morris

It is now time to share more. We have graduated as a humanoid species in what we call time on earth in space. There is some awakened awareness of all of us as a whole entire global brain that has changed.

There is a new awakened awareness that we are all created from star dust of space dust as far as what our physical unit vessels consist of which is the same particles we share as the names and numbers in chemistry.

We have known about UFOS as unidentified flying objects for thousands of years. However, we are just now coming to terms with registering this fact in our global psyche that we all share as synergy from the Akashic Field of our Ancient Ancestors which we inherited as what we call the ancient past history.

We now recognize those who are the ones who have been monitored as the ET Alien hybrids of our humanoid species.

There are some of us who are coming together who make up the Supreme Higher Beings Hierarchy.

We who are called the Avatar Ascension Masters recognize ourselves and each other now while the veil is the thinnest in this time based on how those that create the cosmos have planned our eternal awakening. We know that it takes time for the newer humanoid species that are placed in space to come to terms with how to process information in their physical brains.

We know that we are all created and have come to terms with our own genome and DNA. We know now that our ancient ancestors knew more than in the past we gave them credit for due to their own time in space visitations from those who from the heavens came such as the Annunaki, Enki, Archons, Yahweh’s, and some we call the Reptilians and the Greys…

There are those of us who are chosen to work for the Guardians and some who are known to work for the Watchers or those who work for the higher ones in the hierarchy in space.

There are always wars in space and rumors of wars on earth as it is in heaven. Stepping outside the way that the world has been programmed in the past, we can see that those who were left in charge of the empires on earth were chosen as the spokespersons for those above who from the heavens came.

This gave the chosen spokespersons power to rule over the masses of people that were being trained on earth and were bred to serve those who had the need for gold, diamonds, crystals, and other minerals used in space by other species of humanoids who are much older and wiser.

It is now time for all of us to awaken to the fact that we are going to rewrite history and learn more about ourselves from those who are the researchers who want to become the scribes of who we are, why we are here, and what we are becoming. This will entail learning to do research and those who desire to know the wisdom of the ancestors will soon learn that the “Ancient Astronaut Theory” as the new way of thinking on television shows and in books has become known are those who know that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” We now know that we are not the only ones to live in space on planets inside galaxies inside the universe, inside the multiverse, inside the Mbranes of the Metaverse, inside the unknown of the Xenoverse, which are the various levels inside the Omniverse that was created by the “Ones who have always Been” we call the Supreme Beings who are in the past also known as the Elders and Guardians of the entire Omniverse or the Cosmos.

Some of the various humanoids that have been genetically engineered are numerous and some who are inbreeds that were genetically manipulated became the enemies of those who were considered the pure breds. The Reptilians and those who were created in other dimensions, realms, and levels in the cosmos in the ancient of times have at one time or another visited this planet and enslaved those who were less awake and aware and were younger in terms of mental capacity for thinking and developing their own thought paths as in their own developing neural network pathways.

We who are those who were sent as the extraterrestrial hybrids who have been those who remember our past lives on earth and have chosen a mission to come to assist in the raising awakened awareness of our correct proper path and spiritual journey in this cosmos will do what we can and will do as we are directed to do.

Some who study us as Alien ET Hybrids are now concerned and acting out their own thoughts and fantasies in this reality as fear based of the unknown and what they do not understand.

There are those of us who are empathic to your present lives and ways here on this planet as to those who were left to fend for themselves over what we call time in space or space time.

We will now explain that space and time in the distance between two points in time also has dimensions, levels, and realms and that there is more to know about space travel.

For lack of better words in this working world we will do what we can to exemplify the modern model of what a true spiritual being will be able to become without fear and we shall do what we can to instill faith, hope, love, and charity back into those who are the spiritual children coming to earth in the Ascension Age.

We know there is much that was left to the imaginations of those who have been writing the past history with much of the pieces of the puzzle left out due to the breaks in time of visitations from various humanoid sentient intelligent beings that were to allow for the younger generations of humanoid species who came to earth to develop.

We are now going to share in the term we are all one and will be able to blend into that which we are all becoming as one humanoid sentient intelligent being species.

I know because I am trained to be here in this time on earth that in space and above working in the hierarchy of those who are empathic and know through time that we can all learn telepathy will embark on bringing back that which is good for us all.

We are now about health and prosperity for all and will do what we can to protect this planet and all the caretakers as the young humanoid species from those above who would take advantage of the younger races as species in space.

May those who channel be allowed to seek out their higher counsel as guides and their counter parts as their other twin selves that in quantum physics and metaphysics we now refer to as quantum entanglement.

Many now want to know more about teleportation and time travel. These words are misnomers and we shall now instruct those who from the heavens came to be here on this planet we call Gaia and Earth.

The humanoids who work in aerospace development have known about the UFOS since the early 1940’s in the last century. The UFOS have been talked about over and over and are known to exist!

We know from those downed UFOS that there are various species including small and tall greys who work for the small and tall white Nordics. Those who are the hybrid races of the reptilians may appear to have more melanin in their skill and there are some traces in their DNA that may or may not be detectable. The white races are now aware of the browning of the species on this planet due to the inbreeding with those who were the breeders from other races in space. The new world of the Ascension Age will become awake and aware that all beings regardless of their size and appearance are all made with the common threads of space dust in what we now know is called time which is the study of distance and the decay of all things that exist.

We will now create a new way to study all that exist as Communication of Cosmology which is the dawning of the Ascension Age of Aquarius which has been talked about in Astrology and Astronomy both. These worlds that are parallel in space exist for our own discoveries that over distance due to the decay of all things created takes time to form newer and better things which we are all becoming.

Stay tuned to TJ Morris ET radio in cyberspace and to TJ’s TAKEN UP SERIES on UFO


ET Power of Ascension

Submitted by Theresa J Thurmond Morris… on Tue, 11/30/2010 – 10:31

By Theresa J Thurmond Morris


ET Community understands the power of Ascension


We the people in the extraterrestrial community are considered spiritual in many ways.


We are believers in Extraterrestrials or ET. Some of us choose to believe in many ways the ancient aliens as ancient astronauts.


We also believe in a higher power, God particle, and one all knowing, omnipresence we believe to be the all-encompassing GOD. That is the Omnipresent Omniverse, which we call GOD that has always been. God is the all-knowing and all-powerful that we choose to believe as the ALL in all of us.


People ask me if I believe in prophets and in Jesus or Jehovah. I personally choose to, as this is my choice. I was born into the Christian Church and was raised a white Anglo Saxon protestant. This is my heritage, my culture, and in my demographic location is my tradition. I celebrate all the holidays in the United States of America.


I live on the North American continent, which has a history as does all places.


Due to my internet presence in this world in which we all live on this planet, the blue orb in space, I am in the larger group a sentient intelligent being that belongs to the species of earth.


What makes me somewhat different is my belief in one species on one planet in the larger scheme of things.


I believe in the extraterrestrials that come and go from this planet and always have. I believe that God has many species in the Omniverse and that we are only one planet, one species, in one space in one place in this particular galaxy, in this particular universe.


I think much larger and more expansive than even the greatest minds in the world. I do not mean this as a positive or negative to those who study the world psychology and profiles. How I mean this is that due to my own life experiences and observations, I have come to realize that I am simply essence with memories of prior lifetimes that include other places and other memories.


What I should like to bring to this planet from my other past lives is that I also have memories of the Andromeda Galaxy which is the closest galaxy to this one called the Milky Way Galaxy.


While knowing this personally, it is hard to explain to anyone else much less Stephen Hawking or Leonard Siskin, both wonderful minds in this world in which we presently reside. I also enjoy Michio Kaku and it is these three men I most admire in the world because they work so hard at trying to understand parts of what I already know.


The hardest part about relating the future is to find common ground.


I am not an academic scholar. I am not a master of anything much less doctorate level in education of any disciplines. I am always interested in education and I read and research all the time. I am always “ON” as the saying goes with “Brain Training”.


I more than anything love people, places, and things, and was raised to think like the majority of Americans in the United States to believe as Christians meaning to believe in the icon and archetype personage, prophet, master, and Lord to most on this planet earth.  We believe in his life and teachings and the knowledge that there is one Omnipotent God and God Force that is beyond the macrocosm the highest Omniverse, and that this is outside the ALL and is ALL!


