Ascension Age Awakening Awareness 2012 & Beyond – Soul’s Journey – Self Help Activation

Ascension Age Awakening Awareness 2012 & Beyond – Soul’s Journey – Self Help Activation

Alien ET UFO Community Communication
We are going to now share more ways to explore our expectations of self-doubt and others.
We all exist for reawakening that which was recognition of our soul’s core expressing our existence. This is the Ascension Age.
Benefits of DNA activation can range from allergy relief and increased
energy to better relationships and renewed life purpose. Since DNA
regulates all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our
being,the possibilities are endless!
?We may share our lessons in life and we may even have some of the same spiritual guides on this planet in this plane, dimension, and realm of existence. We can create our shared reality in this time and space. Space/Time is in some ways an illusion of our own collective of our body-mind-spirits while we are here having a shared birth-life-death experience as the children of our ET creators. We are here to learn, explore, and become educated about our Ascension Centers of our souls. Our souls are what we consist of in the higher realms and they were created first before we were sent here as only one spiritual partition of our soul selves. This is known in higher realms of those above we call extraterrestrials or ET. They will play back our accomplishments to each of us when we leave this world, level, plane, dimension. We share this dimension, level, realm also called our DLR in space. We are actually light beings also known as starseeds that include being created from star dust. We are beginning to share our words and information.
According to instructions shared with the avatar masters who are the students of the Archangel Metatron, some of the benefits include:


Everyone has an aura. Everyone has already seen or experienced the auric fields of others. The problem is that most people ignore the experience or chalk it up to something that it is not.
Mystics from all parts of the world speak of seeing lights around people’s heads, but you do not have to be a mystic to see the aura. Anyone can learn to see and experience the aura more effectively. There is nothing magical about the process. It involves recognizing it for what it is and not ignoring the experience. It simply involves a little understanding, time, practice and perseverance.
Children are very good at seeing and experiencing the aura. Those experiences are often translated into their drawings. Around the figures, they will shade in unusual and different colors. These colors often reflect the subtle energies they have observed around what they are drawing.
Have You Experienced the Auric Energy Field?

1. When you are around some people do you feel drained?
2. Do you associate certain colors with people? ?(For example, “You always     seem like a yellow person to      me.”)
3. Have you ever felt when someone was staring at you?
4. Have you ever been able to sense how someone is feeling, in spite of how this person was acting?
5. Do certain sounds, colors and fragrances make you feel more comfortable or uncomfortable?
6. Do you find that some people excite or energize you more than others?
7. Are some rooms more comfortable and enjoyable to be in than others? Do you notice the difference in     one room from the next? Did you ever notice how your brother’s/sister’s room feels different from yours?

