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2012 TJ Morris ET Shares Comments on UFO Digest for Dirk | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

2012 TJ Morris ET Shares Comments on UFO Digest for Dirk | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.:

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For the Record~ this is better than Housewives of Orange County
From: Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris
I Theresa Janette am assisting women to spread their wings.
I am sharing the words that I generated today to another writer who writes FREE on UFO for
I am TJ of United States of America
Fri, 07/27/2012 – 12:13 — TJ Morris
Hi Diane:
Okay maybe you better spell out to me what you think the game rules are?
To me I believe you are a beautiful passionate woman and I would love to get to know you.
Dirk and I had a game plan for he and I is all I am saying. I work for him free and he works for me free. We bartered so that we could play together in this game of life.
Diane, This level of trying to fix the working world with words is DIRKS’s TOY!
Not mine and he is the only one benefiting from you and I being a part of his toy.
I cannot see what he sees and you can’t either.
In my world on my toy I can see all the stats. I get to see how many people are reading what I am writing which makes it real to me.
I can’t see people on this flat screen when you are writing to me. I can’t see you. I don’t even know if you are real. I have your photo on here and you and I traded emails.
I thought you told me you don’t do Facebook? I am sorry but I don’t remember because I deal with so many websites, Facebook accounts, and social networking tools with people who say they love me and actually want to be my friends that I cannot possibly find time to answer comments. TO me it’s like a chat room and I don’t do chat rooms. I have people who manage my chat on the radio and are administrators of my pages on Facebook.
This place you have decided what can and can’t be written here makes no sense to me. I am not sure why you have time to play in a comment section but I am sure that Dirk appreciates you.
You keep writing about for your ego reasons and I will write for mine. We are all 7 billion traveling on the same planet headed in the same direction. We also are all the same because if we are here as a humanoid on earth we all have blue blood and when we are cut we bleed red. Other than that we all like to think we are different.
If you don’t like the words I server up using my own energy then don’t read them.
This is a place that is not real to me in my daily real life.
This is a virtual reality education laboratory in cyberspace that some of us have been working on in the government for many years.
We use it to share on other levels including allowing professionals to discuss business on Linked IN and not on an Ezine mine or Dirk’s or any other.
My job is to make the world a better place with health and prosperity for all.
I do this by sharing a level of my existence that is actually in another plane, realm, dimension, level in this Omniverse.
Let me break it down for you.
My existence in this world is only able to share with you because I allow my soul to manifest a part of me in spirit.
I am allowed to exist in the Omniverse. This Omniverse is where my soul is kept.
I send my spirit down through the Xenoverse of the unknown realm.
Inside the unknown realm is the Metaverse where I pass down to a lower realm with my ethereal existence.
I then travel through the Multiverse until I find the Universe.
I find the universe by locating through all the various branes where this particular galaxy is located which I locate as the twin to the larger one that people like you call the Andromeda Galaxy among the Galactics.
The Galactics are those who claim to know of the various lower levels of spirits playing in the humanoid existence together.
These are called by various names that the collective or energy that has decided to be here with their higher connections some call the God and or Goddess in themselves has materialized their astral selves inside their physical selves.
Now, in this “GAME OF LIFE” we are all playing at this level, we then decide which part of us wants to be our GUIDE and which part wants to be our ANGEL and some in the PAGAN PROGRAM actually will begin sharing what they read and practice as a belief system much like the CHRISTIANS, MUSLIMS, BUDDHISTS and all other world religions do. These programs allow us to become connected and segregated into what those in the world where I share with others in the higher realms known as the CIA on earth share as the Central Intelligence Agency on earth. We also have the National Security Council and other Sorting Groups that some of us have made up in order to analyze the spirits in a level we call a playing field.
This playing field which we created was decided to allow experiences for various sort groups to learn how to communicate with each other.
This world has been separated in the past due to logistics. This world has been set up to be a place where those in the universes who play a game of light and dark, good and bad, have divided themselves up to either take advantage of the younger spirits or to protect the younger spirits who have come to earth by choice or have fallen to earth because the flunked out of a higher level of existence.
The reality of who I am and where I have been in the various levels of my spirit which comes and goes in the astral, spiritual realms allows me to come back to this body after I died.
