Maui Ascension Center

Ascension Center – Maui, Hawaii

The Ascension Center’s primary location is Maui, Hawaii.  The islands of Hawaii are sacred and the Ascension Center, a most sacred center, embodies sacred, spiritual energy, lies on sacred land at the foothills of the West Maui Mountains on the island of Maui.

Maui is the heart chakra of the Earth.  The Center is at the gateway to the Halls of Amenti, an inter-dimensional portal to the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensions and even higher.  Follow through and you reach Source itself.

Design_16_DomeThe land’s rich, verdant, green, lush with ancient fruit trees that tower over smaller vegetation surrounding the periphery of the land.  A stream and small waterfalls weave through the center. Beautiful flowers and vegetation’s everywhere.  It’s a virtual Garden of Eden.

0807_OasisWe need donations to transform and build a temple, similar to the renditions on this page by the incredibly talented artist, Jack Alexander.

We envision a beautiful temple, healing retreat center, educational center, conscious community and eco farm here.  Designers, like Jack, have seen it in their mind’s eyes and captured the images of the actual buildings we hope to build here on this sacred land, at the foothills of an ancient volcano, at the portal to higher dimensions, a true center of ascension, the Ascension Center.

The center will welcome all from all corners of this world (and possibly others) as our Galactic Family rediscovers one another.

Please donate, as much as you can to our building and land fund. We hope to purchase the surrounding lands, expand and bring all the mountain into conservation.  This is the rainforest.  Our vision is to keep most of it untouched by human hands.

Now that’s a huge task for humanity’s got its hands into everything!

But it can be done by raising consciousness. Your energy, your donations can make that happen.

Come to the Center. Take classes, volunteer, work the land, donate time, energy, money, products, services, however you can.

Here at the Center we begin the healing process for humanity.  Reach one, teach one. Learn, heal, grow, evolve, become conscious and aware of your part in the totality of existence.

Reach out to others, give them a hand. The second phase of your own healing process is to begin facilitating the healing process with others.

We are a very wounded society.  The design and social structure of this world must change to one that respects life and consciousness.  Otherwise, this species will not survive.  However, the tide has changed.  We are doing it, together.

Individuals awaken at different times. Be patient, kind, loving for those who’re just beginning down the path.

Your love nurtures them and allows the awakening process to accelerate. We’re now in the Quickening since crossing over the line on 12/21/12.  No, it was not a bang, but a whisper. We needed it that way for we, the human species, humanity is/are quite fragile right now.

And we’re getting it. Our eyes are opening. Daily, more downloads come in from the cosmos. Contact has begun from beings of higher realms and other dimensions.

The quarantine has been lifted.. at last!  Hang on to your hats. It’s begun!  Be prepared to accelerate the process, within self, between you and others, with your friends, family, loved ones, community, country, world!

We’ve passed through the darkest hour.  Armageddon’s been experienced hypothetically and averted. No need to act it out and actually experience it. We get it.  We’ve done it in fiction, in our minds, for real (on a smaller scale) over and over and over again.  No need to do the big bang.  So it’s a done deal. Boring, stupid, complete… NEXT!

Peace is upon us. Join the peace paradigm. Do it for yourself, your family and loved ones, friends, community, country, world.

Authentic peace, peace that respects consciousness and all life’s upon us.  Internalize it. Own it. Make it yours.  Grok it, get it. Viola!  Once within, you simply project it out and round about to all.  Complete!

Much Love, Blessings, Warmest Aloha. Realize, you are love incarnate.  Remember the love and all’s right with the world and all beings.



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