How about your parent’s or children’s?
The human aura is the energy field that surrounds the physical body. It surrounds you in all directions. It is three dimensional. In a healthy individual, it makes an elliptical or egg shape about the body. I have heard it proposed that the auras of the ancient masters could extend outward from the body for several miles. It is often believed that this is one of the reasons they could draw such large numbers of followers in any area where they traveled. It is worth noting that a common depiction of many masters included the halo, a portion of the aura that is most easily seen by the average individual.
The aura is weakened by:
1. Poor diet
2. Lack of exercise
3. Lack of fresh air
4. Lack  of rest
5. Stress
6. Alcohol
7. Drugs
8. Tobacco
9. Negative habits
10. Improper psychic activity
The in and out movement of the hands causes the energy surrounding them to accumulate between them, making it more perceptible to you. The hands are becoming more sensitive to the subtle energies.
As the hands become more sensitive, you can use them to detect the auric energies emanating from other parts of the body as well. These detections may feel like heat, pressure, tingling etc. Hold your dominant hand about a foot and a half above your bared forearm.
Slowly lower your hand toward the forearm. Pay attention to anything that you might feel. How close do you come to the forearm before you can feel the energy from it? Remember that the feeling may be one of pressure, heat, coolness, thickness etc. It will feel much like what you experienced between you hands. It may not be as strong, but you should be able to feel it. If you cannot, slowly repeat it. Remember that you are reawakening your ability to consciously be aware of  the subtle energies around you.
The Meaning of Colors
Color can be constructive or destructive. It can stimulate or depress, repel or attract. It can even be male or female in its character. It can reflect positive or negative, and when perceived within the aura it provides a key to the personality, moods, maturity and health of the individual. It reflects physical  and spiritual aspects.
It takes a great deal of practice to interpret the color shades seen within the aura. Each color has its general characteristic,but each shade of that color change that characteristic a little. The location of the color, the intensity and even the from the color takes in the auric field must be considered.
This text is not intended to provide all of the subtle nuances of color interpretation within the auric field. You will examine basic colors and the energies they commonly indicate on physical and other levels. This gives you a starting point to begin to understand what is revealed by the colors of the aura.
The colors closest to the body reflect aspects of the individual’s physical condition. They also indicate those energies manifesting and energies further away often indicate the energy that the person will be able to determine time elements of certain energy patterns by the color and the location of the color with respect to the physical body.
The Rainbow colors
Red is the color of strong energy, fire and primal creative force. It is the life-promoting energy. It is hot. It can indicate strong passion, mind and will. It is a dynamic color that can reflect anger, love, hate and unexpected changes. It can indicate new birth and transmutation.
It is a color that affects the circulatory system of the body, the reproductive system (sexual energy) and an awakening of latent abilities and talents.
Too much red or a muddiness can reflect over-stimulation, inflammation or imbalance. It may reflect nervousness, temper, aggression, impulsiveness or excitement.
Orange is the color of warmth, creativity and emotions. It is an indication of courage, joy and specialness. It is a color which can reflect an opening of new awareness-especially to the subtle realms (the astral plane) of life.
Depending on the shade, it can also indicate emotional imbalances and agitation. Some of the muddier shades of orange can reflect pride and flamboyance. It may reflect worry and vanity.
Yellow is one of the first and the easiest aura colors to be seen. Pale yellow around the hairline can indicate optimism. Yellow is the color of mental activity and new sunshine. It can reflect new learning opportunities, lightness, wisdom and intellect. The more pastel shades often reflect wisdom and intellect. The more pastel shades often reflect an enthusiasm for something (especially in the pale yellow to white spectrum). Yellow is a color which represents the power of ideas and awakening psychic abilities and clairsentience.
Deeper and muddier shades of yellow can reflect excessive thinking and analyzing. It can reflect being overly critical, feeling of being deprived of recognition and being dogmatic.
Green is the color of sensitivity and growing compassion. It reflects growth, sympathy and calm. It can reflect a person who is reliable, dependable and open-minded. Bright green moving toward the blue spectrum in the aura indicate healing ability. It is a color of abundance, strength and friendliness.
The muddier or darker shades of green can reflect uncertainty and miserliness. The muddier shades often reflect jealousy and possessiveness as well. It can indicate self-doubt and mistrust.
Blue, next to yellow, is one of the easiest colors to see in the aura. It is the color of calm and quietness. It reflects devotion, truth and seriousness. It can indicate the ability for clairaudience and for the development of telepathy.
The lighter shades of blue reflect an active imagination and good intuition. The deeper shades of blue can indicate a sense of loneliness, which on one level reflects a life-long quest foe the Divine. The deeper shades of blue reflect levels of devotion. Royal blue shades indicate the person has found or is about to find his or her chosen work.
The muddier shades of blue can reflect blocked perceptions. They can indicate melancholy, rushing and worrying, domineering, fearfulness, forgetfulness and oversensitivity.
Violet and Purple
Violet is the color of warmth and transmutation. It is the color for the blending of the heart and the mind, the physical with the spiritual. It reflects independence and intuition, as well as dynamic and important dream activity. It can reflect one who is searching. The purple shades often reflect an ability to handle affairs with practicality and worldliness. The paler and lighter shades of violet and purple can reflect humility and spirituality. The red-purple shades can indicate great passion strength of will. They may also reflect a need for greater individual effort.
The darker and muddier shades can reflect a need to overcome something. They can also reflect intense erotic imaginations as well. Tendencies toward being overbearing, needing sympathy and feeling misunderstood are also reflected in muddier shades.
Other Colors of the Aura
Pink is a color of compassion, love and purity. It can reflect joy and comfort and a strong sense of companionship. When seen in the aura, it can indicate the quiet, modest type of individual, along with a love of art and beauty.
Depending on the shade of pink, it can also reflect an immaturity, especially the muddier shades. It can reflect  truthfulness or a lack of it. It can also reflect times of new love and new vision.
Gold is a color that reflects dynamic spiritual energy and a true coming into one’s own power. It reflects the higher energies of devotion and great inspiration. It indicates a time of revitalizing.
Muddier shades of gold can indicate the person is still in the process of awakening higher inspiration and has not clarified it yet within his/her life. It reflects the alchemical process still being active; i.e.’ the person is still working to turn the lead of his/her life into gold.
White is often seen in the aura, prior to any actual colors. It is often seen as a diaphanous shades. White has all colors within it, and when it does appear strongly within the aura, it is often in conjunction with other  colors. This is how you can know whether it is an actual energy color or just a poor perception of the aura. When the white does stand out as a color in the aura, it reflects truth and purity. It indicates that the energy of the individual is cleansing and purifying itself. It often reflects an awakening of greater creativity as well.
Gray is a color of initiation. It can indicate a movement toward unveiling innate abilities. Those shades of gray that lean more toward the silver reflect an awakening of the feminine energies. Those are the energies and abilities of illumination, intuition and creative imagination.
The darker shades of gray can indicate physical imbalances, especially if seen next to specific areas of the physical body. They can also indicate a need to leave no task undone. Much gray in the aura can indicate a person who is secretive and who is the lone wolf type.
Brown often appears in the auric field. Although many people think of as reflecting a lack of energy or an imbalance, this is not always so. Brown is the color of the earth. When it shown itself in the aura, especially in areas above the head and around the feel, it can reflect new growth. It indicates establishing new roots and a desire to accomplish. It is a color that can reflect industry and organization.
On the other hand, brown across the face or touching the head may indicate a lack of and need for discrimination. It seen in the areas of the chakras, it can indicate that those centers need to be cleaned. It will reflect in such cases a clogging of their energies. Brown is often difficult to interpret, as it can easily reflect problem areas in the physical, but you must be careful about jumping to conclusions when you see it. Feedback from the other person is the best means of understanding it.
Black is one of the most confusing of colors in the auric spectrum. I have heard individuals say that, when black shows up in the aura, it is  an indication of death or terrible disease. I have not found that to be true.
Black is a color of protection. It is a color which can shield an individual from outside energies. When seen in the aura, it can reflect that the person is protecting himself or herself. It can also indicate that person has secrets. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as it is not taken to extremes. Black can also indicate that a new understanding of burdens and sacrifices is going to manifest.
Black can also indicate imbalances. Physical imbalances often show up as black or darkened areas in the aura around the physical body. the location provides clues to this. In the outer edges of the aura, black can indicate holes in the auric field. I have seen this in the auras of those who were victims of child abuse and those who are or were strong substance abusers ( alcohol, drugs, tobacco etc.).
Silver Twinklings
Another aspect that I have observed should be mentioned. I have often seen within the aura what look to be soft, twinkling lights. They are usually very sparkly and silver in color. I have found that they indicate one of several things. These “twinkles'” as I call them, are almost always a sign of great creativity and fertility. When they appear within the auric field of a person, it indicates that greater creativity is being activated within the individual’s life.
Strengthening and Protecting the Aura
We have all experienced being drained by an-other person. You may talk to him or her on the phone or in person, and, when you finish, you are exhausted. Your stomach may ache etc. What you are experiencing is an energy drain.
Some individuals draw or suck off the energy of others. Most of the time this happens because the individuals involved do not realize it. In many cases they are using your energies to supplement their own rather than building up their own. All they may realize is that, when they finish talking with you or being with you, they feel better. This does not give them a right to take your energy, however, and you should not allow it.
This does not mean that you should accuse this person of being a vampire or say that you will not speak to him or her again because he or she is sucking off your energy. If you do, this person will think you have gone off the deep end. In that case, your problem will be solved, because he or she will probably not care to see you after that. Most people still are not open to the subtle aspects of energy, and you must keep this in mind when dealing with them.
It is easier just to correct the situation without saying a word about it. You can control whether another shares your energy or not. One of the simplest methods is to close your circuit of energy. There are currents of energy flowing through your body and around it within the auric field. You  can close them down so that your energies only circulate around your own auric field and throughout your body. You prevent your energies from being drawn off from the aura, and you prevent your aura from drawing in another’s energy.
Assuming the posture shown on the next page is all it takes. You cross your feet at the ankles and bring your thumbs and fingers together so they are touching. (If you wish, you can use just your thumbs and index fingers.) This close your circuit. Your energy will not go out from you.
The next time you encounter your friend who drains you, assume this posture. Simply rest your hands casually on your lap, touch your fingers and cross your ankles. It is casual and simple, and no one will suspect you of anything. You can also do this when on the phone with such people.
If you do this, you will get some feedback through other friends as to the effects. You may hear comments such as, “You are just not as nice,’ “You are not as open as you has nothing to do with being mad at people. You will still be talking with them as nicely and as often as ever. What you are not doing is allowing them to take your energy! You simply are not allowing them to drain you. Because they are not getting “high” from you, they are assuming something is wrong. No one has the right to take your energy without your permission.
Fresh air and proper breathing are essential to a strong and vital aura. Breathing for maximum energy to the aura should be done through the nostrils. Many people have a bad habit of mouth breathing, not realizing that nostril breathing is more natural and healthy.
Mouth breathing makes an individual more susceptible to diseases. It impairs the vitality of the aura. It can even weaken the constitution. Between the mouth and the lungs, there is nothing to strain the air. Dust, dirt and other impure substances have a clear track to the lungs. Mouth breathing also admits cold air to the lungs, which can lead to inflammation of the respiratory organs.
Nostril breathing, on the other hand, is more vitalizing and healthy to your entire energy system. The   nose provides specialized surfaces for the absorption of prana from the air.
Prana can be likened to the vitalizing aspect that exists within air. Many  Eastern breathing techniques require a conscious focus upon the tip to the nose and the entire nasal area during inhalation. This enhances the prana absorption, raises the vitality of the entire aura and stimulates the entire energy system of the human being.
The nostrils and the nasal passages are designed with hair to filter and sieve the air. They also warm the air through the mucous membranes. This makes the air fit for the delicate organs of the lungs, and breath is them more energizing and strengthening to your auric field.
In yoga, the moon breath is termed the Ida and the sun breath is termed the Pin-gala. The balance of the two is Susumna. Your energy has polarity, positive and negative, male and female, sun and moon. This breathing technique quickly energizes the aura and balances the polarity of the body. It also enhances your ability to remember and assimilate information. It balances the hemispheres of the brain. It can be used before studies to shorten learning time.  It can also be used as a quick-me-up during the day.
The basic technique is comprised of alternate breaths, breathing in one nostril and then breathing out the other. (Remember that conscious attention to the tip of the nose, especially during the in-breath, will magnify the effects of this technique.) The rhythm is aided by holding the nose with the thumb and fingers.
1. Begin with your right thumb and fingers over your nose and exhale. Place your tonque against the roof of     your mouth behind your front teeth.
2. Use your thumb and close your right nostril; then inhale through your left nostril for a slow count of four.
3. Keeping your right nostril closed, clamp your fingers down over your left nostril, pinching your nose closed     between your thumb and fingers. Hold for a court of 16. (If you have never performed any concentrated     rhythmic breathing, the count of 16 may be too long for you. If this is the case, reduce it or count faster.     With practice, you will develop the ability to hold your breath for more extended periods. Try inhaling for a     exhaling for a count of three. Work to find the rhythm that is most effective for you and then build upon it.)
4. Release your thumb, opening your right nostril. Keep your left nostril closed with your fingers. Exhale     slowly out through your right nostril for a count of eight.  
5. Release your nose, raise your left hand up and, with your thumb, close off your left nostril. Inhale for a count     of four through your right nostril and then clamp your fingers closed on it. Hold for a count of 16.
6. Release  your thumb and your left nostril. Keep your right nostril clamped with your fingers. Exhale for a slow     count of eight through your left nostril.
7. Repeat four to five breaths, alternating each side. Breath in one nostril, hold and exhale out the other.     Reverse it and repeat the procedure. Do at least four to five breaths for each side for a quick pick-me-up.     This will saturate your entire body and aura with quick energy.
This exercise is a visualization exercise for cleansing and purifying your entire auric field. It is an excellent exercise to perform at the end of a day, especially at those times when you have interacted with a great many people. It helps sweep out energy debris, preventing it from accumulating and creating imbalance within the auric field. It only takes about five minutes to be effective.
1. Take a seated position and perform a progressive relaxation. Performing the breathing technique just     described is beneficial as a preparation for this exercise. You may want to use a simple prayer or mantra as     well. Remember that the exercise as presented here is a guideline, and you should learn to adapt it to your     own energies.
2. About 20 feet above you, in your mind’s eye, visualize a small whirlwind of crystalline white fire beginning to     form. It looks like a small, visualize it so that it is large enough to encompass your entire auric field. The     small end of the funnel should be visualized as capable of entering through the crown of your head and     passing down the middle pillar of your body .
3. This whirlwind of spiritual fire should be seen as rotating and spinning clockwise. As it touches your aura,     see it as sucking up and burning off all of the energy debris you have accumulated.
4. See, fell and imagine it moving down, over and through your entire aura and body. Know that it is sweeping     your energy field clean of all the extraneous energies you have accumulated throughout the day.
5. As it moves through your body, allow this energy vortex to exit out through your feet down into the heart of the     earth itself. See the vortex as carrying this energy debris into the lower realms, where it is used to fertilize     and benefit the lower kingdoms of life upon and within the planet.    
Benefits of DNA activation can range from allergy relief and increased
energy to better relationships and renewed life purpose. Since DNA
regulates all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our
being,the possibilities are endless!

