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  Alien Contact Investigative Reports Contents ACIR ~ ACE FOLKLIFE TJ Morris ACO ACE Folklife Author & Books  Ghosts & Hauntings Myths & Legends Religion&Spirituality Supernatural&Mystical UFOLOGY & Ancient Alien Research       –  Book Reviews – ‘The Day After Roswell’                 Ascension Center Organization on Alien Contact Investigations Research (ACIR) Assured Confidential Investigative Reports ~ …

Ace Folklife

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Alien Contact Organization For Advisors Consultants Organizers By: TJ Morris  Copyright Page Alien Contact Organization Copyrights belong to Theresa J Morris ©2012 Publisher is TJ Morris Publishing ©Timely Manor Books Imprint ACO Associate Guides,Advisors, Consultants, Organizers Association by TJ Morris Printed by Website: ACO ~ Ascension Center Organization EBOOK # TJ Morris ACO …