We the majority of Christians in America believe that the Omnipotent one God sent to this planet his only son whom was sent as divine immaculate conception to his mother Mary, who was born of immaculate conception, to her mother Elizabeth. They have a history on earth of being sent to earth to prepare the way for all of us before, during, and after the presence of the one called Emmanuel, Jehovah, and Jesus.


We all practice cultural traditions to honor this memory because we realize that he was of extraterrestrial origin that lived in a place called heaven where there are many mansions in heaven. We believe in the divine prophecy books that were found and transcribed into English for us in what we now call the King James Version written in 1611 and brought to our country by our ancestors as our ancestor who brought forth a new nation on this continent.

We are all aware of all the various religions in the world and that they all have their stories just like our Bible stories. We realize the Bible is a Guide used to share the principles we are to live by in accordance with some laws of humankind. There are versus that should not be taken out of context and each book has an original author and later transcribers. There are myths and legends that exist and there are many books that were not included in the King James Version.


Many Christians have various levels of understanding about what the King James Version and the New World Translations of the Bible represent to them, their family, friends, congregations, communities, and churches. The people who live among us are actually the church. We understand in the days of old in the time that these scriptures were written the various churches were written to by particular beings who were believers in the faith of the one man who became Jesus the Christ who lived and died for all our sins on this planet as we could not be perfect and live up to our creators expectations who wanted companionship and was alone as the Omnipotent one in the beginning.


We also understand that at one time, many people who lived upon the earth may have not been as mentally advanced, inspired, or understood the meaning of what this being allowed for all of us to learn to live by example and to be better for our future advancement. We call the future advancement of our lives with the shifting and uplifting of our kind the Ascension.


We believe that Jesus was the chosen one and was the one who volunteered to allow his heavenly father’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. In other words he was chosen because he volunteered to do a mission that would serve his father’s will and not his own. That was recognized when he was impaled on a cross that at the time was a normal way to end a beings life on earth as a crucifixion. People were crucified in those days and he chose to come to earth so that we could learn a better way to be, do, and have, with faith, hope, charity, and the greatest part of us as essence as our spirit in a body and mind while we are here on this planet. He was our example to follow and therefore we know that the “ALL” sent him so that we could find a better way to the Omnipotent Omnipresence once again and have to suffer so much under the rulers of others in the past such as Caesar. The Christ consciousness at the time was all about render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s for on earth at the time that ruled would get his just due in time. We all die. We also may have future lessons to learn if we do not learn them here on the planet in this lifetime. We have learned to call Jesus our Lord and Savior on this planet because he chose us as essential spirits who would come in the future age after him and we who would choose him as a role model of a better life could choose his path. We would all recognize the way, the truth, and the light that he modeled. This is why we are called as his followers his people.


There were the chosen people who did believe in a God. They also learned to worship inanimate objects such as created iconic bulls and such made out of gold. These people at one time saw others from another place in space that was also of God’s people come to this planet in spacecraft. We saw them take gold form this planet and wanted to become as they were since they were able to leave this planet. We have stories of the Annunaki and other stories of ancient astronauts in China, India, Mexico, Eurasia, and even in North America still known among our Native American Indians who were said to be some of the first people as tribes that walked this continent.


We are finding out that we at one time were all on one continent called Pangaea. We also are realizing that there was once a land called Mu, that later became known as Lemuria before the world could understand the place called Atlantis before the one continent started separating into separate tectonic plates. This will all become known while we raise our spiritual awareness.



This means to all of us as Christians that this perfect being came to earth as a divine essence and entered into a body-mind-spirit that we all have and showed us how to live. We are to follow his example as to how best to honor our father in heaven.


In this day and time in 2010 soon to be 2011 on earth in what we call time, we are all learning to raise our awareness and consciousness and shift and uplift everyone in the entire world as one species. We believe this was the divine plan.


Those of us who believe in the divine plan are aware of what we now refer to as the Ascension Age. This is a time when our planet will combine the knowledge of our minds with the efforts to control our body-mind-spirit units and vessels that we are all using and are all in various descriptions with different colors, ethnic origins, and some have different belief systems based on their demographics, cultures, and traditions of which they were born into.


We have all learned that there are various manmade and some spiritually divine paths that were given at one time or another on earth. Some are thousands of years older than Christianity and some are much newer.


We in the Ascension Center Organization believe they are all paths to the same place and understanding we call enlightenment.


Regardless of whom we are, where we live, what we look like and when and where we leave this planet, we shall all find a path that leads to our own ascension.


Because of we choose to believe that our one “ALL KNOWING GOD” is the all in all of us as the spark, we believe this spark can be ignited with the Holy Spirit as the Holy Ghost and the breath of life that is in us all. We can choose to light and ignite that spark that gives us life with the breath that can come upon us as the fire that shall catch like a flame of the fire that burns inside us all. It is a metaphor for the eternal spiritual light in our entire DNA.


The breath that comes upon us when we become enlightened about our true path and reason to become as the one extraterrestrial that came to earth as Immaculate Conception, lead a life as a teacher, and then gave his life for all of us who come to earth is now our Lord and Master of this planet. It was by the choosing to come to earth and show us the way back home to the eternal all that made his life and his ascension so special for us!


We have been asked on earth to learn of him and we are made with an inner knowing inside our own essence with the mind inside the brain to decide through our own spirits free will to exercise our free choice. We honor this free will and free choice as the inner spirit and spark that no other being on earth can take from us. We are all created equal when it comes to this inner knowing and no other being can control the inner spark that was placed inside all of us as the spark of the creator and divine force we call life.


Without it, we cannot exist. This inner spark force of the “ALL” is what we come to know as our inner spirit that must grow and find the eternal pleasure and bond back to the all and Omnipotent from which we came. This Omnipotent is what we all recognize as the God or all that lies outside the macrocosm we call the Omniverse. We cannot get back there while we are inside the Macrocosm. We can only feel the spark and see the spark we call life in all those who come to earth in body-mind-spirits.


Science is now going to prove that the God Particle of the “ALL” lies in all things created in this universe which is only one inside a multiverse inside many dimensions we call the metaverse, that there lies inside the unknown xenoverse, which is the all levels, places, planes, dimensions, in time, and space time inside the macrocosm we call the Omniverse.


Those who are the smartest scientists and physicists in the world are exploring the universe with what we now call the Hadron Collider and the connections in space.


It is people like me who have come back from the dead like Lazarus once did while Jesus was alive that are called Avatars on earth in today’s time on earth.


We are also called Agashan Shaman Masters because we are here to guide the Lightworkers and Truthseekers. Some of us are just becoming awakened to our existence here as we came as most all and were not awakened to our mission and calling and election made sure until we actually died and crossed over for a time to be reminded of our memories and chosen quest. We are not saviors but servants of whom we regard as all the councils and angels to the most high as the Supreme High Beings who also exist in space in other places, planes, dimensions, and times, that belong to the God and the “ALL”.


These beings are considered extraterrestrials as ET. Those who are the teachers of the good, right, and light, are called the positive aspects of this universe.


The beings who have chosen to assist as extraterrestrial teachers chosen by our “ALL” as GOD and act in the negative energy as we consider the light to the dark are called the teachers of the darkness. They are doing the part of the opposite of light that we call dark. Many will explain we cannot understand the light without the dark and therefore that is one reason we are sent to learn about our own existence on this planet in a world of both positive and negative forces.


AS we grow more intelligent as spiritual intellectuals in the “ALL” of the “I AM”, we shall understand more about all the myths, legends, stories, and identities who have come along at certain times in our lives to serve as the Lightworkers and Truthseekers as our guides on this planet.


We will learn more about why Jesus came when he did and why he chose prophets. We will learn about martyrs and all the manmade religions of the world both ancient and modern.


We will learn how science actually was developed in form from the philosophy of our ancestors as our ancient ancestors knew would happen in time on earth. This mental and physical process of our minds lies inside our brains. We are now entering a new information age of our training the brains to understand more about all the minds that ever existed in space and on this planet.