According to the Archangel Metatron, some of the benefits include:

Empowers you to bring forth talents and abilities as yet unrealized.
Enables you to have more energy.
Brings more clarity into your life.
Strengthens your immune system.
Releases unconscious patterns stored within the physical body.
Increases utilization of your inherent brain power.
Creates greater opening for ongoing connection with your Higher Self.
Clears your individual and family karmic patterns.
Raises cellular vibration.

Benefits of DNA activation include:

Increased energy and clarity
A stronger immune system
Use of more of your brain’s potential
Greater efficiency of your nerves, skin, blood, respiratory system and
Discovery of new talents and abilities
Releases unconscious patterns
Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns
Receive and hold more light in your physical body
Aligns you to accomplish your purpose for this lifetime
DNA Activation raises your vibrational frequency

Physical :

Increase desire for pure water intake.
Body detoxifies and purifies
Better nutrition/ less food
Hair and nails grow faster
Frequent lucid dreaming
Feel younger as energy level increases
Quickened capacity for self healing
Quicker manifestations

Psychological :

Keener sense of knowing
Pace and calmness within
“Old” truths and beliefs no longer work
Enhanced self trust and awareness
Replacing “seeking” with “resolving”
Precise use of language (“Conscious Language”)
Enhanced discernment
Increased sensitivity, perceptions, and telepathy

Relationships :

Seeing relationships more clearly
Attracting soul mates and soul families
Letting go of old stuff, people and things

Inner Awareness and Self Discovery :

Increased ability to face self-truths
Finding answers that have meaning and clarity
Transforming uncertainties into truths
Staying focused in the moment
Speaking your truth and expressing yourself

DNA carries the blueprint to our physical and psychological makeup,storing
memory of our genetic characteristics straight down the ancestral line. It is
believed that emotional and behavioral patterns are also inherited
through DNA and via activation; any harmful or dysfunctional traits can be
re-coded to clear the negative genetic patterning. Living cells containing
DNA produce their own electromagnetic activity.

Our physical body is already Light, it just vibrates at a different frequency
of Light to our other bodies that are not third dimensional.

 What is shaktipat?
A powerful yogi awakens the aspirant’s Kundalini by a transfer of his or her energy to the aspirant. This process, known as Shaktipat, activates the dormant Kundalini and is like lighting a candle with one that is already lit and glowing. Shakti means power or energy in Sanskrit, and pat means transfer. Thus Shaktipat is transfer of energy.
A powerful yogi can transmit energy to an aspirant and awaken the Kundalini. This is accomplished in one of four ways: by touch, gaze, sound or thought. The yogi may touch the disciple and transmit energy through physical contact, or gaze at the disciple and energy flows from the yogi’s eyes. The yogi may utter words which carry energy or, more subtly, energy can be transferred directly by the yogi’s thought or will. The process of Shaktipat can be performed only by those yogis who have gained complete control over the life force, which in Sanskrit is called prana.
Some people may have fears about working with the Kundalini, but it is absolutely safe to practice Kundalini Maha Yoga under the guidance of a realized teacher.
What happens once kundalini is awakened through shaktipat?
Once the Kundalini is awakened, the student may have a variety of experiences: seeing flashes of light or colors, hearing internal sounds of bells ringing or bees humming, spontaneous vibrations or movements of the body, and greater mental peace, to name a few. Different individuals will have different experiences — there is no definite pattern applicable to everyone. Once the Kundalini is awakened, this fact becomes known through the student’s own experiences. If at this stage the student persists in spiritual practices like meditation, then the Kundalini will travel upward from the base of the spinal column where She lay dormant before.
During Her upward journey through the spinal column, She pierces all the chakras in succession and ultimately reaches the sahasrara. When this happens, the student attains a state of transcendental consciousness called samadhi, understands one’s true identity, and is thereby liberated.
Will kundalini become dormant again?
Once the Kundalini is awakened through Shaktipat initiation, She does not become dormant except in some very special circumstances. The Kundalini will always try to make Her upward passage. She will try to keep the aspirant on the spiritual path by providing the necessary encouragement and protection.
What are the benefits?
Self-realization is the ultimate and the most desirable state to be attained, and the awakened Kundalini leads to this state. However, even when the Kundalini is aroused and spiritual evolution is substantially hastened, there is no guarantee that Self-realization will be attained in the current lifetime. Therefore, it is encouraging to know many tangible benefits are gained even during the early states of the awakening and upward travel of the Kundalini.
Awakening the Kundalini has a general purifying effect on the body and mind. For example, the aspirant’s health often improves; the student often feels light and energetic; the mind becomes restful. Diseases of the body and mind are caused by irregularities in the functioning of the prana, which can be gradually eliminated once the Kundalini is awakened.
At more advanced levels of the Kundalini’s progress the benefits are intensified and encompass more subtle realms. The student can achieve peace and mental control, can become more creative, can develop a profound understanding of nature and experience inner joy. The aspirant becomes a stronger individual, a more complete person who can function in adverse circumstances with great poise, and is able to consciously absorb prana from the universe and direct it for physical and mental well-being. Ultimately, the student encounters total reality, the absolute truth, knowledge of the Self.

