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Ascension Center Organization is a Community of Practicing Skills not unlike that of those in the past who followed others with similar thoughts while living on earth.

We are those who are recreating as Co-creators with the modern version with our own connections to the source as Co-Creators with our contact of the Extraterrestrials and the Supreme Beings of the hierarchy in the cosmos.

We honor the seven levels as the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse.

We study spiritual science as well as the future that we call the Ascension Age as the Golden Age of Cosmology.
This is not unlike the ACE FOLKLIFE history which we recognize the great works of those who desire to follow a history of etymology, ethnology, anthropology, and anthroposophy. For instance read the below history that has already been written.
We are also on a quest to know more about our spiritual journey of immortality of our higher consciousness that we believe we take with us attached to our spirit that returns to our soul self as the original creation of our energy as spirit that returns to our Oversoul essence and our twin as in quantum entanglement of the Quantum Physics which involves the future of Mbranes and String Theory.
A major task facing humanity as it moves into the new millennium is that of uniting spiritual and practical life.
In the Middle Ages the time of Christendom science, art, religion, and society were still to a great extent united. Untold monks and nuns labored and loved mightily for the sake of God and the world. Their lives of prayer and devotion, centered on the Eucharist, kept the interior flame of worship burning brightly. Radiating outward, the spiritual consequences of their steadfastness resonated throughout the landscape, impregnating villages, towns, and cities with a sense of the divine presence in the world. At this time, too, great cathedrals and humble churches alike filled ordinary people with the understanding that every aspect of life participated in God’s purpose. Scholars, philosophers, scientists, and crafts people all of whom contributed to the creation of a sacramental vision of the world in which each thing and every human act were imbued with spiritual significance gathered around these Houses of the Spirit, amplifying its effectiveness.
This pervasive sense of the sacred also existed in earlier, pre-Christian times, when the priests and hierophants of the ancient Mystery Centers and Temples coordinated human culture in a way that permitted the spirit to realize itself in the manner appropriate to the moment. But, with the rise of the Modern Age, a powerful cleft was driven between human beings, nature, and the divine. We may call the process “secularization.” Religion and spiritual life became increasingly marginalized. Instead of spiritual realities, human beings pursued this-worldly ends, such as comfort and wealth. Thus, gradually, the thread connecting saints and esoteric masters with the general life of humanity was broken; meaning fragmented; and the sacramental relation of human beings to each other and the cosmos ceased to function. Materialism in its many guises (Positivism, Darwinism, Marxism etc.) now became the guiding principle in science and society. Religion and culture-religion and the state were separated and spiritual; religious life became a question of individual responsibility.
This was a heavy burden to bear for individuals who had not only to create a spiritual life for themselves, but increasingly had to do so in opposition to the very quarters from which help might have been expected. For, as society plunged into materialism, the Churches, not wishing to be left out, joined willingly in the descent. There were, of course, exceptions to this tendency, but such generally was the situation at the beginning of the twentieth century when Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) began to teach, initially under the auspices of the Theosophical Society.
As a natural clairvoyant, of great spiritual gifts, Steiner began his journey by assimilating the best of what the culture of his time had to offer. He chose for himself a scientific-technical education. At the same time, realizing the need to transform our present consciousness so that it might become a vehicle of spiritual knowledge, he undertook a phenomenological study of the processes by which we come to know what is called ‘epistemology.’ Up against the pervasive influence of the philosopher Kant, who maintained that we could never truly know anything in itself but only our own forms of thought, Steiner knew from his own experience as a free spiritual being that the possibility of brain-free thinking lay within the capacity of human beings who thus could know truly and fully the world’s actual spiritual reality. In two central early works Truth and Knowledge [TK] and Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path [originally, The Philosophy of Freedom and then in America, The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity (PSA)] he laid the ground for what he would accomplish in the future. He was greatly helped in this work of preparation by prolonged study and meditation on the scientific works of Goethe, which he was asked to edit for a new edition of the Complete Works the Kurschner “Deutschen Nationalliterature” edition. From this, too, a series of fundamental, groundbreaking texts resulted [Goethean Science (GS), Goethean World View (GWV) and The Science of Knowing(SK)].

