Ascension Age NOW May 21, 2012 KEEPING IT REAL

Ascension Center Org Awakening Awareness
We are a concept for the Ascension Age now!
~Faith Based in God We Trust~
Virtual Education Participatory Community Organization Sharing Value & Productivity of health and prosperity for all in the global community.


1. Shared Domain of Interest to Inspire Others to productive Outcome.
2. People building social network community interests and learning from one another through joint activities and discussions. Monthly Meetings
3. Focused Task Groups understanding the role the community plays in improving outcomes as raising awareness of using a sustainable approach through higher consciousness by being, doing, having friends in fellowship. We share videos, conferences.
We have Ascension Center Enlightenment as ACE Folklife sharing art, culture, education fund raising events and an annual conference to produce change.
We are an Internet platform community to interact providing
Focus evidence in activities, conference calls, allowing participation of various activities with Life Coaches and Spiritual Guides for friendly competition among various social network communities in online activities.
An enhancing community organization for everyone to share in understanding the Ascension Age of raising consciousness among spiritual intellectuals.
We provide Keys to Success for creating functional community educational facilities among administrators and health facilities with our communities of practice.
We provide Life Coaching to young adults and families. We share how to create a budget to live on depending on the size and needs of each family in need of family and community support while growing and learning about the Ascension Life.
Political Indifference Information Neutral as Independents and Bi-Partisan for All Members are Welcome.
We believe in sharing the USA first because Charity begins at home, then we assist our neighbors.
We do care about certain issues we support that we believe is important to world peace and global sustainability.
We are Fund Raisers for Community Concerns and share the awakened awareness as a Community of Practice as what is known as COP Services.
Your Vote Counts Campaigns for Women Voters
Community Outreach Information Organization
We are administrative veteran professionals sharing training in today’s Global Community~ Wellness
 Reminder Concepts of Reawakening the Spirit
Women of America’s Charity Faith Based Organization
Cause of Health & Human Rights
Specializing in American Women Veterans All Branches past and present…
Goal: Health and Prosperity for ALL!
Mission: Raising Awareness of Global Tectonic Economics through Sustainability and Higher Consciousness
In Alliance with American Culture International Relations Goodwill Ambassadors of the World.
American Cultural Education Women’s Outreach
Sharing the American way of life as folklife.
ACE Folklife shares the awakened awareness of art, culture, education, science, technology, folklife, history, research and investigation while exploring through communication and cosmology
We assist all Global Community Organizations to promote the global welfare for us all.
Ascension Age Home Page of Global Tectonic Economics – Sustainability of Planet and Species ~ Ascension Center Organization ~ We share as the Clearing House for the Entire Global Community for the Greater Good as Health and Prosperity for ALL! TJ Morris ~ Women’s Veteran Organizations

Country Club Rd., Hartford KY USA
Ohio County Veterans Center
We reside as a Community Organization that welcomes all members of the various clubs, groups, associations, and organizations, as volunteers that support our Ohio County Veteran Center, in Ohio County.

We meet at the Ohio County Veterans Center behind the Ohio County Park on Country Club Road next to the Ohio County Animal Shelter and across from the golf course.
We share the Commanders LIST as the JOINT CHIEFS:
Edward Miles, Commander, American Legion
Bobby Crow, Commander, AMVETS, and DAV
Ethan Eatons, Commander, VFW
Theresa Morris, Commander, ACO-WVO, Tri-State Women Veterans
 We share in Community Esprit de Corps and Participate in Fund Raisers for our Ohio County Community Supporters and Advocates of our Veterans. We will be represented in the festivals and events around the county and state and in some cases the Tri-State Regions.
We have many positions available for members and volunteers who support us in auxiliary positions.
Those of us who are now tied together because of those who came before and made an impact are the true unsung heroes. The mysteries of life make the energy of our essence worth performing and worth living.
 We share with a drive and passion to do so that goes beyond saying and only hope for the welfare of our species.
 We understand the guiding force in all beings that are here on this planet. Some are awake and recognize their inner guidance system as that of the truth.
We are all the same when in unity in another level of energy as our true essence of souls. We come here to learn to master our skills. We are all about the future for the entire species. We share in assisting as community volunteers and share in synergy our membership whether it is AMERICAN LEGION, AMVETS, DAV, FVW, WVO, or FORMER MEMBERS OF OUR MILITARY FORCES in the USA.
We are all sharing a camaraderie and pride in our American Freedom, Democracy, Flag, Family, and Supporting our Troops.
We share the American Culture and ACE Folklife Society here with our friends and family.
 There are many kindred spirits in this world that work towards a goal for the entire benefit of the souls who came before and will come again.
 There are souls that are the guiding force of essence who form the future with their trails and paths left for others on the journey we call life.
Body-mind-spirit having the birth-life-death experience most of the time in my articles and it is something that is inside of me that is the eternal essence energy that is the motivation.
It is the wisdom that comes in the words of the stories that those above enjoy in what we call books. We will soon learn who has the “IT FACTOR” whatever the it factor is.
Many come to this world and learn to do their part without any compensation of any kind for the energy and essence that is shared. The words that come together in secret doesn’t have to mean anything other than recognition of what has not yet been created somewhere else besides here and there. We who are driven with a passion to do what is right for the “ALL”.
We meet in this lifetime and shake hands of a mutual agreement while acknowledging that the universal awakened awareness can be shared by all people on earth no matter what life we lead, no matter what language we speak as simply the finger, hand, and arm pointing upward! This is the sign of truth of all beings with all life experiences no matter where we are located.
 Always point upwards and follow the vertical life which keeps us all in alignment with the soul’s enlightenment.
 You are one who is included to share in saving all the elements that may be excluded if it were not for those of us being engaged in sharing in the shift of the uplifting of our human kind on earth.
 May all that is divine in this world in this universe, in the multiverse inside the metaverse share the unknown of the xenoverse with you who can reach the omniverse and share with others who are living here with the knowing?
Seven realms as the seven heavens as in universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse. There are still the various dimensions in between the M Branes.
TJ Morris tm ACIR sm, Commander and Chaplain on many planes in many dimensions.


TJ Morris, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio Host
Syndicated Columnist/Investigative Reporter
ACO Ascension Center Organization Founder 1990-92
ACE Nonprofit Inc Founding Director April 2013
ACE Folklife Founder

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