Those of us who believe in the divine plan are aware of what we now refer to as the Ascension Age. This is a time when our planet will combine the knowledge of our minds with the efforts to control our body-mind-spirit units and vessels that we are all using and are all in various descriptions with different colors, ethnic origins, and some have different belief systems based on their demographics, cultures, and traditions of which they were born into.

We have all learned that there are various manmade and some spiritually divine paths that were given at one time or another on earth. Some are thousands of years older than Christianity and some are much newer.

We in the Ascension Center Organization believe they are all paths to the same place and understanding we call enlightenment.

Regardless of whom we are, where we live, what we look like and when and where we leave this planet, we shall all find a path that leads to our own ascension.

Because of we choose to believe that our one “ALL KNOWING GOD” is the all in all of us as the spark, we believe this spark can be ignited with the Holy Spirit as the Holy Ghost and the breath of life that is in us all. We can choose to light and ignite that spark that gives us life with the breath that can come upon us as the fire that shall catch like a flame of the fire that burns inside us all. It is a metaphor for the eternal spiritual light in our entire DNA.

The breath that comes upon us when we become enlightened about our true path and reason to become as the one extraterrestrial that came to earth as Immaculate Conception, lead a life as a teacher, and then gave his life for all of us who come to earth is now our Lord and Master of this planet. It was by the choosing to come to earth and show us the way back home to the eternal all that made his life and his ascension so special for us!

We have been asked on earth to learn of him and we are made with an inner knowing inside our own essence with the mind inside the brain to decide through our own spirits free will to exercise our free choice. We honor this free will and free choice as the inner spirit and spark that no other being on earth can take from us. We are all created equal when it comes to this inner knowing and no other being can control the inner spark that was placed inside all of us as the spark of the creator and divine force we call life.

Without it, we cannot exist. This inner spark force of the “ALL” is what we come to know as our inner spirit that must grow and find the eternal pleasure and bond back to the all and Omnipotent from which we came. This Omnipotent is what we all recognize as the God or all that lies outside the macrocosm we call the Omniverse. We cannot get back there while we are inside the Macrocosm. We can only feel the spark and see the spark we call life in all those who come to earth in body-mind-spirits.

Science is now going to prove that the God Particle of the “ALL” lies in all things created in this universe which is only one inside a multiverse inside many dimensions we call the metaverse, that there lies inside the unknown xenoverse, which is the all levels, places, planes, dimensions, in time, and space time inside the macrocosm we call the Omniverse.

Those who are the smartest scientists and physicists in the world are exploring the universe with what we now call the Hadron Collider and the connections in space.

It is people like me who have come back form the dead like Lazarus once did while Jesus was alive that are called Avatars on earth in today’s time on earth.

We are also called Agashan Shaman Masters because we are here to guide the Lightworkers and Truthseekers. Some of us are just becoming awakened to our existence here as we came as most all and were not awakened to our mission and calling and election made sure until we actually died and crossed over for a time to be reminded of our memories and chosen quest. We are not saviors but servants of whom we regard as all the councils and angels to the most high as the Supreme High Beings who also exist in space in other places, planes, dimensions, and times, that belong to the God and the “ALL”.

These beings are considered extraterrestrials as ET. Those who are the teachers of the good, right, and light, are called the positive aspects of this universe.

The beings who have chosen to assist as extraterrestrial teachers chosen by our “ALL” as GOD and act in the negative energy as we consider the light to the dark are called the teachers of the darkness. They are doing the part of the opposite of light that we call dark. Many will explain we cannot understand the light without the dark and therefore that is one reason we are sent to learn about our own existence on this planet in a world of both positive and negative forces.

AS we grow more intelligent as spiritual intellectuals in the “ALL” of the “I AM”, we shall understand more about all the myths, legends, stories, and identities who have come along at certain times in our lives to serve as the Lightworkers and Truthseekers as our guides on this planet.

We will learn more about why Jesus came when he did and why he chose prophets. We will learn about martyrs and all the manmade religions of the world both ancient and modern.

We will learn how science actually was developed in form from the philosophy of our ancestors as our ancient ancestors knew would happen in time on earth. This mental and physical process of our minds lays in side our brains. We are now entering a new information age of our training the brains to understand more about all the minds that ever existed in space and on this planet.

Our future will include the reconstruction of some of what we thought that our ancestors knew. We shall learn of the former expectations of our humankind and who we are, why we are here, and how we got here. We will learn where we go when we leave this planet.

We shall learn about this planet being only one inhabited place in the universe. We will learn of the multilevel inside the space with branes that have other universe attached to the film vibrations that act as waves in the metaverse. We shall learn about all that is expansion that is a continuous flow and flux of the all that we know as the eternal expansion of the God force in us all and that flows inside us all in and out of everything.

We will learn of the one universe as an oval luminescent orb among many universes in the metaverse inside the xenoverse inside the Omniverse.

I am here to share the news that we can be more, do more, and have more for our entire species as we shift and uplift our

