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TJMorris ET, The Intention Call, Stargate to the Cosmos 08/20 by TJMorrisETradio | Blog Talk Radio

TJMorris ET, The Intention Call, Stargate to the Cosmos 08/20 by TJMorrisETradio | Blog Talk Radio
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Alien ET Spirit TJ Shares What Happens in Space to Evil EBEs
Submitted by Theresa J. Thur… On Mon, 03/28/2011 – 12:29
By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
In this article for UFO Digest, I am going to share some very sensitive information that some will believe is Confidential and should not be shared with the general public. Read to the end of this article and readers of the paranormal will see why. I am not one to write about negative and dark matter because I do not endorse it but it does exist.
Some of my best fans want me to write about Lilith and those who were of the monster type beings who once lived on earth. There are those that want to know of the dark and evil types so that they will not become like them.
There are some who like science fiction and some like scary monster movies.
I enjoy movies and I think it is a shame that so many people are pirating the movie industry. They are robbing us of our heritage. We should pay for the movies that are made and they are a form of entertainment. Some of what I write about seems like fiction and is not. I am going to share something because I need to get it out of me so I can feel better about being human.
Being Human is now a television show about a female ghost who lives with a male vampire and a male werewolf. These three archetype characters are in all of our personas. I have been asked to write about a whole list of paranormal topics of which I am entirely capable of doing. However, are my readers ready for the dark side of our human nature? I believe that this part of us is why we are here. To learn how to control that animalistic part of us.
Let me share some of what I know that those who do not believe as I do or understand as I do that we are all alien to this planet will possibly not want to know. Once you read this, see how it feels, then think about it. Then live with the thoughts for a week or two then try understanding how hard it is to be me with the knowledge that there is more to know and with the knowledge comes the responsibility of knowing and living a life with difference concepts and understandings on what it is really like being a humanoid on this planet.
We are all creating out own world with our own thoughts. We agree to participate under certain social rules based on our cultures and demographics. Some of us are going into the global community reach and learning to share what we know globally on the Internet. Some of what we may learn may well be parts of the future we do not want to know. We may learn to appreciate the Men in Black and being kept in the dark. What I am about to share is small compared to all that I presently know. I will learn to share more based on how well my readers and colleagues accept what I am about to share. Many people will tell you that this is more like what they expect from paranormal writers. Specially ones that say that they have died and came back from the dead or the other side like I have.
In addition, I have had a life full of UFO sightings and meeting EBEs. Now, I am going to begin a completely new chapter dealing with life in the fast lane of sharing not only the light side but also the dark side and let the chips fall where they may. Some may like me and some may hate me. I ask all those who have known me in the past, to please try to share being Lightworkers with me to hasten the work and yet, not necessarily allow the world to look through rose colored glasses only. We cannot have a utopian society because it is not the truth. We all know there is evil in the world.
Being a hybrid and knowing it is not easy. I know that I am different. I always thought that I wanted to be normal and one should ask why? I do now. I wonder why any child on earth should work so hard at fitting in and being popular in school. I also wonder why all my blood had to changed, filtered, or diseased where I could never give blood. I have many questions about being different that all points to being an alien hybrid. It is not easy now being 59 years old and approaching what should be when I am gearing up or down to retirement. I feel I am just beginning a new life to assist in the new world.
This may sound funny to most people that are in this world since I was born a White Anglo Saxon Protestant American. The acronym a WASP was once used as a positive and a derogatory title or tag of one’s position in life. We should not profile but ask anyone if they believe it is done based on obtaining jobs or work in the world and they will tell you that there are some who still do profile. The life classification as an American WASP is probably one of the more favored stereo types if one looks at profiling humanoids on earth. I know that our cultural differences are based on the continents and the countries and languages we speak separate us even more.
I learned from my past life experiences that the world is always changing as are the people and the cultures on earth. I also realized when I died that I agreed to come back to this planet to assist everyone and all others not just me and my own personal family. If anything, my personal family has suffered in ways that only they can share by knowing I was about other business than what they considered family business.
Being that I want to share the world with others and assist them, I will have to do this via the Internet online media press which I am able to obtain on a daily basis. I have websites and some prefer the blogs on blogger that I have. I am learning to share my world with others who desire to leave a book behind on earth. I want to share that this is one thing that will last forever.