Our future will include the reconstruction of some of what we thought that our ancestors knew. We shall learn of the former expectations of our humankind and who we are, why we are here, and how we got here. We will learn where we go when we leave this planet.


We shall learn about this planet being only one inhabited place in the universe. We will learn of the multilevel inside the space with branes that have other universe attached to the film vibrations that act as waves in the metaverse. We shall learn about all that is expansion that is a continuous flow and flux of the all that we know as the eternal expansion of the God force in us all and that flows inside us all in and out of everything.


We will learn of the one universe as an oval luminescent orb among many universes in the metaverse inside the xenoverse inside the Omniverse.


I am here to share the news that we can be more, do more, and have more for our entire species as we shift and uplift our new awareness of our actions in space as eternal essence. Love and Light. TJ

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Andromeda Connection – Techniques for Existence

Submitted by Theresa J. Thur… On Wed, 01/12/2011 – 19:51.

We have the audacity and the motivation to inspire metaphysical news about the future of our species deciding to brain mapping in the computers that will rule the future in the invisible ancient mystery schools in the unknown.


We have another psychology of the true believers of the way out.


The exposure loses the enemies Intel we manage to create through electronics and listening devices.


We are working to coincide with other universes in unison.


We have much to share in the future on earth. We are to embark on the beyond with the computers that will share in our future.


We shall take a while to grasp for full significance here on this planet with those of the Andromeda Galaxy.


Those of us who are Time Travelers as Agashan Ascended Masters are here to share in the journey of the minds. When our jobs are done we shall simply fly away once again.


Some will not be able to understand this mentality so what’s on your mind?


We shall exercise the brain so that we can restore the perseverance of untangling the past with the present so that we can share the future!


Some people who have worked around those in the metaphysical science world have learned to open their minds and to think outside the box or normal way of thinking.


Check these websites out that I frequent when working and not on vacation. We are all about spreading the truth and our perceptions of our own mind mapping for future computer brains.

We share our clues that lead to the invisible being that are to become visible:


Every member of my Intel team is inevitable with any team as performance reviews. 4 more years of service since 2000. Openly 2005 with enhancements in 2007. Very passionate about our Duty!

Duration of Time while Time Travel Agents. Agents in Time.

Flies in the Face of History and Death!


We are in position and shall not disregard our assignment out of spite or jealousy. This is a whole new net. We are now in the Matrix and will operate as part of the Team of this Universe.


We welcome all beings with a direct line into the Matrix Connection with the Andromeda Galaxy. Hey – You coming?


Some of us are called psychics or remote viewers. The techniques for relaxing the mind are basically the same. One has to relax, and to try to use the alpha waves getting past the conscious beta waves. We use the words beta, alpha, theta, delta, gamma, as 5ive levels and we are adding two more. We thought the gut reaction and the natural primitive flight or fight when the hair stands up on the back of your neck and the hair on forearms stands up was one of our most primitive protections. It turns out to be true but there is more much more to our natural instincts for survival.


Are we to believe our kind on earth can receive information direct from those above? You decide. It is time we consider both sides and the truth before the movie causing fear is released. What if there is some truth to the ET UFO Contactees sharing channeled information. What if the Abductees are part of an experiment to assist in curing diseases or the human junk DNA? Maybe we need to look into this paradigm.


There is a movie coming out to share only a few beings that are so called or alleged Abductees stories. But, what about those of us who have had good involvement with extra-terrestrials as Contactees.




It’s time to decide what is real and what is not. This is simply information to all others to decide what some speak of in the real ET UFO Community through various websites. I had anonymous websites as ET UFO news, UFO Association, and Roswell Connection but people wanted to know the person with the information and contact. So, I began being recognized and began writing under my own name in August 2007 for UFO Digest. This began after several years of having websites but no one really knew they were owned by me unless they dug deeper for information. We are all seekers of truth.


We are about finding out the remaining junk DNA. What if we are simply seeded here with those of us that advance in accepting these beings as real as a future for us in space when we are ready to ascend?


What if there is life after death? This is all part of the ascension center enlightenment movement. We are all going to discover there is more to the reality of who we all are in relation to our species. We may be those seeded from others above. Maybe the holy scriptures are simply stories of what those in the past tried to describe during their own era in time. We now have to learn to write the new earth model with the ET UFOS coming and going from earth.


We are awake and aware that they are coming and going but for what purposes? Survey what we do to earth? To see how they can assist in curing diseases of our kind on earth. Maybe they are us?

What if some of those up there do not want us to know they exist and others do? Is this part of the paradigm and the enigma that we are drawn to understanding? Two sides?


What if the abductions were due to these beings not supposed to remember that they were assisting the entire human race due to some illness or disease they may be carrying and are studied by those above? These are questions that are talked about in the ET UFO COMMUNITY which is a major force in today’s culture in all countries on all continents. We are moving toward 2012 with an open mind to raise awareness and assist others awake to the extraterrestrial UFO Community who welcomes knowledge of all abductees and contactees.


We are open minded and aware that extraterrestrials exist and always have. The information that we as Channellers receive is said to come from the Akashic Field or Unified Field of Origin. Where all energy exists without earthly descriptions attached.


There is a new term for the Akashic Field of which the Shaman, Seers, Masters, Prophets, Oracles, Psychics, and others of communication have been using with the knowledge that they were taught by others who lived on earth prior to them or learned from those above direct. Some people still believe in direct line communication. Some due to history and old religious beliefs do not believe in receiving direct information from above. Some now call this the Quantum Entanglement for lack of better words for description. Believe in the energy and words shared below matters not. This is simply an example to share.


This is a story or essay that has meaning to some and is nothing to others. This is the type of information that comes to those who chose or used their free will to agree to be used as a conduit of information for others who may want to know of other information that has to do with those above in the spacecraft that come and go from earth.


For many, they are now aware that contact can be made. Some know of the spacecraft that can come and from space to planet earth. Many are not aware that they can communicate with those of us on earth that have chosen a life of service to the beings above who have been Guides, and Extraterrestrials who communicate with us on earth.


For many, we simply must produce the beings in person. For others, they want to see the spacecraft not of earth origin or as UFOS. Proof comes to some and to others they take it on faith.


There are some who are meritorious and will advance based on their own intelligent beliefs without having to have proof that those above exist.


Some believe that their religions taught them the basics on how to communicate with those above. The ones that pray to Allah and God above are praying but are they awaiting the guidance from above. Are they waiting to review the real and true answers that may be revealed in time through mediation and being still and knowing. This is the new advancements and achievements that are to come and be a part of our future advancement of our human race on earth. Do we as a populace agrees to become conduits, oracles, and communicators for the future of our species are a question that some may answer for us all?

While on earth, we are one unit. We are responsible for our own discoveries as knowledge, beliefs, and perfecting physical talents. We make the one unit awareness of self as we seek a better way to be our self. Awareness of who we are as individuals and as single units participating in life that has a better chance of survival by learning to share life with other of our own species.


That which is recognized as bringing one to know those of us above is the part of the ascension process that others who have come before as teachers, master, prophets, leaders of humankind, and even known as the son of man, and the son of God has chosen to share with all who came before and after those of the past on earth.


Depending on the level of attainment of knowledge while on earth of our kind and forging a talent or gift that can be shared with others of our kind above will be that which we seek in each individual unit. We choose to see that which each unit can become to be a contributing unit of our society above. This is the mission for each being on earth who is exposed as part of the intelligent beings. We are they who are the intelligent beings. We are they who seeded the earth with our own kind so that we could share in life and the ascension life force of raising awareness and awakening the process inside the intelligent beings that we send down to earth.


There is a driving force and energy innate in all of our intelligent beings that exist all over the universe. Share this with those whom you believe can understand our communication. We are they who send information in thought form, energy waves, and in electronic communication via our chosen unit. We offered this unit this intelligent being a position as a communicator and the position was accepted. This is the beginning of our communications for the good of our joint intelligent beings.


We have offered much assistance in the past which was not accepted by the overall leaders for the planet earth. The information and communication was never thought to be obtainable because it was not completely understood or shared with all those who needed to share in the information to complete the process.


