Paranormal TV Presents… : President Eisenhower Meets With The Aliens At

Published on Apr 27, 2012
Learn about this shocking story kept from the world for over 50 years from many of the actual people that lived it! This is NOT the incident often spoken about when people talk about Eisenhower meeting the Aliens at Edwards Air Force Base, but a different and far more documented one that happened at Holloman AFB. Lean how U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with Aliens in 1955 and how they may have saved us all from a Nuclear Holocost. UFO Researcher and Author ART CAMPBELL tells the amazing story.

DwiteTheSpriteKnight 1 week ago
I think we make some strange assumptions about extra terrestrials. Why assume that they could care less about meeting the US President? They might be far more interested in meeting someone who isn’t well known in any country.
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MrEdWeirdoShow 1 week ago
BTW, the “Electrician’s Daughter” tale sounds like a bit of a stretch, however. We all agree that the reference “Air Force 1” indeed did NOT exist publicly or privately until the term was coined by a JFK pilot in the early 1960s. So why was the electrician claiming in a 1989 letter that way back in 1955 he had to have the term “Air Force 1” explained to him? There wouldn’t be any such term for almost another 10 years.
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MrEdWeirdoShow 1 week ago
There was also a fourth president who became involved with ETs. It was FDR (in 1934) when Truman was his vice-president. The confusion regarding the “treaty” of 1954 is most probably due to the fact that it may have been a mere bolstering of the first treaty from 1934. Certainly all points in the 1954 agreement must have been successful, since the ETs were back in 1955 giving Ike his nice little UFO tour. BTW, don’t forget that back in the summer of 1952, the ETs had buzzed Ike’s white house!

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