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An Informative Explanation
By: Theresa J. Thurmond Morris
Alien plausible deniability has been afforded the presidents of the United States. Aliens have secrets, yet their UFOs are as common as automobiles on earth. People in the intelligence community do not have to inform the presidents due to no need to know. The aliens only want what is best for us without interfering with our natural progression as a race of intelligent beings. They have been part of our history and will be more so in our future. We lost information in the Alexandria Library fire.
If we as a people do not like our President not being informed then we need to make sure that we decide that the presidents of the United States have a need to know. This puts people who have been in the intelligent community more in charge than those we put into office to run the country. Where is the information kept? If you are an American you would begin with the Pentagon and those in charge over the military at the highest levels of security with a need to know about alien aircraft.
In the past, the central intelligence agency and the national security agency was kept informed in part. In this time, there are other agencies. Due to the competitiveness of each agency within our own government, knowledge, information, and security of intelligence have become trump cards for obtaining funding. Even since the influence of Homeland Security there have been concerns for authority manipulation. We have a military and civilian arms of our government. Within these portions of our government we have agency organizations of responsibility. Our president, congress, and senate all have the responsibility for making informed decisions for the people of the Unites States of America. We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union established a Constitution. This is also taken into account as a large part of our history and government. We are natural explorers and are under the influence of our own freewill. We each are afforded our own free will and self actualization process while in mental and physical form on earth. Other than that, we have others who once were mistaken as Gods who are concerned with our welfare. We ourselves as a mass population control our destiny.
I personally still believe as most in the United States and believe in the divine creator and a GOD. But, my personal belief system has nothing to do with my claims other than I want what is best for earth and the entire population of inhabitants that share this place I call home with me at this time. I have had experiences that others have not, may not, can not, and may not be cleared to request such experiences with our alien alliance. That may or not be a form of plausible deniability offered to me. But, I know I do get personalized care for a reason on earth. There are others just like me and we all have a mission to share.
By the way, the UFOs are only called this by beings on earth. The alien ships are simply spacecraft. There are several types and sizes that serve many purposes. One size the 30’x 30’ is a galaxy universal shuttle (GUS). There are larger troop transporters and even larger that go to and from the carrier or mother ship that stays hidden in space. Once the larger carrier was hidden on the dark side of the moon. It is now located further out and cannot be detected by any means earth can create. The alien spacecraft have stealth abilities which shields their size and location.
Why all the secrecy? This is a hard question to answer. From what I personally understand, at one time in our history past, it was due to the fact that the United States government set up this form of control as a way to protect humanity from major fear and alarm. This way, there was no mass panic and concerns for national panic. There was no way to announce to the world that we could protect the human race from aliens. This is evident in President Ronald Reagan’s speech to the United Nations. President Reagan like many Presidents may have suspected and only knew what was required when there was an actual need to know.
The need to know in intelligence and security inside the U.S. government is how we keep information compartmentalized and protected. There are many ways to alarm the mass public. The way it has been done in the past is evident with the people on the planet staging a terrorist threat upon it’s on people. Consider how the number 911 was changed in North America. We act as if we want to destroy our own world.
Our history on earth will show struggles for power among ourselves. We are all the same humanoids on one planet regardless of simple differences based on logistics, beliefs, and skin pigment. Actually, if truth be known, we are humanoids struggling to gain advancement in the allied races of other intelligent beings in other galaxies.
National Security is the chief concern of all people, whether civilian or military personnel in North America. We may now be entering other lines of defense to include Canada and Mexico. This is going the way of the Europeans and Africans.
We should also include South America.
The aliens divide us up into five main areas of land on earth: Africa, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. There is one “Alien UFO” or spacecraft not of earth origin located on each of these countries. My job is to assist in communication and to dispel myths of separation among humanoids on earth.
In the past, there have been concerns by those in charge of national security to believe that keeping the mass public believing that the U.S. government is in control.
This is not possible unless we all agree to come forth with our own acceptance, awareness, and proof that all five (5) alien spacecraft are on earth. The reason they are hear is to monitor earth and all that we do. The five are strategically located and are in position to assist in communication back to the carrier and the allied council.