It can be seem as UFOs and USOs (unidentified floating objects) are not distinguished. In many well-documented cases, witnesses say, that strange, metallic, disk-and cigar-shaped objects that suddenly appeared out of the water, rose into the air and disappeared. In other cases it came down to the sea and disappeared beneath the water. Bases of these flying objects are presumed under the sea. It raises the question whether this is the reason why the U.S. spends the Navy for the UFO research more money than the U.S. Air Force. (Bergmann, German flying disks .. S.19/21).
Be as areas with frequent shipwrecks and UFO / USO sightings, but the Bermuda Triangle or the Bay of Biscay (p.74, 75) and given the so-called “circle of death” between Gotland and Öland (p.86, 87) .
In connection with UFO sightings and strange phenomena in the Bermuda Triangle, has been repeatedly reported by “clouds”, “a fog” or “sulfuric acid droplets.” Often wrapped up a cloud or a strange mist, ships and aircraft, which then never came out of this cloud or mist formations. These structures then slowly dissolved and the aircraft or ship that disappeared in it no longer existed. The fog is often depicted as green and the clouds as a tube-like. The fog is always very suddenly from out of nowhere and can fail instruments. (Bergmann, German flying disks .. S.48/52)
The American Air Defense Command NORAD has admitted that register its complicated infrared sensors that locate at the same satellite re-entries and in phases through a global radar network calculated daily at the “800-900 objects” whose flight characteristics not match those of any satellite or the ordinary ballistic trajectories. ( Hesemann: UFOs: The Evidence, p 18)
Government’s strategy to inform the public
The current government efforts to educate the public about the activities of the aliens go in two directions:
  To raise the consciousness of the population through the mass media in relation to the intervention of aliens. Various plans have been activated for this purpose, for example, shows like “V – The Prayer” and “War of the Worlds”. It has been determined that this matter can not be put into the public consciousness to bring in without the full scope of what was done well.
  The second point is to find an active protection against EBES (the horror). Such protection is currently working with another alien race, the “big blonde”, to be developed, as these have also compared the actions of the Grey significant concerns. (The Leading Edge, no. 23, 1991, p 59)
Example from the American press
So the American public “acclimatized”.
Report of the newspaper “Weekly World News”, Lantana, Florida from March 1991.
“Evidence from which the Government does not want you to see it” – “You Are Here” – photos that they want kept secret “
Translation of the message:
The aliens from space are here, and we have the evidence! One of America’s leading UFO researchers have got the exclusive photos after an intelligence source informed him that U.S. agents captured an alien and put him in for questioning to Washington. And while the government officially rejects the report, it is said that half of Washington – including President George Bush – is privy to the details.
American agents seized a gift from on eimem UFO landing strip west Virginia and they interrogate him now in Washington DC
The UFO researcher: … “This is the moment we have been waiting for since the American government in the 40s began to investigate UFOs.” … “The government lied to us but this time there are no lies … now we have pictures – pictures that prove that an alien was taken into custody.”
The photos are so designed that show details of how they are described by eye witnesses in kidnapping cases: large head, nose approach, slit mouth and four fingers.
Example of a Swiss newspaper
Wochenpost Lake Zurich, 1993, 3.12.
UFO Invasion at the lake?
Evidence to prove: the largest UFO-operation in the universe is imminent.
If … the UFO researchers will be right to visit in the spring of 1994, tens of thousands of spaceships from extraterrestrial civilizations our planet. Or so say the well-known ufologists Dag Warghusen and Michael Hesemann …
The ufologists agree: Soon the aliens. The internationally known Swedish UFO researcher Dag Warghusen on 2 World UFO Congress (. 6th-7th November) in Budapest: The aliens are to arrive no later than the end of February 1994, on the ground. The largest operation in the universe is imminent, and the 1 217 members of the Council of the Planetary Federation will come with an offer to join us. According Warghusen the operation is initiated by a fantastic firework display: Tens of thousands of space ships flying art with bright lights over ten cities around the world. Warghusens sources are not quite believable: The information comes from Gajon, who lives on the planet are still unknown Azhiz, Nektra, and Zachex Octra. Gajon has written 200 letters that materializes over time the white channel on Warghusens desk should have.
But the Dusseldorf UFO expert Michael Hesemann is certain that the aliens are increasingly looking for our area. Reason: There are a lot lately frequent UFO sightings reported. And when the first successful interplanetary contact that will change our consciousness permanently.
In the event of cases even the UN has been informed, the question is, who represents the earth. The UN will have to set up a world authority on extraterrestrial affairs to take up the interplanetary diplomatic relations.
What do the aliens? Do we have to fear? According to UFO researchers, there is no reason to fear. Because the beauty of the performance of the UFO’s we earthlings will take the fear. The aliens comb in love, to help us. About 100,000 people disguised as aliens (aliens) are already on the ground and would put in a bustling prep work …
Alien species groups
The Sirius Group
It is known that the group from Sirius, along with the horror elements of the U.S. military and intelligence forces, also involved in activities is dark, as far as kidnapping. They are over 6 ½ feet (2 meters) described large, with very short cropped blond hair and blue eyes with cat-like, vertical pupil. They are seen as part of the Orion group, which wants to dominate and control (krill, OH: Orion Technology based mind control …, p 38). Details of the Sirius Group was in the book “The Cosmic Trigger” (The cosmic trigger), described by Robert Anton Wilson.
The horror
There are different types of aliens who are not well disposed towards mankind. Some are involved in the abductions of people. Among them there are three races on the global as the “gray”, 3 ½ -4 ½ feet – is referenced (1.10 1.40 meters) tall, with large heads and gray skin. The information on these groups are in the literature sometimes very different and contradictory.
  The long-nosed horror: With them, the U.S. government concluded an agreement in 1964 (see 1964, 25.4.)

  The little gray, known by the body finds the downed ship. They come from Ceta Reticuli, a double star, located 33 light-years from Earth.

