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American Chronicle | Ascension Age The Journey 2012:

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Communication of Cosmology to restore confidence in Global Tectonic Economics. We are now going to share in the balance of nature and bring back harmony in this world of which began as chaos. Much like our brains are now working in chaos we now knows that science is finally catching up to our spiritual intellectuals.  I am the Founder of ASCENSION CENTER ORGANIZATION, TJ MORRIS.
 My physician and family doctor tells me I am very intelligent. I have never been told that before but then he has only known me for about three years. I don’t know what he tells me this because I don’t warrant it. He is not a respecter of humanity and told me on Monday on my every three month checkup that people are only out for themselves. I was shocked to say the least. I said, “What about Deepak Chopra?” He said, “Deepak is just a doctor that talks about philosophy and people who talk about philosophy cannot make any money.” I had to say, “But he was one of my teachers and I met him in person and we shared a very interesting time together at a book store once, I began knowing him about 25 years ago and referred him to some of my friends. I like him and he was just on Oprah.”
 I hope that someday I can do as good a job of explaining my reason and philosophy for being here on earth to assist others. Part of my journey is over at sixty years but I am still about sharing the Ascension Age of Communication and Cosmology and that alien civilizations exist. One book in my life has been closed and a new book is just beginning. The book of Theresa is one that I am living now. It will be about how I take the Ascension Age of 2012 & Beyond the book I had written about the Alien ET UFO Community journey I had with Dirk Vander Ploeg on the UFO Digest discovering who I was spiritually and as a human waking up to the timeline truth of all my changes. There is a long story I plan on sharing in the future as my own story from birth to my twilight years. I know I am to be here now and share today that the Ascension Age is now!
I am about sharing the faith, hope, and charity in our synergy of our humanity in all levels, in all realms, and all dimensions. I know this now. The part of me that has been awakened to the awareness that we are so much more than we have been taught previously on this planet in our schools in our educational system is lacking. We are about to discover all the art, culture, education, science, technology, folklife, and history of our ancestors humanity in all that we share in cyberspace that we still call the Akashic field as Shaman and Spiritual Intellectuals.
We are now going to share the best part of the future of humanity in what we address as sustainability with health and prosperity for all. I am one of the Ascension Age Avatar Masters and I know it. For those in cyberspace I will simply train the webmasters of the future in business. I will now admit to becoming involved in sharing the future in what we will prefect in and around the world among all countries. We will address healthy competition such as those we share in the Olympics and we hope to get all 196 nations and grow to the 238 interests for all on the entire planet.
May God have mercy on all our souls as we learn to address all nine (9) levels of our Co-Creations in this macrocosm? Love and Light is eternal and of all the lessons we shall learn on earth it is carrying in our heart the truth which we call the ascension of raising our spiritual awareness of the Christ Consciousness. No matter what our past ancestors have called angels, Annunaki, aliens, extraterrestrials, celestials, or visitors from space or from the heavens came, we now know we can all talk about sharing the future with all in the global brain. We now know that cyberspace is our connection to each other and the entire human species. I will do my part if only a small page in history while I am allowed to share my time if only one day at a time. I am humbled to share the world of work with all those who want to share in building and restructuring our future as a sentient intelligent being species.
Cosmology is the discipline that deals with the nature of the Universe as a whole. Cosmologists seek to understand the origin, evolution, structure, and ultimate fate of the Universe at large, as well as the natural laws that keep it in order.
We in the new Ascension Age are learning the ways of communication of cosmology and etymology and ethnology while attempting to learn what sustainability of our planet and species entails. We share what we are all working towards as a Global Brain Consciousness in the world.
We are now working with TJ Morris and Ascension Center together as the Ascension Center Organization Project on the Internet in cyberspace. We shall share the various levels of reality in this world and cyberspace virtual world, in space, and the Akashic field. We work with Theoretical Physicists, and Metaphysical Science Researchers. We work with Spiritual Guides and Spiritual Intellectuals including those who are interested in the history and mysteries of the Ancient Astronaut Theory. We share the movie and entertainment interests and our forever growing interests of our cultural heritage in not only maintaining our needs as food, clothing, shelter, and family traditions, but our cultural traditions as well. We share in the self-guided teach yourself role of the internet with TJ Morris & Friends that are in the ACE Folklife Club. This is a private club which is part of the Ascension Center Organization of TJ Morris Publishing Network on the Internet and we meet at Whole Life Expos in Canada and in the United States. We also share other travel industry and tourism expos and special events. We are organizers. We are also mediators, and social entrepreneurs. We are authors of our own life stories and share the support of all art, culture, education.