During this period, though already initiated into his spiritual task, Steiner was still very much a free thinker of his time. Then, as he wrote in his autobiography in the original English translation The Course of My Life (CML), now Autobiography, Chapters in the Course of My Life: 1861-1907/Rudolf Steiner (AUTO), “shortly before the turn of the century,” a profound experience was given to him: an experience that “culminated in my standing in the spiritual presence of the Mystery of Golgotha in a most profound and solemn festival of knowledge.” This experience marked a call. Shortly thereafter, he left the literary and philosophical world of letters and joined his destiny to the movement for the renewal of spiritual knowledge in our time.

The tasks lying before him were manifold. In order to undertake them, he realized that, acting wholly and freely out of the spirit, he would also have to connect himself horizontally with the various traditions flowing together to herald the possibility of a “new age of light.”

He linked himself first to the Theosophical Society founded by H. P. Blavatsky, becoming the secretary of the German Section. From the very beginning, he made complete independence and autonomy the condition of his taking on this task. Thus, as an independent spiritual teacher, working within the Theosophical Society, Steiner began to lecture freely from his own experience on spiritual matters. At the same time, he began to work more esoterically transforming the legacy of masonic, hermetic, and esoteric students. From this period (1904-1910) date what would become the basic texts of Anthroposophy currently in English translation Christianity as Mystical Fact (CMF) in 1902, How to Know Higher Worlds (HKHW) Theosophy (THSY) and Outline of Esoteric Science (OES) and the previously published Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path (ITSP) in 1894. But Anthroposophy itself, under that name, would not arise as a separate, independent spiritual movement until 1913 when, as result of the controversy surrounding the young Krishnamurti (whether he was, or was not, the reincarnation of Christ [Steiner himself denying such]) Steiner split permanently from the Adyar theosophists.

From the beginning, Steiner saw his task as the rescue of humanity from materialism and secularism. He knew that for evolution the divine work of the Gods to continue in an organic, healthy, direction, the world and human beings which are essentially not two, but one must once again be seen and lived as the profound spiritual reality they are. The task of Anthroposophy, he recognized, could not proceed piecemeal, but called for a renewal of culture as a whole: a bringing together of science, religion, and art in sacred unity. It was in this sense that Steiner described the work of Anthroposophy as the renewal of ancient Mysteries. But renewal here does not mean repetition. The old must die away for the new to come into being. But it cannot simply be replaced by something already known, no matter how illustrious or well tested. Rather, something new must be created. But such a new revelation can no longer be received passively from the Gods, as was the case in previous epochs. It must now be created by, in, and through human beings.
TAKEN UP by TJ – ALIENS & UFOS – A series to become a book and a Part of Us!