The United Nations in the past, is as close as the world has gotten to cooperation as one government. This may not be the way it is now, but, those making decisions for our world and our country, the United States, in the past were not secure in their own skins, positions of authority, and with their own political parties, much less with the whole populace of their country. Being in office is usually an elected position by the people and at the very least by appointment. Although in a democracy this is still the best way we have found to govern on earth, it is still not the best way to share information. People that are appointed or elected to positions are open to public scrutiny. There is a very thin line between failure and success as an elected official by the people, for the people, and of the people.
Technology is now something that needs continuous and further study on earth. We will now continue to advance in communication technology and space technology.
We as human beings are just now waking up to the fact that we are not alone in the universe. We are also understanding that there are other alien intelligent beings that are able to visit this planet and we have no control over these aliens. We have no control over airspace. We have no control over the alien spacecraft or the intelligent beings who man them as flight commanders. The few pilots who have survived didn’t last long on earth. The pilots that we have on earth are kept from public view by the governments on earth.
There is plenty of data on the spacecraft that will be shared in time. For now, let me explain why all the alien secrecy throughout time on earth. The reason, we were not ready to know the truth. This decision was made by our own government. Since my birth, I have been aware of contact made with others here on earth. This is simply part of my life on earth. This is not alien to me or others I know. This is simply a statement of fact. Some scientists are more privileged to the truth on earth. Most are given top secret clearances and work underground for months at a time.
The GUS that I know is kept underground hidden from the elements and hidden from public sight. The alien UFOs that come and go are for a reason. Usually exploratory, observation, and some are simply practicing maneuvers in and out of the earth’s atmosphere for our own protection. It isn’t easy entering earth’s atmosphere from space. That is a whole new topic to explore.
How do I know? First hand experiences. Also, I receive training and briefings.
There is a master plan in place to protect our galaxy. We as allies work with five main countries on earth. This is in accordance with galaxy intelligent beings who plan on making sure that we can all share in keeping our two galaxies safe from a rather mean alien race that would simply come here to take what resources we possess. This populations concerns should be to utilize what we have together as a race of beings on one planet and to protect what we have from others who may come to take what we have as a race of intelligent beings. Also, we should make sure that we keep up with any thing in space that can harm us and knock us out of orbit around out own sun. This has happened in the past and should be a major concern in the future of this planet. Why do things wrong to hurt our own home? This does not make any logical sense to those alien intelligent beings who are monitoring us.
I was born December 26, 1951 in North America. I know that presidents in my life time have seen what they referred to as UFOs. For those readers who want to know more about me personally, plenty has already been shared and written at http://www.ufoassociation.com/, http://www.roswellconnection.com/, and http://www.theresamorris.com/
Why do I bother to share what I know? Can’t really tell you the correct answer to this question even if I thought I knew one. This is still an enigma to me. I can tell you that I do care about earth and the intelligent beings that dwell here on the same planet that I am presently sharing with others. If I had to give one answer it would be, that I know the truth and feel that now is the time to share with others what I know. No one told me not too. No one told me that I can’t trust people. No one told me that the aliens or the U.S. government wanted me to not share or share what I know. This is simply my truth and accept the consequences of sharing words and links. I can probably edit and re-write all that I send to Dirk Vander Ploeg for the UFO Digest and his readers, links, and syndications but, I would probably never send the information forward if I actually had to think about it. This is what is called brainstorming and simply getting down the facts as I know them to be true.
Memories of a lifetime and many lifetimes may be ancient wisdom or computer programs for individuals. Why some people’s memories are erased I do not know.
I can tell you that most my articles are usually around 2,000 words give or take. More information will be forthcoming so stay tuned if you are truly interested.
I have an idea about how alien secrets are shared and why presidents are afforded plausible deniability. One does not have to see an alien UFO these days to believe in them any longer. This is as old a conception as believing the world is flat. All our combined sum of our intelligence on earth does not touch that of the aliens who are visiting earth. In the past these aliens were considered Gods. There is a God but, he and she are simply at a higher existence above the aliens that have always been. That was my answer from those intelligent beings that have always been. If you choose to believe me then congratulations on blocking your scatomas. If you choose you may use alien plausible deniability and stay unhooked from the link. Denial is simply a way to stay unconcerned and choosing not be part of the loop. Information is a terrible thing to waste in this time of information technology. Why not share what you know with others. I read all emails. Thank you to all of you who are coming our of the closet and sharing your experiences with me and others like me. Those that share in alien plausible deniability, I was once there, I do not envy you.
There is a way to reach your fullest potential on earth and it has to do with awareness, education, meditation and for some prayer. This is but one of many informative explanations that I plan on sharing in a lifetime with others of my kind.


TJ Morris, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Radio Host
Syndicated Columnist/Investigative Reporter
ACO Ascension Center Organization Founder 1990-92
ACE Nonprofit Inc Founding Director April 2013
ACE Folklife Founder

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