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2013 and Janet Kira Lessin and Theresa J Morris now share the Stargate Conferences planning with the ACE Nonprofit Inc. We will be preparing the Annual ACO Conference with the ACE Folklife Regional Directors. TJ Morris has the Alien ET UFO Organization will be sharing her friends and their books, ebooks, videos with others at the TJ Morris ACO Events with Janet Kira Lessin.

ACE Nonprofit Inc. Alien Civilizations Exist TJ Morris/Janet Lessin
ACE Nonprofit Inc.
Alien Civilizations Exist
TJ Morris/Janet Lessin
Janet Kira Lessin Director-Ascension Center Education-Maui, Hawaii USA
Janet Kira Lessin
Director-Ascension Center
Education-Maui, Hawaii
ACE Non Profit Inc
TJ Morris ACO
ACE Folklife Mediators ACE Nonprofit Inc
ACE Folklife

Taken Up in Ascension Age by TJ Morris
Ascension Age is of the Alien ET UFO Community created by the Supreme Beings for 2012 & Beyond
Alien ET UFO Community – TJ Morris ET Shares Stargate to the Cosmos 2012
TJ Morris “TAKEN UP” series is now about taking action in the present 3D in time.

Sharing the extraterrestrials experiences that mean so much to those who come as messengers to share those who are concerned about the sustainability of our species and planet is why TJ believes she has returned after death to this world.
TJ will be sharing the various levels and dimensions in our universal order inside the multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse as the 7 heavens in the cosmos. We will be learning more not just from the historical observations but those which are certainly co-created within ourselves which TJ calls the Essence Energy of our own spirits that are connected to our soul in another “Mirrored” place in space out in the cosmos. This observation is from her own experiences in levels of existence in space.
Those who have been observing how her own prophecies and visions have come true in the last five years are seeing that there is something to that which we create in our own minds. TJ shares that we are about to learn in neuro-science about brain training and how our brains work to the full extent as whole brain thinking. TJ has shared that we are now about left brain and right brain and we will be connecting new neurons to create the threads inside our own minds to become whole brained individuals with greater awakened awareness as a DNA changing species who are the caretakers of this planet.
There is more information to come in order that our best scholars at the PhD level can understand the new spiritual science of the ascension age. The world is changing while we uncover the prior history on earth which is being unearthed as we discover our past beginnings which were only thought to be myths. One thing we can do with each other is share communication of information online in cyberspace on the Internet, for instance; Google is now about “Don’t Be Evil!” This is now common knowledge of those who use the Cyberspace Browser and other features of the main search engine in cyberspace. We are tuning into the social networks which include Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and we have another main browser called Yahoo.
Bing is now using Yahoo as is ATT. Therefore for search engine optimization among web developers TJ wants everyone to know to be sure and learn about the webmaster tools available to all who have websites.
We are in the most exciting year of our lives which is 2012. The day December 21, 2012 at 11:11 universal time marks our future as time that creates a new beginning for us all!

TJ Morris also known as the UFO Digest Contributor for almost five years is sharing her voice as support of the Alien ET UFO Community in various ways including a new talk show on the radio. TJ will be sharing the future in 2013 with her friends in the Ascension Age who are interested in assisting in the new ways of sharing the future on the Internet Online in Cyberspace. TJ has followed the life of the Internet since the inception and has worked to share this remarkable communication of cosmology in various ways as an Ambassador of Goodwill with a message.
TJ’s consistent message has been that “Alien Civilizations Exist!” She calls this the ACE of 2012. TJ shares that we are about the change of our entire species on this planet and some of us are sharing the awakened awareness of our own soul’s purpose as spirit in this time as our mission.TJ has a history not only on earth but in space and is in this day and time called an Alien ET Hybrid. TJ has now realized she can assist others on this planet by sharing the ET after her own name as TJ Morris.
TJ has been asked to assist Janet Lessin of Maui, Hawaii, USA with co-creating the Stargate to the Cosmos Conference and Spiritual Symposium in 2012 for all those who may need to know what our Alien ET UFO Community is all about as Spiritual Science. We are going to ask various friends to join in a fun time with guides, teachers, life coaches, authors, web masters, tantra masters, avatar ascension masters, scientists, engineers, physicists, psychologists, historians, communication specialists, healers, physicians, and the new prepost ET insight meditation practitioners. We will share the efforts of those who access linguistic processing to preserve and protect from molecular degeneration of brain matter. We will share how best to choose our time that we share together on earth and what we shall co-create in the future of humankind on earth with those who came before as extraterrestrials.
We in the ACE Folklife Historical Society of Archivists on the Internet in Cyberspace have joined forces in an alliance with other organizations by sharing our similar interests with TJ Thurmond Morris, a contributor to UFO for almost five (5) years.TJ was born Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris in Monroe, Louisiana, USA. TJ is an experiencer with contact of those whom she calls Extraterrestrials as ET which we have learned about in various ways. TJ shared that in her life she has been visited as a child, teen, adult, parent, professional investigator, government employee, with family and friends, in various states in the United States. Theresa Janette now prefers to be called by her initials as TJ because it is easier to remember and type on the computers and iphones.

There are changes occurring in the future and TJ is one of the mover shakers who are welcoming the change. There are many people in the world and TJ has set about creating a new social network for those who are serious about knowing her and the ways of those who have given her a mission and task on earth called “ASCENSION CENTERS”. TJ now shares messages with her friends on the radio show which she has begun Thursday through Sunday at 8 PM on TJ is sharing in co-creations with others in the Alien ET UFO Community which is not only comprised of individuals but various small businesses of entrepreneurs coming together to co-create the Stargate to the Cosmos Conference and Spiritual Symposium to discuss their interests with those who may not be familiar with all that will change in the future. Stargate to the Cosmos will have speakers such as Stanton T. Friedman, Len Kasten, Janet Lessin, and Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin, PhD. Of Anthropology and Masters in Psychology and TJ.

If you are interested in promoting your books and becoming a speaker and giving a workshop please contact Stargate or let TJ know on her Radio show at 347-945-7207 7 central time or 8 eastern time. TJ welcomes speakers to participate in order to further sharing the awakened awareness of the synergy we are co-creating together. Everyone is invited. TJ has been a contributor to UFO Digest for 5 years Aug 7, 2012.,,,,,,,,,


TJ Morris, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio Host
Syndicated Columnist/Investigative Reporter
ACO Ascension Center Organization Founder 1990-92
ACE Nonprofit Inc Founding Director April 2013
ACE Folklife Founder

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