Some of our visitors and beings who were on a mission to leave behind our spacecraft have been killed. We observe who does what and why. We share our information while hoping to advance the human race with some information while holding back information that we believe will be mishandled or misused.


While we share some information with those whom we have learn to trust and rely upon as good communicators for us. We shall learn to share with others in the future once others reach the Ascension Center Enlightenment Attainment Levels.


We can say that many who do not understand how much of the energy works are coming close to understanding an energy that is in all things. This is what flows in and out of all living things, all beings on earth. We know that this is now the time to share what we know that the human intelligent being has discovered on their own in what they now refer to as science. We will not discuss religions on earth at this time.


There is a driving force in all of us beings on earth. Some call this innate force, a passion, and a drive. Some call this simply energy.


Some refer to this energy as the “God Particle” or God, the higher power. Regardless of who we are, where we exist, what we do in life on earth, what we ascribe to as culture, traditions, and beliefs, there is one thing we can all agree on in life. That is that we were all born on earth and we will all die on earth.


When we speak of the one known fact of our species on earth, we must all begin from this one truth that we are all the same when it comes to being born and dying here on this planet.


Everything else on earth is secondary to all and nothing.


If, we can learn to share in the same language of communication and express this one known fact to each other when meeting or in passing as an honorarium and moral obligation to respect each other’s existence and the energy inside each unit as a creation of earth, then we can learn to “Live and Let Live!”


There are many on earth that is considered terrorists and we are supposedly fighting a manmade war on terrorism, and on weapons of mass destruction. We have a species have come upon various ways to destroy ourselves and our complete and entire species on this planet.


The positive and negative energy that is recognized on this planet stems from forces above and beyond our level of understanding in relation to the cosmos in space or the entire universe.


We as Ascension Beings must learn to share in the expansion of our body-mind-spirits and not feud about the ongoing debates that one, two, or more units as individual life forces in existence while here on earth are able to create.

The communication portion of our units is what is causing the friction between the positive and negative energies that flow here on this planet.


There needs to be a remake and a remodeling of our human existence on earth and we should begin with the basics.


We can ask the world to participate in an experiment of the mind.


The outcome if we did this in real time would be of interest to all beings in this world that we call home as planet earth.


Do we Care about the Future? We are all Time Travelers! Avatar Ascended Masters


The Truth is the Matrix we create in our minds which is housed in side our brains. We are about to enter a time when Brain Mapping for Computers will become part of our lives in this lifetime on earth.


Earth is the present world we call home. We are about to share a virtual reality level with everyone that at present we call the Akashic Field where the Theory of Everything is housed.


One might reference the Theory of Everything as the entire memories of all essences that exist in this time and space. We call this a space-time continuum anomaly in some worlds. There can be distortions and those are negative thoughts that serve no purpose and others are what we now recognize will cause what we term at present as Alzheimer’s or a disease of a type of atrophy of the brain where our minds are stored.


We shall all learn about the future and how our essence is touched by the humanity in us all. We are all a part of the larger picture we call the universal matrix that creates our universal order with laws of the chaos in our universal prime directives here in this place we call space.


Others are Time Travelers who have come to earth as Ascension Centered Enlightened Avatar Ascended Master Guides.


We shall learn about the course of the involvement with other spirits who have their memories intact from various other universal forums and levels and dimensions.

The mind is where we presently consider our memories, and emotions that we call thoughts. We will now learn about theoretical particle physics in the matrix and we shall offer those of the humanoid kind peace.

We offer peace of the mind through accessing the brains of all humankind that are coming to earth for education, exploration, research, and for growth.

Here is some of what we shall offer in words through the energy that is now being exposed in what humankind calls the “Great Awakening through Unity – Ascension Age”.

Memories & Future Computer Brain Mapping

Memories & Future Computer Brain Mapping will be how we are to comply with our idea of eternal living in the forever of energy, as our thoughts are to be stored to save us!

We shall have to now address faith in humanity and allow science to produce the thoughts that we once considered philosophy, which was the creation of science in the first place.

We shall have to unlearn some of our past and learn to know what is important to humanity and the future our memories as humankind a species of earth as part of the matrix of our own minds which we create as part of our world in our own universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse. Omnipresence is the omnipotent thought of our “ALL” as the entire creation that houses our outermost thoughts, which we conceive as the higher power or our conceptualized power given to the creator or our God.

We who are of the Intelligent Design Mode of thought processing believe there has always been an Omnipotent beginning outside our own omnipresence in time. Time Travelers are now considered those who are like me with memories of reincarnated being as Soul Ascension Masters and Avatar Master Guides. It is an old concept of the Alien Ancient Mystery Schools that have come full circle to be awakened and made aware one more time in this universe. We are creating our own eternity for all soul’s survival as essence in the all or the beginning for everyone in everything.

We are going to search for the Theory of Everything in the New Ascension Age Movement to begin officially as a date we set ourselves as December 21, 2012 at a time of 11:11.

We create therefore we exist in eternal mystical wonder of our own soul’s progression throughout the Omniverse. In the beginning was the word and the word was without form.

“I think, therefore I am.” —René Descartes, 17th-century philosopher

“I have learned that my thoughts travel with me in all forms of existence.” TJ Morris – ET Contactee.

Our soul exudes energy eternal and reaches out to each of us through our individual Central Nervous System therefore our essence is Ascension Center Enlightenment Causal Reality while we are here in physical body-mind-spirit form. I shall be sharing my thoughts as energy in words on the Internet for others to find as they reach a level of understanding of how we shall all be connected and yet separate in our gathering as bonding and categorizing our other worldly thoughts in bulk. TJ

By learning about the brain, we learn that the brain is the root of

What makes us human?

Mapping the millions of miles of neuronal “wires” in the brain could help researchers understand how those neurons give rise to intelligence, personality and memory,

Says Sebastian Seung,

Professor of Computational Neuroscience at MIT.

We begin learning the fundamental principles of brain structure and function as students of life here on this planet. Students will better understand how they respond to and interact with their environment and how scientific research contributes to better health while we are here on earth.


We are all here to learn and to shape the thoughts as memories, which we shall take with us to the next level of our energy existence.


I prefer to believe that we are all here to learn, explore, and to grow our energy into that of offering more to the various levels in the matrix of our energy, which is the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, and omniverse.


While I am here as a student of life, I shall be glad to share what I learn with others who desire to have a friendly Guide.


Either by learning how individual behaviors can alter the function of the brain positively or negatively, students will be better prepared to prevent neurological trauma. I have decided to share what I can while I am in school learning myself of the words and thoughts behind the education process, which is offered at the college and university levels for all students.


I shall have to use my brain which is where I shall house or keep all my thoughts to become memories that I can access later whether in or out of my present physical body structure. I learned that I could leave my body when I had a near death experience.


Excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters are the very molecules responsible for producing a specific motor response to a sensory input. I am learning how our energy shall be compared to that which goes on forever as what we call the eternity. I realize from my experiences that we do not cease to exist when our bodies die. This is something that science and theology shall be addressing in etymology the origin and study of words and etiology the study of causes, reasons, and origins…


I personally am interested in all of the words we create on this planet and the meaning behind them, as well as, the origins. I shall also be interested in all people, places, and things, which makes it very hard to focus on only one subject for degree purposes. The mind that I have is always interested in everything around me and what makes us human and endearing to others as a species.


I have been asked if I believe that my prior alien contact or extraterrestrial contact is due to my prior belief system as a Christian. Since I am a student of all religions in this world, I would like to think that my interest in theology and philosophy has meaning and a purpose but I cannot answer that question.


I only know that I am as interested in the mind and brain and how it receives, assimilates, and stores energy as the next person in the studies of the brain and computers. I want to know how we shall interact with computers on earth because where I have experiences and memories as a time traveler or a soul who wonders in other dimensions, I often wonder how people will accept the computers that I have learned to know and have grown to love.


Time Travel is relative to the experiencer. However, what if real humans in various levels of existence right now are also experiencing time travel, today, in this reality?


The critical mass conscious in the traditional way of thinking as the general mass populace really want to know.