About a species of horror is well known that this is a race is, who lives between the physical world of earth and a non-physical world. They seem to be evolutionarily to be on a downward spiral. They do not like the other horrors in physical machines on the planet. You have the ability to manipulate the spiritual field of human and play the leading role in religious programming concepts. For it is obvious the purpose of religion, that they the people for a “life after death” is programmed. It puts them in a position where their “souls”, after they have left the body, can be captured temporarily. They have been conditioned to go to meet after the death of a “light”. This species of horror has no individuality. (The Leading Edge, no. 23, 1991, p 52)
The long-nosed horror
This type is described as the long-nosed horror. They are 7-8 feet (approx. 2.40 meters) tall. Their genetic structure is similar insects. They have no external genitalia. They are extremely aggressive towards people. They are attributed to the Orion Group, whose aim is conquest and enslavement of mankind. You do not occur directly but allow others, including humans, do the dirty work for them. (Krill, OH: Orion Technology based mind control …, p 42/47)
. “The group of Orion stood as a manipulative force behind all these projects, their expectations ranged in the sense that through the use of mind control the population in the 90s – not later, however, than in 1994/95 -. Can accept are also due to genetic projects involved, in which human sperm and ovum is changed to an extent that any resulting offspring, a hybrid race with new characteristics will produce. This is one of the reasons behind the abduction cases. ” (krill, OH: Orion Technology based mind control …, p 20)
They are the masterminds, which manipulate the background of everything, including the horror. The Orion group includes a number of reptilian species. (p. 25)
The horror of Ceta Reticuli
These figures are described in many kidnapping cases.
  Small, robot-like beings.
  Small, stocky creatures in dark suits. Broad faces, depending on the lighting looked dark gray or dark blue, shiny, deep-set eyes, snub noses and wide, almost human mouths.
  Other species did not look human. One was about 150 cm tall, very slim and petite, with hypnotic, oblique, black eyes. Mouth and nose were indicated only weak.
  Other figures were smaller, had similarly shaped heads, but round, black button eyes.
The smell reminded a bit of cardboard. The hand smelled faintly but clearly after organic acid. (Whitley Strieber, Ill.: Book Cover: Whitley Strieber, The Visitor, Heinemann Publishers)
Their genetic structure is also insect-like. Your height is about 3 ½ to 4 ½ feet (approximately 1:20 to 1:40 m). They have no external genitalia. They are the people compared to less aggressive than other species of horror.
Another type of horror is between 6 and 7 feet (2 meters) tall with external genitalia. (Krill, OH: Orion Technology based mind control …, p 48)
Synthetic workers
This body style was seen both in underground breeding stations and on board various aircraft. They are about 3 ½ feet (approx. 1.10 meters) tall, have a kind of mind like a swarm of bees and are telepathically. (Krill, OH: Orion … mind control …, p 50)
Reptile-like humanoids
This group is in control of the horror. The elite of this species has wing-like projections on the back. However, they are rarely seen. The symbol on the right is the basic symbol of the Trilateral similar. Many factions of the horror have become independent of the reptilian control. (Krill, OH: Orion Technology based mind control …, p 49)
Tall blond humanoids
These humanoids are about 6 feet (1.90 meters) tall, with long blond hair. Her eyes are blue with a large oval pupils. Together with others they will participate in activities in the underground bases. (Krill, OH: Orion Technology based mind control …, p 48)
Underground bases
The Dulce Base
There is near Dulce (New Mexico), an underground base of horror. (William F. Hamilton, Cosmic Top Secret). The local sheriff was there every night watching UFOs. In this area precisely dismembered animals were found. Hamilton information on this basis, come from people who worked there who were kidnapped there, who helped in the construction and also by people of intelligence.
This base is a genetic laboratory, which has connections to Los Alamos (where the first atomic tests were made, and it was always an area the highest level of security). There is an underground connection between Dulce, Los Alamos, and Dreamland (another base in Nevada). (The Pandora aspect, Elian Lian, page 42)
There, genetic experiments, investigations and comparisons between other intelligent races (and species!) Regarding the human and extraterrestrial, biological structure can be performed.
Genetic engineering experiments are performed on people with the aim of new breeds to create (all documents regarding the experiments with people in the Third Reich were, the Americans seized after the war to continue working on the same line,. Billion tax dollars in this area put (Hamilton Lecture, CBR – UFO briefing, 03/03/90, page 1b)) .
Description of the Dulce base
It is a seven-story underground complex by about 18,000 aliens to reside and about 10,000 people.
First Level Security and communication
Second Level Accommodation for people
Third Level Management, offices and laboratories
4th Level Mind-control experiments (in humans)
5th Level Accommodation of Aliens (horror)
6th Level Genetic experiments / Zoo (for the results of the experiments)
7th Level Cryo-Genetic – frozen storage (for the failed experiments)
The horror: black triangle on a red background
Dulce Base: Black triangle (pointing down) with a Greek tau in the middle (each base has its own icon).
“The experiments (Level 6) are performed on a large scale to help people change genetically, so that they work in a dangerous environment. This has been perfected, to such an extent that we now have a throw-away slave society.” (Hamilton, William F., Cosmic Top Secret – America’s Secret UFO Program, Chapter 9, The Deep Dark Secret at Dulce)
You are able to make clones (looking exactly the same people who were drawn in the laboratory. They only work in the military).
At the beginning women were asked by the government whether they want to experiment (artificial insemination) provide. The women were then removed after 3 months of the fetus, which did not even need to be of human origin, to raise him in the laboratory.
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the organization is behind these experiments. It is also about the implanting of so-called transponder (transmitting devices, called brain-transmitter), which were used against the will of the appropriate people in hospitals or police stations.
This action became known to a police station in Sweden (Olaf Palme is presently gave his consent to this procedure). Some transponders were surgically removed in some people. There are photos of it. The purpose of this was to control the products of their experiments outside the laboratory and determine how these persons can be controlled within the company. From one of these people became known that she was being followed around the world and monitors. You could be tracked anywhere. This procedure is called Radio Hypnotic-intercerebral control. By this method, both the spoken as well as what is heard can such a person being monitored can be controlled. This is evidenced by statements from victims of this treatment.
Another method is the Electronic Desolution of Memory, the electronic memory of extinction, which is carried out to former workers and employees in the Dulce Base.
Hamilton further reported on statements or reports of workers who were there and saw the results of these genetic experiments (to level 6).
You talk about multi-legged humans, half of whom were an octopus, as reptilian people, people with wings, claws for hands, … Crosses between different species. They are imprisoned in cages. Many of them were even crying, asking for help in earthly language. Some were drugged to keep them quiet. The workers were told that these were failed experiments – Crazy – freaks. Who works there speaks not with them.
Level 7 is worse, thousands of experiments, embryonic (human and mixed) are kept in a freezer storage.
Hamilton continues to speak without being wired through the local security system, the elevators that operate electromagnetically. There are no conventional light bulbs, etc. – everything is working on an electromagnetic basis.
The area around Dulce has a lot of cattle have disappeared and been defaced. It was found that the aliens took parts of the cattle for their own consumption and for their experiments.
The aliens somehow absorb food through the skin. You do not have a functioning digestive system. You need large quantities of human blood.
The future could be achieved by a complete transformation of human genetics produce, as well as by a fascist “one-world government.”
There are two blocks in the Government – a group thinks about and wants to inform the public, the other wants to hide it further.
The Dulce base is passed through a committee. There are links to the CIA. There were people killed to conceal this information. (Hamilton Lecture, CBR UFO briefing, 03/03/90, page 2b)
The operation was carried out with the horrors of a secret department of the U.S. Navy. In connection with the Project Blue Book was alleged that the Air Force is the driving force. However, it was always the Navy, was behind it.
Cooper was part of Naval Intelligence. He informed the top people in the Army about the alien project.
Meanwhile, more than 6,000 scientists were hired to work on the mind-control projects and gene technology.
“We are in an era in which the control of the
human mind is engineered. If we do nothing, or
do not take this information seriously, the man is lost. “
MJ12 is the top organization that monitors and coordinates the alien project. In cases where the U.S. Congress authorized no funds for operations, they have the money by smuggling drugs from South to North America worried. Are the rumors about the CIA in connection with drug trafficking there for years. It is even said that the Vietnam War only served to protect the Golden Triangle (Cambodia, Burma, Laos). During the war, drugs – sewn into the bodies of dead soldiers – smuggled to America. The money from the drug deals have gone into secret bases.
George Bush, the (former) President of the United States knows about the alien projects, more than any previous president. Bush was deputy director of the CIA. He is an oil rig off the coast. He was involved in it, this rig drugs from South America to smuggle, to finance these bases. Thus, it is claimed. (Lear’s Lecture, CBR UFO briefing, 03/03/90, page 3)
Other bases
Dreamland: Another base in Nevada (The Pandora aspect, Elian Lian, page 42)
Guam is a U.S. Navy base and is called the sister of Pine Gap base. (The Pandora aspect, Elian Lian, page 42 ff)
Nellis Air Force Base: Nevada, under the Groom Lake in Area 51, the most secure military testing ground in the U.S.. There, the aliens, the Americans had not only to develop its defense technology, supporting up to them but also one of their spaceships for study purposes. (Hesemann: UFOs: The Contacts, page 83)

