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TJ Morris ET ~ ACIR VREL PROJECT | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

TJ Morris ET ~ ACIR VREL PROJECT | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.:

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We in the humanoid sentient intelligent being species have various levels of education and study.
We as Authors, Copywriters, and Editors as ACE have a responsibility to assist those who desire to befriend us and want to share what we know as our truth.
We as human beings have taken action in the world to separate what we believe fiction from non-fiction in the past.
During this time on this planet when the various levels in space are changing and in the virtual reality world of education of people who research the levels of time and energy in space dealing with how the world perceives what are imprinted into the critical mass population called the greater good, we have words we use.
We use words in what we call communication.
There is a need for some of us educators, counselors, deans of higher education to come together to re-write that which has been offered in the past in our world of academia and/or schools we offer everyone.
This is A time on earth when those of us in certain tribes such as the MOPS TRIBE and the ACE TRIBE come together as once in order to get to B time.
Logistics is involved so that we can get to where we are going.
Every good path has a road map and we are all on a journey to the awakened awareness of who we each are as an individual microcosm inside the outer circle of our own existence we share with others in what we now call reality.
One of my jobs on this planet as an Avatar Master of the Prior Ancient Agashan Teachers and the White Brotherhood and the Ancient Mystery Schools including the ancient teachings of the Book of the Dead, The Emerald Tables, the Nag Hammadi Texts, the ancient codex’s, codicils, and tablets is to learn to combine all past logic, reasoning, philosophy-science into a form of study so that others can devise their own plan on the road less traveled.
The journey we all take in the physical world also includes a part in the non-physical world which in most cases in thought of as another dimension.
We are now going to teach about the other ways to open the rooms of the mind that are through of in the physical world as the matrix of the X-files and have been shared among our best writers of the past.
In the past we have thought of our best virtual reality (VR) writers as those who in the past we classified as folklorists and science fiction writers.\
We have enjoyed in America our technology that allowed us not only jobs to keep us in the style to which each of our chosen mind’s lifestyles became accustomed to existing in as in a “LINEAR LIFESTYLE”.
One of my jobs that I am co-creating for myself on earth in the present time that I have left in the physical reality is to serve those in the higher realms in what we call the “VERTICAL LIFESTYLE”.
Just as we have those whom we choose to know on earth as other humanoid sentient intelligent beings sharing the existence on this planet, there are those of us in other physical worlds that choose our friends carefully.
In the coming time I have on earth, I will be devising with others who are considered Master Teachers on this planet and some are called Ascended Masters, we will be taking what in the past has been written and combining their education with that of the present way of thinking for those who are to come to this planet in the future.
I want to explain that much of what we are now dealing with is in cyberspace and even in the working world of what we call the Akashic Field of the everything we need interpreters which we call Oracles.
I just happen to be the Oracle of this Cyberspace that some call the “Keeper of the Flame!” This is only one title that has been used in the past in folklore and in words we write about those who from the heavens came who elected messengers whom they had vetted at the soul level and whom they could trust.
Trust is now not only about learning but faith. There are a lot of people on earth who will not want to understand trust. TRUST has now come into play in this “GAME OF LIFE”.
We of the Ancient Wisdom Schools have set apart 33 levels in various schools to teach the world about wisdom. Some will not want to know how those educators in the past worked their way of the Virtual Ladder of reality that some in the past in times of the biblical scholars called “JACOBS LADDER”. We are also utilizing all the terms of service on this planet which some can react to as “METAPHYSICS”. I am the founder for the ASCENSION CENTER ORGANIZATION of the Spiritual Intellectuals known as the Supreme High Council who work in the Higher Supreme Court.
Our Supreme Court of the United States of America is a MINI-ME VERSION of the ET Supreme Court
So, please as anyone who knows me as Theresa in the spiritual working world or TJ in the metaphysical working world, know that there is hope for the future and I am recruiting other spiritual intellectual thinking people to work with me in the future which will turn into a mode of support for all who join me.
Some may say that this is TJ simply looking for souls. I say that this is me Theresa looking to build a new way of seeing things that can combine all our efforts as Co-creators. Who is with me?
Now is the time for all good working people to come to the aid of their country. I will now set out to share in the ways that we can Co-create a working world for all to survive including those who have positions in the present old working world paradigm.
Most of you who know of this time in place and space has been set a part by those who came before as the time on earth as the year of change.
We are now in the working world of 2012 and I will be writing the book of chance which I have already written one called Ascension Age 2012 & beyond to give lesson 101 on how I got to the present.
I will continue to write however that does not mean that people in turn will want to read! This is the point. I will share what I write with those who want to know what I know as a “VERTICAL BEING OF THE ASCENSION AGE”. I am a TJ MORRIS, ET ~ Alien ET Hybrid.
We are all doing the best we can to survive through these last days on earth prior to the date 12-21-12.
The whole world then resets in time with our calendars and we will begin again in what I call the Anew New working world of the ASCENSION AGE.
Those who desire to join me on my “SOUL QUEST JOURNEY” are welcome to stay and meet me on earth at the “STARGATE TO THE COSMOS” at our “MEET AND GREETS”.
TJ MORRIS ET ACIR welcoming all who desire to join me in the VREL.
Identify suitable applications of virtual reality in education and training
Gather information on educational applications of virtual reality throughout the world
Examine impact of virtual reality on education and training
Disseminate information as broadly as possible

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TJ Morris, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio Host
Syndicated Columnist/Investigative Reporter
ACO Ascension Center Organization Founder 1990-92
ACE Nonprofit Inc Founding Director April 2013
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