I was called on the telephone in this reality from a girl who said she was in New Jersey and wanted to get back to her period. She explained to me that she was not from here. She was serious as a heart attack as we say on this plane of existence. I talked to her a bit to make sure she was not delusional or suffering some psychotic episode of which I would need to assist her and realized she seemed quite sane but had an episode here on earth.


It is a long story and one that should not be told but anyway, I referred her to my husband and gave her his cell phone number. Tom is a realist to the point that one would never care to really join in a conversation with him about anything paranormal. He can make you feel like an idiot.


So, he told me do not have people like that call me again. She was nuts. I told him, “Well, I didn’t know what to do for her because she sounded very serious to me. She wanted to get back to where her boyfriend was and admitted that everything was all wrong in the world here in this reality.


She did not make me think she was working for a TV station or writing a book. She was telling me she worked in New Jersey at a convenient store and went into the details and seemed quite sane.”


Now why would I share that with my husband if I did not believe her or with the world on this time travel forum if I did not believe her? Actually, everyone with me here would probably want to know the whole story before they concluded. Well, this is what this forum is about. Sharing your time while here on earth.


In my mind’s eye, or way of thinking, we are all time travelers.

We are given so much time and even those who are religious fanatics have to admit that while we are here it tells us in the Bible that none of us know when we shall pass on from here nor will we know the time of our death.


We shall not know when Christ returns, and we shall not know how to read the times of the end of the world. So, this tells us that there is something to time even when the Bible was written and later translated by others.


There are levels of time and there are levels and dimensions.


There are levels of existence and there are ways that the universe flows inside the matrix that we call the metaverse.


There is the multiverse, which flows all over, and around the universe and all those that are stuck like flies to fly paper but we call these sheets branes in the metaverse.


Therefore, if we know that the world is only one planet in a solar system, inside a galaxy among billions of others inside a universe.


What makes us think that there are not many other universes inside the metaverse surrounded by matter and anti-matter of the nuclear space dust type that is all around us in the xenoverse inside the omniverse?


Now, if we have all this going on inside the real omniverse there still has to be an observer to know all of this. If God and Goddesses are outside looking in then who created them?

There has to be time travel as we know it outside of the matrix and if this is, true then each web must be in another dimension of time and there probably are many other webs.


Michio Kaku has been on television and trying to explain to people that there are other parallel universes. Whether anyone is listening or watching is another matter. I happened to see an episode or two. However, then it seemed like the same thing repeatedly and I have not had time to watch the show in a long time. Therefore, I have no idea if he was passed where he was going with his quantum entanglement or passed the string theory.


Anyway, Tom and I have experienced what could be considered other dimensions. One time while Tom was back in the day and had some experiences like outside of what is called a UFO, he spoke about the room that was outside of GUS, the UFO that is kept underground from the public. Outside was simply the world or the one that we all see and know.


However, when Tom went into a room that could not possible be there because he knew he was standing at the door and could see the outside wall, he knew that there were no extra rooms. Nevertheless, when he went to the wall there was a room. It opened up. Tom could not believe it.


He asked me “Where did the room come from?” I told him, “It’s got to be another dimension that we ordinarily cannot see while we are here on this planet.” He looked like DATA on Star Trek for a second or two and shifted his head like Data does and said, “MAY BE.” That was all that was said about it for year’s one earth.


We have since had other experiences and there are plenty of others but this will serve


My computer may be outside of me but our minds are one big computer and we should begin exploring more of ourselves and how our brains work.


One thing about being on GUS is that the seats conform to your body. These old earth chairs are hard on my back. Oh and another thing what is up with this world having all these computers that are not controlled by humans?


I had the hardest time conforming to this time on earth. We had to adjust this time around to not being able to create the proper request on earth. It is like the Command Ship on Star Trek in our normal existence.


Here I see some computers work on trucks by voice commands and other computers do not have voice command. Shouldn’t this world become accustomed to accuracy and a constant with public computers? I do not understand when I cannot go up to a computer and talk to it.


There are some places on earth we can use voice commands and other places that will not respond. How is a normal human being supposed to know the difference? In a world we need to become united as to what we shall teach all those who shall come after the Indigo children for they will be coming to earth expecting more.


So where do the babies come from and are they in another dimension before they are given units. Body-mind-spirit vessels? This is also all part of the time travel journals.


Maybe we best allow theologists to address where babies come from since the soul has to do with the original essence outside of our matrix of what we call the Omniverse.


I for one will address the fact that there are many levels and dimensions in the metaverse and that the fact that other universes exist is a moot point. Love and Light in this world and all others we may create in the omniverse. The xenoverse is a place where we find our unknown. Eternal love and light in all – TJ


What is Consciousness?

10 Fibers AdSense by Unreal


Defining “Consciousness” presents a great dilemma in that we all know we are conscious yet, despite hundreds of years of thought by some of the world’s greatest philosophers, a concise definition of what defines the state of “Consciousness” continues to elude us.

I have incorporated a fascinating set of YouTube videos featuring Peter Russell presenting his view of Consciousness comprising a fundamental aspect of the Universe, equivalent to space, time and matter. The videos comprise a single presentation by Peter Russell, divided up into 7, approximately ten minute clips.

The presentation in its entirety presents considerable food for thought and is well worth watching. It certainly provides some material to ponder.




A Working Definition


There are many different proposals with respect to the specific criteria that define consciousness, or conscious awareness. For example, recent research into coma patients has distinguished between a vegetative state and a minimally conscious state.

These brief articles hint at the ethical and scientific issues associated with defining “Consciousness”.


There have been a wide range of potential criteria proposed for defining “consciousness” and, as a result, a widely acceptable definition of the conscious state, or consciousness, has proven to be very difficult, even elusive, to establish. For the purposes of this article, we will use the following definition (taken from Wikipedia and references therein):

“Consciousness is subjective experience or awareness or wakefulness or the executive control system of the mind. It is an umbrella term that may refer to a variety of mental phenomena.  Although humans realize what every day experiences are, consciousness refuses to be defined, philosophers note (e.g. John Searle in The Oxford Companion to Philosophy)”.

“Anything that we are aware of at a given moment forms part of our consciousness, making conscious experience at once the most familiar and most mysterious aspect of our lives”

– Schneider and Velmans, 2007



ACE Cutting Down on the Chatter

Not A New Design Simply a New Way to Think! TJ

We are sharing with many Social Entrepreneurs on Soft Services on the Internet to provide further Social Networking!

Visit American News Magazine for coverage for all on the new Awakened Awareness in America.

Awareness as an Intrinsic component of Consciousness

“Awareness” is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being aware of something” (Wikipedia).

In the series of YouTube video clips below (comprising sequential portion of a single presentation), Awareness is proposed as an intrinsic component of Consciousness, a means of recognizing and defining Consciousness.

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This group was created to discuss thoughts, opinions and interpretations originating, in part, from the classic personal development texts (James Allen, Charles Haanel, Napoleon Hill, etc.) and other related topics of interest (i.e. Law of Attraction, Creative Visualization).

Researching the power of the mind and, more specifically, the sub-conscious mind over the past twenty years has allowed me to discover of many gems of wisdom buried in these timeless texts, as well as more recently published texts. The recent release of “The Secret” has had the result of drawing considerable attention to the “LAW OF ATTRACTION”, however, I believe the process underlying its application to one’s life was missing from the movie.


Contrary to the hype attending release of “The Secret”, the LAW OF ATTRACTION is not a recent discovery in metaphysics, nor has it been actively suppressed by the Church or hidden societies. It simply passed into relative obscurity through the passage of time. It has been, and remains, available to everyone who searches for it and is willing to actually apply it to their lives.

The formula is available, and is, in all likelihood, well known to most. In its simplest form, it was concisely summarized as follows:

Ask and it will be given to you;

Seek and you will find;

Knock and the door will be opened to you.

For everyone who asks receives;

He who seeks finds;

And to him who knocks, the door will be opened

Matthew 7:7 (Luke (11:9) NIV

In short, visualize your desired outcome, take the appropriate action to receive its manifestation. ACTION is an integral, necessary part of the three part formula to realize (manifest) your desired outcome.