A map of the underground tunnel systems: It is alleged that they exist in the western United States.
Compiled by TAL and C. Thomas, from the book “Cosmic Top Secret” by William F. Hamilton III, page 102
Pine Gap (Australia): used by the U.S. government, subject to funding and the responsibility of the DARPA. It was founded in 1966 and is officially called Joint Defence Space Research Facility. Here also the brain-mind or deletions were made to the staff. (The Pandora aspect, Elian Lian, page 43, and National Review, 5/17/76)
Transvaal (South Africa): The staff working there is said to come from more than 1,200 U.S. consulate employees (see also 7.5.89) . (The Pandora aspect, Elian Lian, page 44)
Wright Patterson Airfield (as mentioned in previous events)
Today there are in the United States more than 75 such facilities built with the money of so-called emergency fund. In addition, built the Atomic Energy Commission at least 32 other similar facilities. (Milton William Cooper The Secret Government, p.9)
Control over the Currency
The U.S. currency and debt system is designed so that the dollar can be made anytime, absolutely worthless.
The citizens are controlled with the help of credit cards. It is spoken by the introduction of a kind bar code system, which is to be mounted on the front of the forehead or back of the hand. Here again are the old traditions and prophecies of the Bible to bear. It is a scenario which was initiated more than 2,000 years ago. The Greys admit that they have information regarding the evolution of mankind some 2000 years ago to incorporate. (Cooper Lecture, CBR -. UFO briefing, 03/03/90, page 3)
Majestics 12 – Members
Names that are associated with MJ12 in context:
  Hillenkoetter, Admiral Roscoe H. CIA Director
  Forrestal, James Defense (Ex-Marine)
  Bush, Dr. Vannevar chief of the Research Department
  Sours, Sidney chief of the NSC (National Security Council)
  Vandenberg, General Hoyt S. Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force
  Twining, General Nathan Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force
  Gray, Gordon, head of the vice department of the CIA psychological strategy
  Hunsaker, Dr. Jerome head of NASA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics – predecessor of NASA)
  Montague, General Robert M. Sandia Air Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  Bronk, Dr. Detlev specialist for Space Psychology
  Menzel, Dr. Donald astronomer and astrophysicist
Eisenhower, Dwight D.
According to William Cooper included the following persons to the original MJ12:
Rockefeller, Nelson
  Dulles, CIA director Allen Welsh
  Dulles, John Foster, Secretary of State
  Wilson, Charles E. Defense
  Radford, Arthur W. Chief of Staff
  Hoover, FBI Director J. Edgar
and six members of the Executive Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations. Later, members of the Trilateral Commission to MJ12. (The Pandora aspect, E. Lian, page 23)
All CIA directors since 1947, were members of MJ12. All the foreign ministers of the United States were both members of the Council on Foreign Relations and in MJ12.
To date, there is 12 MJ and works as before. It persists in the same form. 6 from the same positions of the Government, six directors of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission (Milton William Cooper The Secret Government, pp. 22/23)
Secret projects and Definitions
Aquarius: is the umbrella organization for the coordination of all UFO investigations, Coat Project to coordinate the research and contact the program in terms of aliens – the history of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth 25,000 years recorded since
Blue Book: For purposes of disinformation and less important for gathering information are formed under Grudge Project Blue Book.
CIA / NSC: In fact, the CIA, by presidential order, first as the “Central Intelligence Group” established to deal with the sole mission to be the presence of aliens. In later adopted the “National Security Law”, they were taken as the CIA. The National Security Council (NSC) was established to monitor the intelligence community and especially the aliens. A series of orders and warrants as part of the NSC, the CIA gave birth to their original tasks of the compilation of foreign intelligence information, and entrusted them with more and more covert actions at home and abroad.
Delta Forces are units that have been specially trained for these projects.
Garnet examined the influence of aliens on the evolution of mankind.
Groom Range: A place in the Nevada desert, about 100 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas, will be tested on the aircraft. Moreover, there are gravitational propulsion and flight tested devices that are not of terrestrial origin.
Grudge came out of Project Sign. For purposes of disinformation and less important for gathering information are formed under Grudge Project Blue Book. A total of 16 volumes were to be developed over the years by Grudge. So-called blue teams were put together to recover the previous low-flying disks, as well as dead and live aliens. These “Blue Teams” were later merged into so-called Alpha Project Pounce teams. During these early years practicing exclusively in the U.S. Air Force and the CIA control of the alien mystery out.
Guests is the code name for the three aliens or ALF (Alien LiveForms – alien life forms), which since 1949 were guests of the U.S. government. Currently, an ALF is kept in the “ice chamber” of Los Alamos alive. Originally there were only 16, who came in exchange for 16 U.S. officers to Los Alamos, 15 have died since then. The guests prefer old Tibetan music. Your IQ is over 200 They claim to have created all earthly religions as an instrument to control the evolution to life. They claim that the blood was negative with the Rh factor is a testament to the intersection of race. The scientists with whom they communicated accepted this opportunity.
Jason Scholars, President Eisenhower called 1954 a secret society of that name in life, was in 1972 under the leadership of then-CIA Director AW Dulles, Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski (1973-76 President of the Trilateral Commission) and Dr. Henry Kissinger. The Jason Scholars run on MJ12.
Krlll or Crlll pronounced “Krill” was the second “EBE”, which was on an exchange program for the Holloman landing on Earth and the Ambassador of the alien nation in the USA.
Luna is the codename for the alien base on the moon, which was observed by Apollo astronauts and filmed. Mining has been there, and there are large cigar-shaped mother ships stationed these aliens.
Apollo astronauts sighted and filmed a lunar base code-named Luna. The photographs of domes, conical large circular buildings, which look like silos are visible. Huge T-shaped mining vehicles, the sharp-edged marks on the lunar surface, as well as aliens, small and large missiles are visible.
MJ12 is the name of a secret control group of surgical Majority. President Eisenhower called 1954 a secret society called “The Jason Scholars” to life, which was in 1972 under the leadership of then-CIA Director AW Dulles, Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski (1973-76 President of the Trilateral Commission) and Dr. Henry Kissinger. The Federation consists of 32 men with an inner council of 12 called “MJ12” (Member of Jason or Majestic 12).Headquarters of the group is an attainable only through the air in Maryland, insiders known as “The Country Club”.
MJ 12 deals with the coordination of the alien projects. It consisted of a group’s highest-ranking government officials and scientists, led by the Director of the CIA.
President Eisenhower’s secret order created NSC 5412/1 Dauerkommittee one, which was called the Majestics 12, which should monitor all secret activities that deal with the question of alien control, and. All members of MJ 12 were members of a secret society of university graduates who identified themselves as the “Jason Society” or the Jason Scholars. They recruited their members from the ranks of the Skull and Bones and Scroll and Keys Associations of Harvard and Yale.
Majesty is the code name for the President of the United States.
MAJI called Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence. MAJI is officially referred to as “the Senior Interagency Group” (SIG).
MAJIC is MAJI controlled. All information and disinformation on this issue will be evaluated by MAJI in cooperation with the CIA, the NSA and the National Security Intelligence Service of the National Defense DIA and the Naval Intelligence. This information is classified with the code MAJIC.
Majority is the generic term for all operations dealing with every aspect, project and consequence of alien presence on Earth.
The PI 40 PI 40 projects specified by the individual.
Pounce is responsible for the evaluation of the crashed space ship and the biological study of their occupants.
Redlight regulates test flights of the salvaged or made available to aliens spaceships. This project is currently underway in the area of Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada. Preparation for test flights of alien missiles.
SIG MAJI is officially referred to as “the Senior Interagency Group” (SIG).
Sigma stands for electronic communication with extraterrestrials. It is the first project, which established the first communication with the foreigners.
Sign In December 1947 formed to a specific department in America to investigate top scientists, under the pseudonym “Sign” and placed them under the guidance of Air Force Intelligence in the Wright Patterson Air Base, Ohio, with the purpose of the UFO phenomenon. Project Sign was made in Dec. 1948, Project Grudge.
Snowbird is the codename for the evaluation of evidence of extraterrestrial space technology. For some time in the strictly protected test site Groom Range in the Nevada desert, about 100 kilometers northwest of Las Vegas, tested aircraft. Moreover, there are gravitational propulsion and flight tested devices that are not of terrestrial origin. Snowbird was created for the purpose of the official explanation of accidental sightings of “Redlight” missiles as Air Force experiments. These aircraft were manufactured using conventional technology and flown for the press on several occasions. Project Snowbird was also used for downplaying irrefutable sightings of UFOs to distract the public. It was hailed as a great success, and reports of UFO sightings took steadily during the subsequent years.
