anunnaki_4aAliens rule this world and they’ve been in charge all along. They govern us from the top of the all seeing eye of the pyramid down to the clerks at the county court house who dictate to us every nuance of how to live our lives. We are not free nor have we ever been. We’re taxed up to our eyeballs. This money fuels this evil, Illuminati, corrupt, corporate, governmental, political, religious system.

Religions, politics and corporations are all instruments of the Anunnaki aliens who use these systems to subdivide and separate us.  Divided we are conquered, controlled, slaves.

Anyone who believes in hierarchy and acts from it, feels superior or better, looks down their noses at another person, participates in prejudice, racism or judgment, is participating in their mass mind-control psychological manipulation that creates the matrix that binds us in eternal slavery. This is hell, hell on Earth, a system created to keep us separate from one another, distanced from love which is our natural state. We are loving oneness. Yet this system disconnects us from one another, separates us and keeps us from truth and authentic, unconditional love.  We hardly know love for we don’t know who we are because we are so mind controlled and manipulated by the system, the Anunnaki alien system.

We are chem-trailed and GMO’d.  There are chemicals in our land, water, air which slowly kill us starting in the womb before we’re even born.  We’re mind controlled by our media, all media written and transmitted through waves blasted through the air which run through us continually short-circuiting our system and contributing to disease.  Illness, death, disease and corruption runs rampant within ourselves and throughout the entire system. What a system.  Where is God in all this anyway?  Is there even such a thing as God?

God is an idea, a concept hijacked by the evil, Illuminati, Extraterrestrial, Alien Anunnaki who started this all, are still here, still rule our world.

So what can we do? We, the puppet people, the sheeple who are manipulated daily from top to bottom, are in deep kim chee. They employ us so we participate fully, afraid to lose our jobs, homes, family, freedom, our lives, our simple little lives that mean so much to us and so little to them. Where is the love?  Do they feel love?

Somehow we’re all connected. This is a system which we’re in and participate in.  No victims really. How’s that you say?

They are us and we are they. Realize on the highest of high levels, there are no victims. We generated this passion play, this reality game from the fabric of time and space itself, symbolized in the movie called The Matrix. Yes, this is a game and we are the game master, the maker and every character in this movie including the director. We created divine play which is called lila.  And if we wake up, figure it out (for that’s really what the game is all about, being in the maze, the matrix, the labyrinth of life and figuring out.  First, you discover, that you’re in the illusion, you’re trapped in here by your own doing and that if you’re smart enough you can figure it out then find a way out. The clock is ticking.  You realize you created time, a concept to add to the drama.  It’s 11:59, almost midnight. Time’s running out. You have 60 seconds. If you don’t do it while you’re alive, you’re dead and you come back as a baby, totally unconscious and helpless and have to figure it all out again. You do it again. And again. And again.  This is Hell.  There’s nowhere to go when you’re already in it.

And next time around the programming’s even heavier because it’s Groundhog Day, another round and the Illuminati have tightened the screws.  You’re screwed, we’re screwed because technology’s advanced in their favor yet another degree and this time we’re micro-chipped from birth.  These implants control our minds, our every thought, idea, movement. We’re robotitized. We think we’re human, but we’re androids, super soldiers in the war, the battle and we think this is life. We believe so this it is.  We’re here to find love in all this. Each generation’s further down the hole.

What can we do?  How do we get out of this mess?

We are GodSource manifest in human form.  We are consciousness embodied in physical beings. We’ve done this before. We exist here, there, everywhere including the highest of high levels of consciousness. There’s a part of us out there, enlightened, attached to the Creator and all there is, was and ever will be. WE KNOW on some level.  We created this in the first place. WE ARE THE CREATOR!!!

WAKE UP!!!!!

The big Catch-22 of this system (which is a system within systems), is when we resolve all these issues and wake up, when we are finally outside of the game, then what do we do?  Obviously we created this all in the first place to facilitate creation, creativity and maximize diversity. Problem solving, drama and conflict create resolutions, outcomes and things. But it’s painful, hurtful, feels horrible, so why do it?  Why, why, why? Well perhaps we were bored.

Since all is an illusion, there’s really no birth, life, death, time, time loop matrix. It’s just a computer game, a virtual reality. If this one ends we’ll probably just create another game to act out this which we call life.  Otherwise, what is there?