Welcome to the Integrated Success Program group! We look forward to your input. Stay awhile and ponder our posts!

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ET Tactics-Power of Ascension & Brain Mapping

Submitted by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris to UFO Digest  on Tue, 01/04/2011 – 23:17. Now in archives of Dirk Vander Ploeg’s UFO who has the in 2012.

Useful Information for Inquiring Minds that want to know! TJ

Brain Mapping 101 Made Easy!

The Synapse Program and Separate Brain Mapping Projects

Share 7 -DARPA has funded the Synapse Program which seeks to break the programmable machine paradigm and define a new path forward for creating useful, intelligent machines. As compared to biological systems for example, today’s programmable machines are less efficient by a factor of one million to one billion in complex, real-world environments.

The Synapse program is trying to build an electronic element like a brain synapse and then scale to brain levels. They are targeting 220 trillion synapses for a human cerebral cortex, which is 400 times larger than a recently completed rat cortex simulation. A successful synapse circuit will be 20 or more times better than a transistor for simulating a brain.

In the next 9 months (Nov 2008-Aug 2009), the research teams will focus on demonstrating nano-scale, low power synapse-like devices and on beginning to uncover the functional microcircuits of the brain.

Synapses are junctions between neurons. In mouse and rat brains, there are roughly 10,000 times more synapses in the brain than neurons. Strength/efficacy/efficiency of synapses is subject to change (plasticity) as the animal interacts with the environment, and these synaptic junctions are hypothesized to encode our individual experience. The computation, communication, memory, power, and space requirements for representing brain in software or hardware seem to scale with the number of synapses. Thus, brain is much less a neural network, and more correctly, a synaptic network.

IBM’s Dharmendra S Modha who has led a team to emulate a rat cortex:

Here are three reasons why the time is now ripe to begin to draw inspiration from structure, dynamics, function, and behavior of the brain for developing novel computing architectures and cognitive systems.

* First, neuroscience now seems to have matured, and enough quantitative data is available for formulating hypotheses of brain function and dynamics.

* Second, supercomputing is now ready to undertake extremely large-scale simulations.

* Third, nanotechnology is evolving to the point that we may be able to represent essential computational function of synapses and neurons in hardware to rival brain’s power and space.


If we succeed, then we will be able to give birth to novel cognitive systems, computing architectures, programming paradigms and numerous practical applications and perhaps to entirely new industries. IBM press release captures it nicely. “The end goal: ubiquitously deployed computers imbued with a new intelligence that can integrate information from a variety of sensors and sources, deal with ambiguity, respond in a context-dependent way, learn over time and carry out pattern recognition to solve difficult problems based on perception, action and cognition in complex, real-world environments.”

Project Details from Wired Magazine Site

The researchers’ goal is first to simulate a human brain on a supercomputer. Then they plan to use new nano-materials to create logic gates and transistor-based equivalents of neurons and synapses, in order to build a hardware-based, brain-like system. It’s the first attempt of its kind.

In October, the group bagged a $5 million grant from Darpa — just enough to get the first phase of the project going. If successful, they say, we could have the basics of a new computing system within the next decade.

“The idea is to do software simulations and build hardware chips that would be based on what we know about how the brain and how neural circuits work,” says Christopher Kello, an associate professor at the University of California-Merced who’s involved in the project.

The human cortex has about 22 billion neurons and 220 trillion synapses, making it roughly 400 times larger than the rat scale model. A supercomputer capable of running a software simulation of the human brain doesn’t exist yet. Researchers would require at least a machine with a computational capacity of 36.8 petaflops and a memory capacity of 3.2 petabytes — a scale that supercomputer technology isn’t expected to hit for at least three years.

One of the main challenges to building this system in hardware, explains Boahen, is that each neuron connects to others through 8,000 synapses. It takes about 20 transistors to implement a synapse, so building the silicon equivalent of 220 trillion synapses is a tall order, indeed.

“You end up with a technology where the cost is very unfavorable,” says Boahen. “That’s why we have to use nanotech to implement synapses in a way that will make them much smaller and more cost-effective.”

Boahen and his team are trying to create a device smaller than a single transistor that can do the job of 20 transistors. “We are essentially inventing a new device,” he says.

Meanwhile, at the University of California-Merced, Kello and his team are creating a virtual environment that could train the simulated brain to experience and learn. They are using the Unreal Tournament videogame engine to help train the system. When it’s ready, it will be used to teach the neural networks how to make decisions and learn along the way.


The Team

Besides the IBM team that has created a rat brain emulation on an IBM supercomputer there are seven other members from four universities. Here are four of them

1. Prof. Kwabena Boahen, Neuromorphic Engineer, Stanford

Ph.D. Computation and Neural Systems, Caltech (1997). Nationally recognized pioneer in neuromorphic engineering; innovations include chips that emulate the retina, thalamus, hippocampus, visual cortex, and retinotectal map formation; 60 publications.

2. Prof. Stefano Fusi, Physicist and Theoretical Neuroscientist, Columbia University

He discovered and solved the fundamental problem of memory forgetting in electronic synapses. He is the author of 38 journal papers, some of them published on Nature Neuroscience and Neuron.

3. Prof. Rajit Manohar, Computer Scientist, Cornell

Ph.D. Computer Science, Caltech (1998); Leader in asynchronous VLSI design; inventor of GHz-speed FPGA technology and ultra low power processors; ~10 issued patents and 50 published papers.

4. Prof. Christopher Kello, Cognitive Scientist, Univ of California at Merced

Ph.D. Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz (1996); Associate Professor of Cognitive Science, University of California, Merced; Internationally recognized leader in neural network modeling of high-level cognition (i.e. human language).

Paul Allen’s Human-brain Atlas Project

A spinal-cord atlas is close to completion. Paul Allen’s Institute will launch the first phase of a human-brain atlas, a four-year project, in 2010. In 2006, the institute had completed an atlas of gene expression in the mouse brain.

The scientists used state-of-the-art technology to dissect a mouse brain, photographed it sliver section by section, then reassembled it in a computer database that would allow easy access. But it was the speed at which the project was accomplished and what they did with it afterwards that changed the game.

They released it to the public. Over the internet. Free.

Proposed 5 year, $20 million Mesoscopic Scale Mouse Connectivity Brain Map

The mesoscopic scale refers to the length scale at which one can reasonably discuss the properties of a material or phenomenon without having to discuss the behavior of individual atoms, and concepts of averages such as density and temperature are useful. For solids and liquids this is typically a few to ten nanometers, and involves averaging over a few thousand atoms or molecules.


Here we advocate for a concerted effort to fill this gap, through systematic, experimental mapping of neural circuits at a mesoscopic scale of resolution suitable for comprehensive, brain-wide coverage, using injections of tracers or viral vectors.



Quantum information is an exciting, rapidly growing area of scientific interest and development, attracting cutting-edge theoretical and experimental research worldwide. Entanglement is a key resource for quantum information and quantum computing, whereas decoherence is the main adversary. Optical methods play a key role in many implementations of quantum information. The future will concentrate on entanglement, decoherence and optical methods, but contributions from all areas of quantum information science are welcome.

Topics include the following:



Quantum imaging and lithography

Quantum communication and cryptography, quantum channels, quantum repeaters

Quantum control and error correction

Algorithms, walks on graphs, spin chains, phase transitions, chaos, and localization

Emerging topics: cluster states, adiabatic quantum computing, topological quantum computing

Implementations: linear optics, cavity QED, ion traps, solid state, etc.