S4 in the common technology base is the planned replacement. One was in NEVADA, in the area known as S 4 built, about 7 miles south of the western boundary of Area 51, also known as Dreamland. This area was given the cover name of “the dark side of the moon.”
Since our exchange began with the aliens, we came into possession of technology that exceeded our wildest dreams. A missile, called “Aurora”, which are regularly made space flights, is located in Area 51 This is a one-step ship with the acronym TAV (Trans-Atmospheric Vehicle). It can take off from a 12 km-long runway, climb to a high orbit, and then again to land on the original path. We currently have one, the alien-like missiles, nuclear-powered, which is stationed in the area of S 4. Our pilots took even interplanetary travel in the missile, where they visited the Moon, Mars and other planets.
As a twinkle in the December 48 fire ravaged the balls throughout the southwestern U.S., the U.S. Air Force Project Twinkle established in 1949 to explore one of these mysterious balls. The first observation station of the project was located in Vaughn, New Mexico, and later, among others, at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamorordo, New Mexico.
Council on Foreign Relations
1919 19.5. Establishment of the Council on Foreign Relations in Paris at the Hotel Majestic. The aim of the CFR is a new world order that will be achieved through re-education. The members, after the annual report of 1987 at least 1725, come from all areas of politics, economics, high finance and science. Chairman is David Rockefeller since 1960. Funding is primarily from 1927 through the Rockefeller and the Carnegie Foundation.
Trilateral Commission
The Trilateral Commission was founded in 1972, it consists of 200 commissioners who come from politics, finance, economics and science. It was founded by David Rockefeller. Its members come from America, Europe and Japan – so Tri-lateral.
Since the Roswell incident had President Truman not only our allies, but also the Soviet Union informed of the development of the alien problem to date. This was done for the case that they should develop into a threat to the human race. Plans were drawn up to defend the Earth in the event of an invasion can. The international classification has scored the greatest difficulties. It was recognized that an outside group was necessary to monitor and coordinate international efforts to maintain secrecy and to protect governments from detection by the press. Organized in 1952, she led in 1954 to the formation of a secret society known as the Bilderbergers. (Milton William Cooper The Secret Government, pp. 5 and Behold a Pale Horse, p 92)
This company maintains a policy committee (Policy Committee). This is attributed to the coordination committee of “Alternative 3” and the coordination of the so-called “silent war with silent weapons.”
The Third World war
A document, dated “May 1979”, refers to the “25th Anniversary of the third world war”, called the “silent war” with the subjective biological warfare, fought with silent weapons. The document explains that this is the doctrine which was adopted by the Policy Committee of the Bilderberg Group during its first meeting, 1954th In summary, the following is said:
It is a war against the world’s population in the direction of social control. It should be noted that this document must be hidden from the public because it might otherwise be recognized as a formal declaration of war. “Solving today’s problems requires an approach which is ruthlessly candid, without regard to agonize religions, moral or cultural values.” Historically comes from the “silent weapons technology,” the Second World War. “It was soon recognized by people in positions of power that the same methods may be useful in total control of society. But there were better methods are needed.” The “silent war” was declared in silence by the international elite at a meeting in 1954. These weapons are silent computer, which has been the technological breakthrough in 1948, with the transistor technology. “All science is a means in relation to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. (MW Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse, pp. 36-65)
The “Bilderbergers” are about 100 celebrities from all fields and from all over the world, who meet once a year for a three-day conference. The participant list is updated annually to 20%. It was initiated by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands with the first meeting of top European and American men CFR members at the Hotel Bilderberg in Osterbeck in Holland. With the help of the CIA, he brought this hidden government of the Illuminati, a Bilderberger, to the attention of the public. They constitute the world government.
Many journalists said that is fixed at the annual conferences, the direction for the international politics of the next 12 months.
The headquarters of the book “Alternative 3” described conspiracy is in Geneva. The command staff consists of members of the governments concerned and the leading members of the Bilderbergers. Meetings of the “Policy Committee” (Policy Committee) will find even in a nuclear submarine under the ice cap instead of the polar region. The need for secrecy was so great that this is the only sure way to prevent eavesdropping. (Milton William Cooper The Secret Government, p 17/18)
The CFR and its offshoot, the Trilateral not only control all the land they own it. Long before the Second World War, they were already leading role in formulating the policy of the United States. Since 2 World War II, they are the only source of the policies of the government. The CFR, the Trilateral and their foreign counterparts are subject to the Bilderbergers. Since 2 World War II, almost all high-ranking government and military leaders, including presidents, members of the CFR or the Trilateral. All American members of the Trilateral were or are members of the CFR. (Milton William Cooper The Secret Government, pp. 23/24)
According to Brzezinski’s assessment of the history, the first, very primitive stage has turned to religion and ensured that the idea was accepted, the fate of man lies essentially only in the hands of God. He tells us that’s been the second phase, the man had to go through on the way to true enlightenment, nationalism, was another giant step in the ongoing redefinition of the nature of man and his place in the world. The third phase was Marxism, which represents a further vital and creative stage of maturation of the human universal image.
In the January 1968 edition of the “Encounter” leads Brzezinski from:
The scientists are confident that until the end of this century, the computer can think like human beings and will be able to have creative thoughts; connected to Robotic or “test-tube people” they might act like a man.
“At the same time, the possibilities for social and political control over the individual grow outrageous … It will be possible to exert an almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and to maintain a current complete data file, even the most private details of the health or personal behavior of citizens includes points, alongside all the usual data. These databases are subject to immediate access to the authorities. “(Des Griffin, Who Rules the World, pp. 222/223)
Each foreign nation of any importance has its branch of the CFR, and its national members to work internationally on the Bilderberg together in pursuit of their common goals. The foreign members of the Trilateral belong to their respective national organization. Even a cursory examination would show that control the members of the CFR and the Trilateral the largest foundations, all major media and publishing houses, the largest banks, all major companies, governments and the upper floors of many of the vital areas. It
s members are selected and adjusted, because they have financial power and special interests behind them, not only their own people. They are undemocratic and in no way represent the majority of the population of the United States of America. But they are not who the people who will decide who can survive the coming holocaust and.
The Bilderbergers, the CFR and the Trilateral, the secret government and rule the nation through MJ 12 and the study group known as the Jason Society or Jason Scholars. The top leadership ranks of the government consist primarily of its members.
Throughout our history the aliens manipulated human race through various secret societies, religion, magic, witchcraft or the occult. The CFR and the Trilateral completely mastered the technology of the aliens and also completely dominate the country’s economy. Eisenhower was the last president who had a comprehensive overview of the alien problem. Subsequent presidents were told only as much as MJ did get 12 and the intelligence organization to them and it was often not even the truth.
12 MJ wanted to build each president presented the image of a lost alien culture that strove for renewal, a home on this planet, and us with gifts of technology poured. In some cases, they told the president about anything.Every president swallowed the story and in the meantime have innocent people at the hands of alien and human scientists are suffering, who are engaged in barbarous research that compared the Nazis in their choir boys are pure.
As if this were not enough, many people end up as victims of the insatiable greed of the alien to biological enzymes, glandular and hormonal secretions and blood. Many people are abducted, only to eke out a living with psychological or physical damage.
The documents, which I could see, led to 40 people who had used devices whose purpose I could not clarify before.
The Government believes that the aliens are going to build an army of mutilated human, which can be activated as required and directed against us. We should also not forget that we have been able to establish any effective countervailing power against them. If the value obtained from their technology? (Milton William Cooper The Secret Government, pp. 23/24)


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