2d452860In the beginning one being held many souls in one humanoid avatar. This was the container for the Christed (light) consciousness. This being, was called Christ because it was aware of its existence as an eternal being who chose to come into form to gently nudge his/her fellow beings who had forgotten where they had come from. Amnesia was intentional, was part of the experience in co-creating diversity and emotional expression in the continuum of light and dark. But sometimes the dark would get so dark and perverse so the one called Christ would come down and give the other souls unconsciously incarnated in form a wee 598418_442689812446091_1030365348_nbit of a memory jolt, so they’d remember to be kind to one another, especially themselves. For in the worlds of forgetfulness where beings are disconnected from oneness, the illusion is so intense and intoxicating it’s easy to be hard, easy to be cruel.

The agreement since the beginning was that when cycles near the end, Christed beings would be permitted to incarnate in many forms to assist in the ascension process.

So while the original Chirsted form held 144 souls in one form, in the end of times when the cycle ends and we all prepared for the launching of a new age, 144 souls would incarnate in 144 different forms.

Manorah JesusEventually 144 forms would soon become 1,440 forms then 14,400 forms then 144,000 forms on one world. And if enlightenment didn’t happen at any of those points, then 1,140,000 souls would eventually incarnate in 1,140,000 bodies, then 11,400,000, then 114,000,000 souls until eventually the numbers reached 1,140,000 souls.

When the numbers reached millions or hundreds of millions a planet would typically reach a tipping point where all become conscious and aware of their role in creation. But every once in a while a planet’s peoples are so stubborn, it would take numbers in the billions before all became enlightened. But that was rare.

worshipping-jcBut while a planet was evolving to that critical mass level of consciousness, simultaneously all of creation was evolving as well. So if a closed system, a planet full of peoples that housed sentient life forms other beings on other planets would volunteer to come into form to help them accelerate the process. Thus the Christed ones, the conscious ones who loved coming down into form at various times on many different worlds. These beings were highly trained so as to jump start a world full of species and beings unlike his or her own without interfering too much in the process and destroying the system they hope to change to the positive.

It’s a delicate dance.

the-144000Here on Earth others knew of this protocol and planted seeds of hostility and discontent. They hijacked a paradigm that had served existence throughout eternity and created a weapon of their own to actually keep civilians from awareness and truth.

They’ve had a good run of it. They took the story of one of these conscious beings, warped, twisted and manipulated it for their own agenda. But while most fell for the perversion for many years, there’s always been a faction aware of the game and so here in this now the game is over and planet Earth is set on a correction course.

P.S. This story emerged as I sat down to type another story on my computer. Interesting.

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