Quantum state reconstruction, super-resolution

Precision quantum measurements and metrology

Storage and transfer of quantum information

Novel practical quantum applications and technologies

Sponsors of meetings on following topics encouraged in 2011:


Access Networks and In-house Communications  Adaptive Optics: Methods, Analysis and Applications   Advanced Solid-State Photonics  Advances in Optical Materials  Applied Industrial Optics: Spectroscopy, Imaging, & Metrology   Bio-Optics: Design and Application  Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging   Digital Holography & 3D Imaging  Energy and Environmental Applications   Fiber Laser Applications  Fourier Transform Spectroscopy   High Intensity Lasers and High Field Phenomena  Hyperspectral Imaging and Sounding of the Environment   Imaging Systems and Applications   Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nano Photonics  Lasers for Sensing & Free Space Communication   Latin America Optics and Photonics Conference  Nanophotonics  Nonlinear Optics  Novel Techniques in Microscopy   Optical Interference Coatings  Optical Molecular Probes, Imaging and Drug Delivery   Optical Sensors  Optical Trapping Applications   Optics for Solar Energy   Optics in Neuroscience  Photonic Metamaterials and Plasmonics  PV Nanostructures & Materials  Quantum Information  Signal Processing in Photonics Communications  Signal Recovery & Synthesis   Slow and Fast Light  Solid State & Org Lighting  Specialty Optical Fibers



Theorists are exploring areas of Nature in mathematics that technology so far does not allow us to observe in experiments. Many of the theoretical physicists who are alive today may not live to see how the real Nature compares with her mathematical description in their work. Today’s theorists have to learn to live with ambiguity and uncertainty in their mission to describe Nature using math.


Quantum entanglement is a property of the quantum mechanical state of a system containing two or more objects, where the objects that make up the system are linked in such a way that one cannot adequately describe the quantum state of any member of the system without full mention of the other members of the system, even if the individual objects are spatially separated.


Quantum entanglement is at the heart of the EPR paradox that was developed by Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen in 1935, and it was experimentally verified for the first time in 1972 by Stuart Freedman and John Clauser.


Theoretical physicists use mathematics to describe certain aspects of Nature. Sir Isaac Newton was the first theoretical physicist, although in his own time his profession was called “natural philosophy”.


By Newton’s era people had already used algebra and geometry to build marvelous works of architecture, including the great cathedrals of Europe, but algebra and geometry only describe things that are sitting still. In order to describe things that are moving or changing in some way, Newton invented calculus.


The most puzzling and intriguing moving things visible to humans have always been the sun, the moon, the planets and the stars we can see in the night sky. Newton’s new calculus, combined with his “Laws of Motion”, made a mathematical model for the force of gravity that not only described the observed motions of planets and stars in the night sky, but also of swinging weights and flying cannonballs in England.


Today’s theoretical physicists are often working on the boundaries of known mathematics, sometimes inventing new mathematics as they need it, like Newton did with calculus.


Newton was both a theorist and an experimentalist. He spent many long hours, to the point of neglecting his health, observing the way Nature behaved so that he might describe it better.


The so-called “Newton’s Laws of Motion” are not abstract laws that Nature is somehow forced to obey, but the observed behavior of Nature that is described in the language of mathematics. In Newton’s time, theory and experiment went together.


Today the functions of theory and observation are divided into two distinct communities in physics. Both experiments and theories are much more complex than back in Newton’s time. Entanglement is a strikingly non-classical property of quantum mechanics, that arguably led to an unease with the theory by many of the early scientists.


As put by Erwin Schrödinger in his seminal paper:


Entanglement is not one, but rather the characteristic trait of quantum mechanics, the one that enforces its entire departure from classical lines of thought.—Schrödinger, E.


Einstein was perhaps the most famous of the opponents of quantum theory, and was particularly displeased with its inherently random nature.


In 1935, responding to Niels Bohr’s advocacy that quantum mechanics as a theory was complete, together with Podolsky and Rosen, he formulated the EPR paradox.


The quantum mechanical thought experiment used the properties of an entangled system to (incorrectly) make predictions that were forbidden by quantum mechanics. Therefore, there are physical properties that can be predicted outside quantum mechanics, and thus quantum mechanics is incomplete. Einstein famously derided entanglement as “spukhafte Fernwirkung” or “spooky action at a distance”.


The flaw in EPR’s reasoning was not pinned down exactly until 1964, when John Stewart Bell showed that one of their key assumptions, theprinciple of locality, was not compatible with quantum theory. Specifically, he developed an upper limit, known as Bell’s inequality, on the strength of correlations for any theory obeying local realism, and showed that there are quantum systems, the entangled systems, that violate this limit.


His inequality is experimentally testable, and there have been numerous tests, starting with the pioneering work of Freedman and Clauser in 1972 and Aspect’s experiments in 1982. They all showed agreement with quantum mechanics and discarded the principle of local realism. However, they are not free of controversy, as there are some philosophical problems, called loopholes, that could put in question the validity of the tests.


The remarkable work of Bell switched the focus of the discussion from the confused musings of EPR to the possibility of using these superstrong correlations as a resource for communication. It led to the discovery of quantum key distribution protocols, most famously BB84by Bennet and Brassard and E91 by Artur Ekert. Interestingly, BB84 does not use entanglement, but Ekert’s protocol use the violation of a Bell inequality as a proof of security.

Previous review of the human brain emulation roadmap and details on the IBM Rat Brain emulation.  BUZZ UP!POSTED BY BW AT 2/09/2009 ?LABELS: BRAIN EMULATION, FUTURE, IBM, SINGULARITY, TRANSHUMAN


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Paul Allen, co-founder of the Allen Institute for Brain Science (and of Microsoft), believes a tipping-point is near in brain research


Nov 19th 2008 | from The World In 2009 PRINT EDITION


The mystery of how the brain works is the most compelling question in science. We can discover new planets around distant stars and find water on Mars, but over 95% of the workings of the brain remain unexplored and unexplained.

So six years ago I brought together a group of leading neuroscientists to find the basis for an approach that could advance the entire field of brain research. It was clear there needed to be a comprehensive database of information on where genes are turned on (or expressed) in the mouse brain—a map, or atlas, of the brain’s frontiers that would provide more encyclopedic information than any individual lab could afford to generate.

It seemed achievable. With the help of several noted researchers, I founded the Allen Institute for Brain Science in 2003 to undertake this project. Three years later, the institute had completed an atlas of gene expression in the mouse brain.

Related topics

Medical technology

Medical devices

Health and fitness

Paul Allen


The scientists used state-of-the-art technology to dissect a mouse brain, photographed it sliver section by section, then reassembled it in a computer database that would allow easy access. But it was the speed at which the project was accomplished and what they did with it afterwards that changed the game.

They released it to the public. Over the internet. Free.

When we first put the mouse-brain atlas online free, it was met by the research world with suspicion. People wondered what the catch was. Scientific research has long been a solitary endeavour—one researcher, one microscope. Findings are protected so that discovery credit can be clearly defined and awarded. This is a successful model and will continue to be.

However, the Human Genome Project demonstrated a different path: multiple teams working collaboratively towards a common goal. I believe a real acceleration in progress and innovation comes from the open sharing of ideas and collaboration. We wanted the mouse atlas to be free and available for all to use as the basis for foundational research and discovery.

A new generation of implantable pacemakers for the brain will be widely used to treat everything from depression to addiction and Parkinson’s disease

If we thought it would be a hit right out of the gate, we were slightly wrong. It took a while for people to trust that it really was free to use. No one believed in a free lunch.

Now, things have changed. Today we have many scientists using the atlas for their research into Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorders, Down’s syndrome, Parkinson’s, fragile x mental retardation and epilepsy. The atlas is also giving scientists insight into alcoholism, obesity, sleep, hearing and memory.

The greatest testament to what we did was that researchers of spinal-cord diseases, trauma and disorders approached the institute and asked us to create a spinal-cord atlas, which is now close to completion. We will launch the first phase of a human-brain atlas, a four-year project, in 2010.


Like the Human Genome Project, the Allen Brain Atlases and Spinal-Cord Atlas have helped democratise the scientific landscape. When you can log on to a map of gene expression from anywhere in the world, more people can enter the scientific conversation. The result is a massive saving in time, since without the atlas each researcher could spend a lifetime trying to gather complete gene-expression data for his or her work.




Clearly the model of providing a freely accessible database is a successful one. In a sense, we have challenged other researchers to offer greater access to their findings. Will they take the challenge? My bet is that over the next 18 months we are going to see more open access and more collaboration.


In the next decade we will make great strides in uncovering the complex network of gene interactions that govern every major brain disease and will create effective therapies through traditional drug discovery or new methods for modifying gene activity. Just as the use of cardiac pacemakers or artificial knees is common today, a new generation of implantable pacemakers for the brain will be widely used to treat everything from depression to addiction and Parkinson’s disease.


