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To all those who are business friends of mine: Hello this is TJ Morris aka Theresa J Morris. Back when I decided to begin a business in my own name it was because I was told to do so because I should own my own name. I bought the DOMAIN name from I kept it with a website for a long time, and one day I lost track of when to renew the name. I appreciate all the emails I get from my fans because I am an Author. However, after a few years I was swamped with thousands of emails. I lost track of checking emails and just had too many to worry about and I got busy doing other things. I lost the notice to renew my name and consequently Go Daddy put it up for sale and I called back in and the first time I bid $20.00 and got it.However, they didn’t post the $20 to myaccount name or I left out a step but however it happened I lost it again and never knew why so someone obtained it and now they want $20K for it. I am not going to pay twenty thousand dollars for my own name which I owned myself and built up years of goodwill towards. So, there is more ways to become known in business so I bought my legal name Theresa J Morris and I also use other websites under my business name so now I simply keep up with all my various projects and will purchase a domain name for each of my projects such as my magazines or blogs. I have many eclectic special interest groups in vicarious genres and categories. Since, I love to have fun and writing and blogging was a hobby I am working at turning into a profession, I am adding my Fun hobbies with my interest in PEOPLE who are into the SOCIAL PARANORMAL WORKING WORLD on the INTERNET. So, for those who want to know what I am personally about~ Well, I am about having FUN! How I have fun is I MEET PEOPLE IN who I can find similar interests with and those are usually in some organization that I belong too! I LOVE PEOPLE and I LOVE SOCIAL NETWORKING! I am now about assisting other’s organizations and causes while I am becoming their publicist in many ways. I enjoy writing so I choose to write in my daily life while I surf the Internet as a WRITER and RESEARCHER. If someone chooses to HIRE me to Copy Write for them then they can do this through my SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP which is called TJMorrisPublishing and this is now on a website as TJ MORRIS PUBLISHING on two websites. 1. TJMorrisPublishing.NET with 2. with WHY TWO DOMAINS in TWO COMPANIES? I am in the process of FILING A CORPORATION to do what I do best and that is PROMOTE ENTREPRENEURS, ORGANIZATIONS, ASSOCIATIONS in the GLOBAL TECTONIC ECONOMICS of the FUTURE in the GLOBAL TRADE & COMMERCE from my home in the USA! It you like me then you can become a friend and it is that simple! If you want to work with me in business and make $$ then HIRE ME! My TIME is my own and we all have the same 24 hours in a DAY! MY TIME has been the same PRICE $ 5 K a PROJECT since 1978 when I went into business as ACIR. The government seemed to set the price for me and my husband Thomas R. Morris who is also an AUTHOR. IF YOU WANT TO JOIN ME IN MY AUTHORS TEAM then we can SHARE in PACKAGING your PROJECTS at TIMELY MANOR BOOKS which is the name my mother liked out of all the names I have ever had. This was the LEGACY she left me as a PUBLISHER! I don’t have much time on earth so I share my time with friends and they now realize I have no time to do PSYCHIC SOUL READINGS anymore for ONE on ONE so I have to do BUSINESS 2 BUSINESS and now only SUPPORT ENREPRENEURS in BUSINESS! So, if you want to know me the best way too is to hire me as your LIFE COACH! I am forming a new PRIVATE CLUB called ACE FOLKLIFE Historical Society which has been free since 2006 when I began it. I ALSO HAVE AMERICAN NEWS MAGAZINE which is for ACE FOLKLIFE MEMBERS and my FRIENDS who want to have me PROMOTE their business as their PUBLICIST! I am known as an Ambassador of Goodwill for the USA and have been so since MY 1967 when my photograph was published in the Houston Chronicle when it said I was on my way to Washington D.C. I NOW WORK WITH ACIR and CI in American Culture International Relations and American Consumers International Relations. THE ACIR can stand for many things but since 1967 I have been for the security, safety, and protection of people, places, and things in my own country of the United States of America. I even joined the U.S. NAVY Reserves and later the DOD DON which contract was later bought by another government agency so I could do PR work for our government. I later became an Investigator and Investigative Reporter. LIFE has been good to me and I thought I was retired after I received disability for a truck accident that broke my neck and back and I had to learn to talk and walk all over again with out a hump back looking like I had a monkey stride all bent over in 2003. Now, I can walk straight up but still have chronic pain that I live with in my neck and back but I can sit a while and stand a while so I alternate but my sciatic nerve kicks in after the swelling due to whatever plus spinal stenosis. This does not keep me from working on the INTERNET so I am learning to assist others with their own BUSINESS VENTURES with my skills in MARKETING AND PROMOTIONS of various ENTREPRENEURS and their PROJECTS. In the past I represented musicians since I married one in 1967 and was with Gerlach Entertainment Agency in Houston, Texas. I now represent Authors, Creators, Entrepreneurs and am accepting a NEW GROUP of LIFE COACHES and SOCIAL PARANORMAL COMPANIES AND NETWORKS in the NEW SOCIAL MEDIA GROUPS. If you want to talk to me I HAVE A TALK ACTION GROUP AND A TALK THERAPY GROUP for my MYSTICS ORACLES PSYCHICS SAGES SEERS SHAMAN as MOPS. If you ARE NOT IN MOPS then one must have a business to talk to me involved with me in ACO which I promote COPS.


TJ Morris, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio Host
Syndicated Columnist/Investigative Reporter
ACO Ascension Center Organization Founder 1990-92
ACE Nonprofit Inc Founding Director April 2013
ACE Folklife Founder

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