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Ace Folklife ACIR Ascension Ufo Digest

Ascension Center ACE FOLKLIFE 2012

Alien ET UFO Community EBENS ACE Channeled Information of TJ 2012

By TJ Morris –

ACE FOLKLIFE 2012 Ascension Age & Beyond

Ascension Age is here to stay as the time of ACE Folklife of the common folk who lived to share the lives of the humanoid sentient intelligent beings on planet earth.

The Ascension Age will begin officially December 21, 2012 at 11:11 Universal time.

TJ Morris and Friends are all those who have decided to join in celebrating the humanoid sentient intelligent being species as those who from the heavens come as in our Ancient Astronaut Alien Ancestors or the 4 A’s. Therefore those who are TJ’s Supreme Beings in her other mirrored worlds in the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse as the seven heavens which were created by those above who are “Those who have always been” can be seen as the extraterrestrials beings of all our ancient texts, codex’s, Bible, Koran, and all found tablets, and codices. TJ shares that which is her love and light as a passion and compassion for all fellow humanoid sentient intelligent being species. TJ is about sustainability for all! TJ is about planet and species surviving in the cosmos with others of her own humanoid sentient intelligent being kind. Therefore, TJ has shared what is known as her work in words as a writer.TJ is also a known empathic intuitive instructor of mystics, oracles, psychics, prophets, sages, seers, and shaman in this day and age who have joined her in the ACE Metaphysical Institute. TJ shares as the Ascension Center Enlightenment Oracle to announce all her friends who have joined her in the cosmos to announce their participation in saving humanity in the world as a work we call sustainability. Awareness of Sustainability Solutions is now the entire world’s goal in order to take action to save the future for those who desire to remain behind on planet earth.

The ACE FOLKLIFE is the ARCHIVISTS in the internet online in cyberspace. We are those who share content in the open directory for all to find and we maintain all that others may learn to share and to care about as that which is our truth. We hope to share all that we can find as our truth with others in various guides and directories using the most prominent search engines which for now are both Google and Yahoo. Bing of Microsoft and ATT are both using Yahoo and we have many varied social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We will be sharing content for those who seek it. Seek and find will now be for those who are ready to learn. As we have always shared among humanoids, “When the student is ready the master will appear.”

TJ Morris ET welcomes the changes in our lives in this day and age. She has been told by superiors who created the Ascension Age for our Ascension Centers in this day and time on earth. TAKEN UP is about all of us. TJ is the messenger and scribe of that which she shares as channeled information. Aliens and UFOS are common in 2012. So are the inspirational messages that come to our Avatar Ascension Masters.

We share that we who are among those who are not yet awake to their source are here for a reason that deals with our own co-creators in space we call the cosmos and heavens. We are those who have come before and will come again in various forms, levels, and dimensions in space as both particles and waves both light and sound. We who share the energy as essence of those who we cannot yet see and touch are always with us in ways that only those who are doing their chosen task on earth can relate too in their own spiritual work. We call the spiritual beings those who are of the Ascension Age now and are creating that which is more than science and religion.

More than philosophy in time and matter as we expand our consciousness in the global brain. We will be learning more in Neuro Science however the source of what is behind the theory of everything is divine compassion for us all. We have the spark of creation in all of us and no medical science or religious philosophies will ever be able to claim the right to the discovery of life as we know it as humankind.

TJ strongly suggests that all those in the Alien ET UFO Community commit to the future of opening minds with others. We are all our own best students and teachers and we can become Ebens as we share the future for all.

We are capable of exchanging memories, directing our attention towards our inner and outer selves as creations, organizing behaviors among ourselves and others, driving social approaches which are positive and good for our humankind and avoiding that which is bad and negative in our future.

We have established morals for our humanoid species and can learn to adapt and regulate our emotions. We now know that opposites are how we learn to motivate and respond to our acting out behaviors of self and with others. We have the following to consider be teaching and accepting:

•             Calm/Tense

•             Guilt/Shame

•             Pleasure/Pain

•             Well-Being/Malaise


Secondary emotions and feelings abound in the humanoid species whether above or below in our universal order of life expectancy. We are now learning about Dis-Ease and how it can be controlled in the Neuro Sciences we offer as a discipline in our university efforts we call expanded education or in some cased piled higher and deeper as in a PhD. Class of prior disciplines.