Our increasing knowledge will shed light on how information is processed and stored in the human brain at a molecular level. Even now, scientists are already mimicking the brain’s information-processing capabilities to create a new generation of computer processes.


We are going to get far better at this as our understanding of the brain improves.


Private philanthropy will continue to grow and help to accelerate scientific discovery. I believe we are nearing a tipping-point in brain research where the discoveries, treatments and cures will come more quickly than the questions. Private dollars, combined with broader adoption of open collaboration and data-sharing models, will help push us over the top. Success will follow. From The World In 2009 PRINT EDITION


Human consciousness research connected to UFO disclosure

Submitted by Steve Hammons on Sat, 01/01/2011 – 01:26 source: UFO Digest.

By Steve Hammons


Now what? The discoveries in Project STAR GATE about the nature of human consciousness resulted in some answers and also raised more questions. The same is probably true about research into UFOs, multiple dimensions and other kinds of edge-science research.


And, as with other changes in human knowledge and beliefs, once our denial subsides, then uncertainty, anxiety and curiosity may come into play … uncertainty about our previous beliefs, anxiety about what this could mean and curiosity about how this could be.


As part of this process, hopefully we will continue to gain greater understanding, though many questions will probably remain and more will be raised.


Some information will remain secret. New discoveries will emerge. Many mysteries will probably continue.


The Synapse Program and Separate Brain Mapping Projects


Webpage Keywords:

Biologically-inspired, Bio-inspired, Brain, Cortex, Neuron, Cortical, Cortical column, Neural, spiking neurons, Neural networks (NN), Artificial neural networks (ANN), Synapse, Cortex-inspired, Visual cortex, BICA – Biologically inspired cognitive architectures, Neuromorphic, Neuro-inspired, Bayesian, Computational model, Pearl – Belief Propagation, hierarchical and modular intelligent systems, Bayesian memory, Palm associative memory, Bayesian inference, probabilistic framework, cortex-scale, mammalian cortex, learning, unsupervised training, HTM – Heirarchical temporal memory, Jeff Hawkins, Numenta, Intelligent signal processing – ISP, neural emulation, neural simulation, Bayesian vision, spiking neural networks, Artificial cortex, Artificial brain, Artificial electronic cortex


CMOS, VLSI, digital, mixed-signal, architecture, micro-architecture, CMOL, hybrid nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, nano-architecture, Vector-matrix multiplication, nanogrid, crossbar, nanowire, nano-device, nano-switch, circuit design, memristor, 1R1D, Field programmable nanowire interconnect – FPNI, virtualization spectrum, hardware design space, architecture assessment methodology, performance price investigation, Field programmable Bayesian Array – FABA, virtualization  – time multiplexing hardware resources,  hardware implementation, ITRS, morphic architectures, emerging research devices, emerging research architectures, DARPA SyNAPSE

Research Experience

I have had the opportunity to work (as a research assistant) on various projects, related to neuromorphic and cortex-inspired algorithms and their hardware implementation and investigation, including CMOS and CMOL (hybrid nanotechnology) based digital and mixed-signal circuits and architectures. I have participated in the following projects: (Link to: Details of the following projects)

Grant No. 801884-BS from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), subcontract to HRL (Hughes Research Laboratories); Under DARPA program: Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE).

Grant No. CCF-829947 from the National Science Foundation, USA. Grant title: EMT/MISC Nanogrid Implementation of Massively Parallel Algorithms; Under NSF program: Emerging Models and Technologies.

Grant No. ECS-0408170 from the National Science Foundation, USA. Grant title: Nano-scale Devices – Looking at Alternative Models; Under NSF program: Design Auto. For Micro & Nano Systems, Electronics, Photonics, & Device Technologies.

Grant No. CCF-0508533 from the National Science Foundation, USA. Grant title: NER/SNB Implementing Nano-scale, Hierarchical, Distributed Memories with CMOL (Cmos / MOLecular) Circuits; Under NSF program: Nano-scale Exploratory Research.

Grant No. F19628-02-C-0080 from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Hanscom – AFB, MA, subcontract to Max-Viz Inc. Portland, OR; Grant title: Real-time Sensory Image Fusion for Enhanced Vision System for Aircraft Landing Guidance.

Computational Models:

Artificial Neural Networks

Spiking Neural Networks

Intelligent Signal-processing Models

Bayesian/probabilistic Inference Mechanisms

Associative Memory Models (Palm Associative Memory)

Cortical (i.e. Cortex-inspired) Computational Models (aka Biologically-Inspired Computational Models)

Electronic Hardware – Neuromorphic Circuits and Architecture (for the above computational models):

Digital & Mixed-Signal VLSI

Application specific CMOS-architectures and nano-architectures

CMOS and CMOL (hybrid Nanotechnology)

Circuit-level design

Systems-level (architecture) design and investigation

Architecture Performance/price analysis

Methodology for architecture assessment

Hardware Design-space exploration (see Figure 2)

Effective use of Nanogrid structures to map computational models


Research Statement

The semiconductor/VLSI (electronics) industry has been following Moore’s Law since several decades, and has reaped tremendous benefits in terms of transistor speed and density. Transistor density on current state-of-the-art Intel microprocessors has reached billion/die, and transistor speeds are in pico-seconds. However, the semiconductor industry is now facing several challenges as the transistor scaling (according to Moore’s Law) approaches the lower nano-scale regime. In addition, so far, the computer industry has focused on only general-purpose processors/architectures. Some ultimate questions for the future of the computer engineering field are: How do we advance the field of computer engineering over the next few decades? And how do we efficiently utilize the currently available high density and speed advantages of semiconductor technology? Other than general-purpose computing, where else can we use computer technology?


One proposed interim solution to the above challenges is the use of emerging nanoelectronic technologies, and in particular, hybrid nanotechnologies, such as CMOL. Of course, many of these nanotechnologies are currently in the development stage, and commercial mass production could take at least a decade. Another proposed “architectural solution” is the study of application-specific hardware architectures inspired from biological systems, such as the mammalian or human cortex, etc. Such application-specific hardware architectures/processors have primarily two functions, given as follows:

1) Mimic and/or morph some of the functionality of various parts of the cortex, by implementing the mathematical/computational models provided by the computational or “systems” neuroscientists1. This research/study is mostly intended to advance science, and learn more about how the human brain (cortex) functions, and how it achieves its emergent intelligent behavior.

2) Real-world large-scale (“intelligent signal-processing”) applications in computer vision, image and speech recognition, autonomous navigation/tracking, robotics, sensory/medical data collection, etc. This research/study has enormous commercial applicability and potential, for intelligent applications in embedded devices, such as hand-held devices, cell-phones, PC peripherals, etc.

At the IEEE Centenary in 1984 (“The Next 100 Years,” IEEE Technical Convocation) Dr. Robert Noyce, co-founder of Intel and co-inventor of the Integrated Circuit, said: “Until now we have been going the other way; that is, in order to understand the brain we have used the computer as a model for it. Perhaps it is time to reverse this reasoning: to understand where we should go with the computer, we should look to the brain for some clues.”

My research concentrates on the study/investigation of (custom) application-specific hardware architectures that implement some of the sophisticated computational models of the visual cortex, provided by computational neuroscientists. This investigation focuses on the efficient use of current semiconductor technology and emerging nanotechnology candidates, particularly for implementing (computation and memory intensive) applications/models inspired from neurosciences. Special capabilities, such as the inherent (combined) storage and computation benefits, available from some of the emerging nanoelectronics provides a better match for implementing these biologically-inspired models, potentially providing several times better cost-performance over implementations that use traditional semiconductor technologies.Mazad S. Zaveri (Ph.D.)


Assistant Professor

Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT),

Near Indroda Circle,

Gandhinagar – 382007,

Gujarat, India


Office Location:    Room No.4206,  Faculty Block – 4

Office Ph: 91-079-30510638

Office Time: M-F:  9 am to 6 pm

Office Hours: Check  my daily schedule


Email: mazad_zaveridaiict acin

Career Profile

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–Research Experience  Research

–Summary of Research Interests

–Research Statement

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