I was sharing my link for your convenience.
This land where you presently located is governed by rules and regulations.
They are similar to Canada’s but not the same. I personally work in America called the United States of America where you live.
We are broken down into sub-groups and sub-cultures in this world. I personally am involved in the Game of Life working in a position of American Culture International Relations by choice to share in a position called a Global Ambassador of Goodwill.
I do not have the time to play in chat rooms and comment boxes on my computer.
My message is powerful enough in this world that I have people who connect to me all over the world and people like Dirk and I can see all these people by their location every time they come to our websites.
People like Dirk and I who are entrepreneurs who are also in the business to assist others in the social networking world of which we are creating help others in various categories.
What placed a man from Canada a position to know a woman in America is all that most people in the intelligence world care about. They do not care about what we write.
We can write anything we want to share with all these people that come and hit or ping our websites which make others who care about such trivial things care about our websites. That is the level and game that Dirk and I are playing.
If you want to play then learn about how too!
Those who are reading what we write may have nothing better to do with their lives.
You and I are providing content for them to read that is what makes us writers.
Because you are not me and I am not you, we only have time for each other because Dirk made it possible.
I am sharing at higher levels with other women who are actually coming together in various associations and organizations to plan the future for this planet.
We are working in sustainability of planet and species and spending time creating conferences so we can promote those whom we want to play the game of life with in the new paradigm which I call the Ascension Age.
The New Age got us here where we are today and this website is only one of millions which are watched by all our governments around the world as products and what services we offer nothing more. We are not changing the world on one Ezine like this one
I bothered to share with you because I know your heart is in the right place and you have time to share yourself here.
If you don’t like what I write for Dirk and Not you then you don’t have to read it.
I think of you just like everyone else who is not Dirk. I only write for DIRK and not you. If that hurts your feelings then I apologize.
If Dirk doesn’t like my choice or style of writing then he should tell me so.
Other than Dirk I am busy writing at various levels for various people and this place is only one place I share for people in a general since when I feel like it.
We cannot know who are targeted audience is. You have no idea who is reading this but DIRK does. When others write on our websites those who understand how to get to our statistics can see who is writing to us based on their tool and their location. This provides us information. If Dirk didn’t think I was helping him out to accomplish his goal then he probably would not publish my articles.
Just because someone provides you with a link does not mean they are advertising.
Just like you think you are helping me and others to be more educated about what you think should be written so you can understand it does not mean that I am not writing to others who you have no idea who I am targeting as my audience.
For all you know I could be writing in a code to another person in another country and they have the code book or what we call “FUNNY PAPERS” so they can choose the words as a message. This is the type of information that those on the level where you think and exist do not think and exist. Those of us who do don’t normally play with others in this level and some who know what you are thinking and doing in the USA find you very amusing just like me.
We are simply CONTENT PROVIDERS nothing more!
TJ Morris, Author-Entrepreneur-Speaker-Intuitive Personal Consultant, Organizer,, Barnes&Noble,lulu,AscensionCenterOrg,TJMorrisET,ACO Corp,TJMorrisPublishing,Allied Council Intergalactic Research,ACIR
The place we call our world is shared among AUTHORS and we choose which players we allow in our own life story! This BOOK is the GAME OF LIFE and we are only the players in another’s GAME since we know we did not create the world.
I cannot break it down any more than that. You exist because a part of you chooses to exist.
Just like you choose to make a comment in Dirk’s Work called UFO Digest makes him the God of his work and world, and YOU and I merely the players in it.
The words we write are content and that is all in this game that DIRK pays someone to play in.
Dirk and I pay to play or we cannot get into CYBERSPACE.
YOU pay something to someone to write FREE. What are you promoting by writing?
TJ Morris, Author-Entrepreneur-Speaker-Intuitive Personal Consultant, Organizer,, Barnes&Noble,lulu,AscensionCenterOrg,TJMorrisET,ACO Corp,TJMorrisPublishing,Allied Council Intergalactic Research,ACIR


TJ Morris, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio Host
Syndicated Columnist/Investigative Reporter
ACO Ascension Center Organization Founder 1990-92
ACE Nonprofit Inc Founding Director April 2013
ACE Folklife Founder

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