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Alien Contact Organization forming in 2012
Status message Article Alien Contact Organization forming in 2012 has been updated.
By TJ Morris – 7 min 52 sec ago



By: TJ Morris

Over the period of this plan, we aim to recruit more members, supporters,
donors and sponsors to help us achieve change and deliver services to
the world’s consumers. Our aim is to minimize inequalities in consumer
protection, increase sources of advice and information, and give more
consumers access to the help they need. We shall share our programs which we
co-create together utilizing our veterans who are vetted to work in the 3D
physical realm. We recognize that each sub-culture with similar interests
prefer to focus on their own core focus of their social network tribe.
However, in order to best serve the global community it has come to the attention
TJ Morris ACIR that the groups which she has begun to form as
Alien Contact Investigations Research with Anew News Magazine and
Alien Contact Organization with American News Magazine will require infrastructure.
Therefore, TJ has decided to share her administrative leadership skills in writing.
However, her higher guide which allows her to research what can be used that has
Already been shared in her new developing global tectonic economics plan known
As the TJ Morris Project can use much of her team which was born in her same era
Called the Baby Boomers from 1946 through 1966 which is now reaching in 2012 the age
of retirement. TJ will be recruiting all those who desire to assist as volunteer
coordinators and advisers. TJ will be creating with her friends and colleagues a new
way to understand that which in the past was not packaged together to understand
based on our past for the present to design our future. In sharing with her friends as
peers TJ has proposed the Ascension Age of Communication and the Golden Age
of Cosmology to work together in her TJ Morris ACIR Project as a bridge to the
future. In creating this bridge of understanding to the future with her friends, the
cutting edge updates will be explained at an international assemble conference
annually. The information can then be disbursed among her members in her
project along with her friends which are her team of corridor creating coordinators
to develop an innovative, efficient and sustainable membership organization to
support a 21st Century communication club dealing with other associations and
organizations which are also concerned in the sustainability of planet and species.
American Consumer International Rights movement is building our
operational strength in the Ascension Age of Communication
as the Golden Age of Cosmology with TJ Morris ACIR.
Over this strategic period we will:
• Provide our members with access to the
great wealth of knowledge, expertise and
experience that our movement has attained
over the past with a focus since 1935 on our timeline
from space.
Tj’s mother Theresa Mae Bolton Thurmond Thomas
left the legacy to TJ to remind us that
“We are ALL the AUTHOR of our own LIFE story.”
We can work with
various associations and organizations to
strengthen the capacity of a limited
number of members to ensure that the
international movement has strong
consumer representation.
We can design our strategy solution to work with
Those interested in Global Tectonic Economics
Strategically while concentrating on
important parts of the world – creating
a more universally safe and sustainable
marketplace for all consumers.
To assist this process we will recruit members:
1.            Help members to help themselves, providing
guidance on fund raising, sharing success
stories, offering training where appropriate
and working together on priority issues.
2.            Develop a set of training materials,
guidance, briefings, techniques and toolkits,
and make it available to all our members.
3.            Establish a clear case for support, engaging
members, supporters, donors and funders
to deliver real change to the lives of
consumers in every part of the world.
4.            Create more opportunity for member
involvement through advance planning,
reporting and the creation of expert
programs steering groups.
5.            Make effective use of social media, video
and web conferencing to strengthen our
relations with members and maximize the
use of modern communications to achieve
We will be sharing booklets and pamphlets in
and ACE CONFERENCES including the 2012 Intro
Stargate to Atlantis Conference to be held
by members of various International Organizations.
We as ACO are an alliance with a strategic plan
for Global Tectonic Economics.
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