By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris first shared on… – 1 year 8 months ago
Extraterrestrial Spirit Secrets – A Part of US!
By Theresa J Thurmond Morris
“This is the story of who I see as the ones that keep our secrets. We all have secrets. Some secrets we keep and some secrets are kept from us!” TJ
This is the story that follows the same path as that of the novel by Thomas H. Cook that is based on the series created by Leslie Bohem. This is my story that follows the SCI FI Channel television event, which was produced by Steven Spielberg that captured our hearts about a little girl named Allie. The story of Taken, a Dell Book, published by Dell Publishing, Random House, in New York, New York is a work of fiction, with the names, characters, places, and incidents entirely coincidental. I shall share my story and let the same standard paragraph remain.
This is how many of our secrets in life are shared when the truth is known to be too dangerous to tell. We create stories and some become legends and myths to be passed down through our lives as ancient folklore. When I look back at my life, there is a thread of truth that is always a part of me and I call this my spirit. What this new book is about is how my spirit was joined with another’s, my extraterrestrials spirit.
This is a story about life on earth with extraterrestrials while knowing that alien civilizations exist. I shall share my adventure as a writer in articles to be shared on my websites and with a friend of mine who I have grown fond of named Dirk Vander Ploeg of Canada. Dirk has remained consistent and constant in my life and we now have three years behind us. I first decided to begin sharing a part of me that was so secret that I began with a simple short article and mentioned my knowledge through my knowledge of my husband working at NASA. Therefore, I shall begin this story as a teenager. For those who want to connect the story line of the character Allie to me as Jan and Ginger, simply know that though the names of the characters change the story line is similar and can continue through this story that resembles where Taken – Allie left off in Lubbock, Texas where part of my earth family lives now.
We begin the story where Allie has left Texas in a UFO spacecraft and will return near Los Alamos, and Roswell, New Mexico in the White Sands Missile Range area but placed in the White Sand Dunes of the White Sands National Park where she can easily begin another life with her earth relatives of her royal blood line.
Our Allie is Allyson Janette Clark who will become involved with the Thomas and Morris families while on earth. Allyson will be called Jan by the Thomas family although known as Ginger in high school in Texas for a reason. Through her life she will use many names as a messenger of God as one who is asked to share in both her space family and her earth family. This story is about the secrets that are kept and shared through her life up to the point that she actually becomes a writer for UFO Digest anticipating the year 2012 with her mission almost completed as that called the Ascension Center for enlightenment for the Ascension Age.
A Historical Novelization
By: Theresa J Thurmond Morris
A Series written for a television event or movie with the 2012 awakening in mind
Allyson Janette Clark was awakened from her childhood dreams. She was lying at the top of a white sand dune and looked down below in a hidden trench where she saw a silver boomerang shaped spacecraft. Allie looked around to get a panoramic view of her location. She could see the man she had grown to love as her Dad who could take on the image of a human although she was allowed on the spacecraft to know him as he truly appears.
He had taught her about all that is a part of her in space. Allie was a child conceived in a tunnel of light and on earth is called a star child. She was conceived like all others in space as a star baby. Star babies are also called alien hybrids on earth because they are part alien and part human.
There is a way that Allie’s extraterrestrial family had taught her that humans could be conceived in space in the tunnel of light by earth parents who were star seeded themselves. Allie had learned a lot and knew that she had been in space for a very long time for many earth years but while in space, time does not progress like on earth. While in space, a human will spend one day and yet on earth, it is only one minute or that is how it was explained to her.
Allie had learned what is considered time travel. She had memories of one set of her earth parents who had lived before her time this time and one who had lived afterwards up to the time of 1993. She was told it was best if she come back to the year 1960 this time to assist with the uplifting of humankind and to assist her human half begin to be interested in space and learning to become aware of others that exist in space. Allie agreed and had some memories intact and some, which she agreed, would be veiled or forgotten in a way to allow her to adapt to becoming more like her earth family.
Allie was watching her space friends who were leaving and watching her intently as the ramp at the bottom of the door opening was being retracted. In a way, she hated to see them go but inside she knew they were never far away. All she had to do was think about them and the part of her that was like them would know that she was sending out a beacon of energy like a phone call or what in the future would be anyway. Allie knew a lot about the future and what in space could be used on earth but also knew that change had to be introduced gradually.
Allie was beyond her years in time and she was still a little girl according to the standard of her space family. Therefore, when coming to earth it was still best to be perceived as a young spirit growing up on earth. This was how it always is and not just for her but always for one who decides to take on the challenges of assisting another younger sentient intelligent being species learn to adapt to life on a new planet. Earth was a relatively young planet and the humanoids that were born on earth were all spending time in a world created by them as one critical mass conscious way of thinking about themselves.
While Allie was smart and intelligent about life in space she was on a learning curve while on earth and had to learn about how life and living was conducted. Like everyone else on earth Allie had to learn to adapt with the shadow of the veil left down of her past lives.
Allie knew there was some unity in diversity of the various types of humanoid families in space and that many of their children were now on earth. There seemed to be diversity in their cultures and traditions from space as well as their social and moral teachings. The earth had not reached a system of global governance but Allie was told it would be within her lifetime this time on earth.
Allie was taught that there was no religion on earth that could fulfill everyone’s desires from their home planets in space and that there had been many teachers also known as profits, mystics, sages, shamans, and oracles that have come close to knowing the truth in space above for themselves. Some have even tried to reach out through the centuries to create growth and expansion and some on earth today come close to betterment of the world by accepting that the earth is but one planet and everyone was but one race as a global intelligent being species.
Allie knew that someday she would learn to somehow get more of the information of her space family out to create a type of membership about ascension. Ascension would be the word that everyone could understand about raising awareness and uplifting of virtually every nation, ethnic group, class, profession, and social or economic class. Allie knew she was simply a new and modern messenger sent by God to share the Ascension Center enlightenment of the coming Ascension Age to begin on her birthday December 26, which is considered the day after Christmas in the earth year 2012. She was part of the earth family and the space family and the two would become one.
(To be continued as a series that will become the first in a book.) Love and Light TJ


TJ Morris, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio Host
Syndicated Columnist/Investigative Reporter
ACO Ascension Center Organization Founder 1990-92
ACE Nonprofit Inc Founding Director April 2013
ACE Folklife Founder

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