We now know from our fMRI scans of the human brain models that we can be neutral, emotional, heartfelt, and breathtaking. We are a total sum of our own parts in the physical realm of being.

•             We will now learn to share in our levels of brain analogies as;

•             Genes

•             Molecules

•             Neutrons

•             Neurons

•             Cognition

And so on and so forth…

We will be sharing the emotional Limbic System and how we can learn from the emotional probing of our brains to learn more about the responses while we are in physical form.

We will be sharing social feedback and learn why people don’t really like us from time to time.

We can watch movies to learn to exchange our comments on facial appeal and factual responses.

We will learn to dispel the old paradigm that something is wrong with me and learn to accept our own selves as perfect in exceptional ways with gifts and talents which are our own to embrace in the future.

Fear is simply an emotion of anxiety which stimulates arousal fo our regulatory system to either stay and work out the stimulus response or flee in time to fight another day. We are learning we can be more now as an entire humanoid sentient intelligent species by using understanding of those who are coming and going from this plane of existence we call 3D dimension.

The ability to monitor ones owns self and others feelings and emotions is now what we call emotional intelligence. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Psychology will allow us psychological flexibility and wellbeing in the future.

Emotional awareness of our mindfulness moment to moment on any given day and in any given time faculty will allow for us all to view our behavior based on the stimulus we put forth for learning about our environment and cohabitation.

We are now not only about self-awareness but self-regulation and community responses to our conjoined self-regulation on this planet as a whole entire humanoid sentient intelligent being species.

Our new motivation in the Ascension Age is empathy and reverberation. Out Empathics and Psychics are simply people who are in tune with all the particles and waves whether in light or sound waves.

We are now preparing in the Ascension Age to understand others no matter our seeded differences.

Compassion and deep awareness is now our co-created goal for our entire humanoid species on earth.

We are taking pity on those who are not aware of the entire planet’s abounding energies and we plan on sharing more of our own souls desire to assist others. However, if our own goals are too lofty they may seem impossible to create in this physical dimension. Therefore we are beginning to break our insights down into smaller portions so that we can take each of our own puzzle pieces and place them together with others in our newly created Tectonic Economics for the entire planet which is spinning at 18 miles an hour through the cosmos with all our mirrored images of our selves here on earth.

Without our humanity we cannot survive and this has been proven through time on earth as a species.

Preserve and Protect with Love and Light is the further calling of our spirits which are attached to our souls. Accessing the linguistic processing will assist us all in how we choose our time on earth and what we do with it to assist in sustainability of our planet and our species. Love and Light TJ

TAKEN UP is now about ACE Folklife on earth! Conscious Experiences of the Alien ET UFO Community

By: TJ

We are in the best of times for us all here who are sharing our body-mind-spirits having the birth-life-death experiences. TJ Morris tm ACIR sm

We are now sharing that which has come and gone and returned to our present psyche of our humankind. Those which are in our physical and mental worlds of which we create have come before.

We are not in a process of projected chemical behavior that some sentient intelligent beings will share as stereo typed in our Neuro-Behavior Topics of Conversation in Communication.

We will now begin to share in the various communication modes in cosmology thinking and being which is a sign of the times we are now entering.


1.            After Christ Existed

2.            Alien Civilizations Exist

3.            Art-Culture-Education

4.            All Continued Existence

5.            American Continuing Education

6.            Ascension Centered Enlightenment

We can go on and on through the oral and written traditions of our species and still come up with various acronyms in various languages used on earth by our humanoid sentient intelligent being species.

We are all smart, passionate, capable, and emotionally equipped to maintain our species on planet earth. We who are now 7 billion strong are to learn how to take care of all our various groups and tribes in various cultures around the planet. This is our truth which we shall now live.

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