Welcome to the Ascension Center

The Ascension Center is a concept, theory as well as physical locations in sacred spots around the globe.  There you’ll find anomalies, ancient ruins, artifacts, churches, temples, castles, pyramids, stone circles, sacred cities.  These are all located on ley lines, grids, energy centers with readings off the charts.

These are portals between 3rd dimensional physicality and higher realms, vibratory frequencies and dimensions.  Some locations on the surface of the globe mark locations that reside deeper beneath the surface.

All connect this world with other worlds, the Universe and eternity. We are on a grid, the weave, tantra.  That’s the meaning of the word tantra–weave.  And weave we do with all that there is, was and will be.

This is part of the Universal plan that we have been unaware of, but are now beginning to understand as information filters through our subconsciousness from our Guides to our human awareness in preparation for these times, the times of ascension.

The Gods knew what they were doing.  These supreme beings were humanoid, like us, not really better than us spiritually. They were just long-lived, somewhat wiser than us, yet still full of falacies. They did the best they could (some of them) while others succumbed to greed.

Like it or not, we are their children. And like human children who struggle with their parents,  we chose what characteristics to embrace and what to throw away.  These beings, the gods, the angels who were of higher awareness and knowledge yet still locked within the confines of 3rd dimensional physicality, created us.  Love them unconditionally for we are they and they are we. We are all ONE.

Be like them or totally different. We are at choice. No victims. And since they were warlike, we can chose to be the total opposite of them.  That’s not our true nature. It’s theirs.

Some of the gods built upon these locations intuitively.  Others used science and technologies way beyond our means, even with today’s human science. Their descendents (we, us) followed in their footsteps, unknowing and sometimes unwilling. As they went covert, began to hid behind the scenes, the original intent and understanding why what was built where and for what purpose was lost.

But, even though the gods rule like puppet masters unseen from above, even though all seems horrible and many find themselves in deep despair, there is hope.  We’re guided by sources even higher than our gods/God/Yaweh by an even greater awareness–Universal Consciousness/God Source Itself.

Some are guided to live upon these sacred sites and once there, realize how magical it is.  They feel blessed that their higher guidance led them to such incredible bliss. On hallowed lands they feel connected, comforted, nurtured, supported as they live with energies that resonate with their souls.

The Ascension Center, Maui, is located on such a portal.  Those who reside here or visit are called by some invisible force.  Once here there’s an opening, lessons to be learned unfold. Emotions are intense. All emotions are felt and processed with the aids of guides. Some feel good, bad, ugly, just right. Awareness evolves to understanding that all’s fine in the divine plan. We embrace it all.

The Center’s located on a vortex, an opening to these other realms.  Here many hundreds and possibly thousands over the past 35 years have come here to heal. Located in a tropical rainforest at the foothills of a giant, ancient mountain, waterfalls and streams cascade through the lands energizing and oxidizing the air.  Tropical breezes caress your body.  Intoxicating plant perfumes tickle your nose.

Just coming into the influence of the islands of Hawaii begins the process.  Landing in Maui accelerates it. Driving down our road opens chakras.  Being on the land, your kundalini starts to awaken, you begin to blossom.  Surrending to the process of self discovery and awareness opens up the petals of your crown chakra with an explosion of love and light.  You burst out of your cocoon, butterfly flies, Phoenix Rises, reborn to a new existence, conscious, aware, enlightened, evolved, remembering your higher purpose.

You realize your life goals and why you decided to come here to this planet in this time, a sacred, time, the end of the yugas.  It’s 2012, all portals open, time to begin the ascension of humanity to our next stage of spiritual evolution.  You’re front row center seat for the greatest show ever in the Universe since the Big Bang itself.  And you’re ready, cause you’ve done your personal work and are ready to rise to the occassion, in service to the divine and in love with all life itself.



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