I know that those above who are the intelligent sentient beings that are considered supreme enjoy our books and us. I believe that we are assigned guardian spirits or guardian angels to assist us from time to time when it seems like we are at our wits end. Most of us will turn to prayer to send out our thoughts for those in the ethers to assist us down here. I do too!
I also expect to receive answers and this is when we share our meditation time.
Writing about aliens, ET, UFOs, extraterrestrial biological entities and whether they can control the weather patterns. I am sure they can from the equipment that I have seen in the air. However, I want to believe that they will not interfere with that which happens naturally on earth.
I believe that the prime directive not to interfere with a young and primitive race of beings such as ourselves is still the main cause of why we do not have a full interaction occurring. I am like everyone else on earth. I wonder about why I am here, and yet I have the knowing that I am to make a difference here with the ascension center enlightenment plan of raising awareness of the shift and uplift of our minds working to become in tune with whole life living.
I know that we are to all begin to understand what it is about life on earth that makes us become more aware of learning and exploring with what gifts we are given to use while here on earth. We have our senses and it is my understanding that we are to learn to ascend from this life into the next.
We do this so we can become more than we are here on earth. I also know some things that are just too hard to put into words and explain now. I have knowledge but it is not for the sensitive and there has to be some time that is allowed to let everyone get a general feel and understanding of how life will be different as we accept more about ourselves. Too much change in a short period does make one seem imbalanced in the energy. This is why there are some who are trained then they train the trainers. The energy then trickles down and out over a vast area among the many and this will gradually change the whole climate of that which we call the global population.
I know it seems callous and unfair in some ways for some to know things that others do not. However, I have learned that once I got to certain levels and wanted to know more that some of the thinking I soon learned about I wish I had not found out about.
People may ask for instance. Okay now this is going to make some people disbelieve more than ever but I will share it. I am sure it is not time for most people but, I am going to throw it out there on UFO Digest so the colleagues I have who are also paranormal writers like me can absorb the thought patterns.
Some of the worst beings that cannot learn to be positive and get along with all the community and what we call society on earth will have to be trained in a much harsher way than we are now on earth. I have been taught this. Also, for those who are just what some call bad seeds, if they refuse to be rehabilitated into culture and society and become a giving part where they can progress into something much better than they are will be dealt with. How one might ask?
This is something that was very hard for me to grasp and it has taken literally years to understand.
I was taken to see a pen full of black dogs with huge eyes that looked at me as if they needed sympathy. They were well cared for and were fed and watered but there was something different. I had seen them over a period of weeks and would ask to go see them. The man in charge would always say no not today. I finally asked enough times that he finally walked me out in the yard way back from the road to visit these creatures. These were on earth and at the time were in Oklahoma. I was being trained in a class is the best way to describe this part of my life. The man was very sure that he did not want me close to the fence. I walked up anyway and many of them stayed back not barking at all. They did not bark and one came up towards me and just looked. I asked why he had them. He just said that was part of his job to keep them. I also asked why he said they were different than most and why he showed me fear about seeing them. He explained to me they were different and were bad they were not good.
Now over the years, these faces have bothered me. I somehow instinctively knew what he did not say but I later learned from another person about these dogs. They were humans that spirit had been transferred into these dogs. They would have to spend the rest of their human lives as dogs until the dog’s life ended. Since these beings above did not believe in killing a human, they would simply transfer the spirit into the dog and when the dog died of natural causes so would the human.
Now, this is going to sound very controversial and I know this. I probably should not share this with the public. However, there has come a time when we on earth need to realize that these extraterrestrials are like us and different in some ways. They may be our spiritual guides but they also have ways of dealing with those who are not able to conform to our life on earth. They also will bring their people down to earth where in some ways this is a prison planet. I have been asked many times since 1995 to share what I know. There are reasons in the past I did not share this type of knowledge. I have hinted at the truth and maybe even have slipped and written about this. I do not believe I have though.
I needed to write about something this week, and this has been making me very ill and I have been sick over knowing this and not wanting to share this but for some who know of evil people, murderers, and for some who are religious may know who they call sinners. Believe me when I say that these extraterrestrial beings above have allowed a way for all of us to become better at being those who would benefit other planets in space. If we are simply bad seed and will not change our own ways without own free will then there are ways we can be dealt with and without killing us direct.
This should give all those that want disclosure available to the entire population something to think about. Is this something that you are all ready to deal with? The truth may be coming over time but it may not all be positive. It may not be what we want to here. Love and Light. TJ
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