Modern cosmology is dominated by the Big Bang theory, which brings together observational astronomy and particle physics.
Omniverse: All possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. Some or all possible modes of existence are actualized. If we take the point of origin as our being as a point in measurement, then we can generate the following hierarchy: 9 as in the YUGA TIME of our ANCESTORS have finally become evident to our scientists.
1.       Is our location in space-time ,
2.       2 This Universe (cosmos),  
3.       3.  The multiverse,
4.        4. The metaverse,
5.        5. The Xenoverse,
6.        6. The Hyperverse,
7.        7. The Omniverse.
8.        8. The Alphaverse,
9.        9. The Omegaverse
Understanding this aspect of Mayan cosmogenesis may also help us understand our own impending millennial milestone.  What is going on in the world today? Is this alignment having some kind of influence? The precession of the equinoxes is, after all, primarily an earth rhythm. Whether we call it Mayan or  millennial, we are living today in the shadows of a rare celestial  juncture  which parallels the increasing interest in “New  World  Orders”,  “post-historic”  thinking,  and a major  shift  in  world economic structure and what it means to be human. The Mayan myth seems to remind us that all life springs from the Great Mother. The transformation of cosmic recreation is already occurring. Perhaps  we  should  look closely at  this  celestial  alignment, imagine  its meanings, and determine what this  transformational shift  means  for future humanity. For the ancient Maya,  on  the far-future  Creation Day which for us arrives soon, First  Mother and First Father join forces to engender a new World Age. The Alphaverse is the First Father and the Omegaverse is the First Mother.
Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world, although the term is not easily defined.
 Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:
“What is there?”
“What is it like?”
A person who studies metaphysics is called a metaphysicist or a metaphysician.
The metaphysician attempts to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world, e.g., existence, objects and their properties, space and time, cause and effect, and possibility. A central branch of metaphysics is ontology, the investigation into the basic categories of being and how they relate to each other.
Prior to the modern history of science, scientific questions were addressed as a part of metaphysics known as natural philosophy. The term science itself meant “knowledge” of, originating from epistemology.
The scientific method, however, transformed natural philosophy into an empirical activity deriving from experiment unlike the rest of philosophy. By the end of the 18th century, it had begun to be called “science” to distinguish it from philosophy. Thereafter, metaphysics denoted philosophical enquiry of a non-empirical character into the nature of existence. Universe: The inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known universe that we inhabit. A Universe, also known as a Cosmos, is a particular individual space-time organization with a specified number of dimensions of space and time and definite and specific laws of physics. Other Universes (other Cosmoses) may have different numbers of dimensions of space and time and different laws of physics than our own Universe (Cosmos).
Multiverse: The part of infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe.
Metaverse: In string theory, the part that is along with, after; over also denoting change in the multiverse that houses the branes or film that each universe is said to be attached to and hang like individual sheets in a hypermagnetic wave with rhythms of hypercosmic strings going up and down that has a third element causing up, down, backwards, forwards, motions inside the Xenoverse.
Note: In computer science, a metaverse is a virtual reality simulation based on the physical reality of a single individual universe, but one or more levels of implementation above it. It is conceived that it will be possible in forthcoming centuries to create such simulations using massive arrays of matrioshka brains and Jupiter brains.
Xenoverse: the unknown alien elements that are beyond and part of the metaverse and multiverse structure. Compared to a patchwork quilt hanging on a line to dry in space that is multivariate inside the Omniverse. While Omniverse is said to be the outside ring of all that is known, the Xenoverse is the inside the hypermacrocosm that is unknown beyond the metaverse—the unknown sets of laws that govern how branes behave to create metaverses, the laws of which govern the creation of multiverses.
Hyperverse: Multiple xenoverses and to a relative of and probably a quarter of an omniverse, also, not to be confused with Hyperversus and the off end of the multiverse: Metaverse and Xenoverse.


TJ Morris, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio Host
Syndicated Columnist/Investigative Reporter
ACO Ascension Center Organization Founder 1990-92
ACE Nonprofit Inc Founding Director April 2013
ACE Folklife Founder

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