Earth is an experiment in consciousness, the lowest dimension, third dimensional physicality. This is the densest vibratory frequency there is. Get it? We’re dense!  We don’t feel each other because we’re in skin-encapsulated self senses, desensitized in the first place so we can believe there’s self and not self. Otherwise, how could we possibly do these heinous things to ourselves?

Yes, there are those who actually kill them SELVES through suicide.  But most can’t bring themselves to do that. And murdering another, well that’s done all the time.  Sometimes we humans justify murder and call it war. We call it self defense. Somehow we hope to feel better about the act.  But killing’s killing and while many can and have killed, there are those too civilized to contemplate it themselves.

But even then most kill something. When it comes down to it and a mosquito’s bite.  We swat it and kill.  And yes, there are some, like perhaps the Dali Lama who restrain from killing even when being bit. But most are not that conscious and kill on some level.  It’s human nature, after all.  And that’s also a lame excuse.

Consciousness is. As long as we exist, and we will exist for we are here now existing.  You are here reading this.  We  ARE.  We BE.  We are human BE-ings.

So for as long as we are we are consciousness who have agreed to go unconscious to participate in this game, the Earth virtual reality game so we can experience this thing we call life and have experiences.  And if we’re lucky within the game we’ll find love, experience love, enjoy it and have fun now and again, get some laughs along the way. Love is truly the way out of this. Love is our greatest weapon against war. If you love someone, truly love them, you’ll never harm them.

Answer is, love everyone.

I’ll finish this rant with a short story.

I had a lucid dream, the kind where you’re aware you’re dreaming in the late 1980s’  I think it was 1989 and I had just moved to State College, PA with my second husband.

There was a great flood and earthquakes descending on the world. I came into the dream witnessing it all from above. As I zoomed into my body I first saw that I was carrying two cats in cat carriers. I was running uphill as fast as I could, a backpack on my back and carrying two cats. So I was probably toting at least 40 or 50 pounds and running uphill. That in itself is a feat I don’t believe I could do as I have lung disease. So I knew it was a virtual reality right off and if it was true, then I must’ve had so much adrenalin pumping, I was superwoman herself.

At that point began a communication from “God”.  There I was running, in full communication with someone with greater awareness than I, who was instructing me to get to high ground, the top of the mountain and there I would be beamed up on board the ship and taken to safety. God has a ship. Good, I always knew that on some level and had no doubt. God would take me elsewhere in his space ship. Cool.

I stopped, right there mid stride, in my tracks and said, “But wait!  What about the others?”

God replied, “Don’t worry. Everyone you love will be transported to safety along with you.”

I still didn’t move but pondered the situation. Somehow I knew this was the future for in that now I lay sleeping in my bed in Pennsylvania in 1989 .  This was the future conveyed to me, not by words, but by impressions, concepts, ideas, no words, thoughts which are more accurate and valid than actually words. Words, language, written and oral, are sub-parsing from whole concepts and thus contain programming in every vowel and syllable, are corrupt in that fashion much like a computer with a virus.

I knew I was in a dream, a game within this game of life.  Like putting a VHS tape on hold while you get a drink or take a bathroom break, this movie still ran while I contemplated the implications.  I thought and it was on pause and while the movie’s still there, on pause, there’s certainly a lot of static going on and things are as clear as mud.

So here I was, observer, witness, being given a glimpse of the wizard behind the curtain.  And I froze time.  I paused, contemplated, breathed, realized with that realization, KNEW that I was in control. Viola!  I had the upper hand and could break this game down to the core of its very existence.

I responded telepathically to “God.”

“Then by the time this day comes, I will love everyone in this planet unconditionally. If I love all unconditionally, totally, you’ll have to take all of us, every man, woman, child.  You must take every animal, plant, bug, every creature, feature, mountain, valley, ocean, sky, this whole world, the earth. By the time this day comes I will love it all and you just said, you PROMISED that all I love will be saved. So you must, by your own agreement, stop this destruction, as you can because you are God and save us all, from not only this day, but for all time, for eternity, and never, ever threaten to destroy us ever again.”

“‘Agreed” said God.

And so it is.

Love all completely, totally, unconditionally and all make it. For all who have been created, all souls are like pieces in a giant puzzle. Each play their part, are equally important, essential.  Each fit one into another, a puzzle complete only if all pieces are found, put together, united, connected. And if one piece of the puzzle is missing, that hole draws the eye to it and you can’t really see anything else but the hole. That is existence, the Universe. We are one giant puzzle and the whole is only complete with all of us in it.  We truly are ONE.